The Hunted


In which I catch Holly eating a Tim Tam — a tale in three pictures.

Countdown to Copper Gauntlet continues! Five more days. If you’re interested, we made our 5 out of gifts fans gave us in Sydney, including stuffed wombats and TimTams. 

A snippet from the book:

THE FIRST SIGHT of the highway made Call shudder as he remembered the last time he’d crossed it, looking for Aaron. He recalled vividly the pain in his legs as he forced himself to hurry, the panic at the thought of Aaron in danger, and then the discovery that he wasn’t the person he’d always thought himself to be.

Jasper squatted and petted Havoc’s head when the wolf came up to him. For a moment, he didn’t seem like such a jerk.

Then he saw Call looking and glared.

Call sat down on the ground, watching the occasional car whirr by. Tamara was typing things into her phone. He wasn’t sure if she was researching stuff for their quest or just e-mailing friends from home. Aaron frowned thoughtfully into the middle distance, the way heroes in comic books did. They could make a figurine of him looking like that.

Call wondered how Aaron would look when he found out that Call had lied to him — lied to him a lot.

Copper Gauntlet: out Sept 1!

anonymous asked:

How would you put "self-taught coder" on a resume? I feel like it doesn't sound professional but I could be overthinking things like my normal self.

Drop the “self-taught” part and put the coding languages you know under a section like “Additional Skills” or “Skills & Competencies.” List all of the languages, along with any software programs you know.

anonymous asked:

My job has secret cameras that film us and award us based on how well we do. I've gotten 4 of these with scores in the ninety's, would this be worth noting in a resume?

You can mention this on your resume, but it actually may be better off on your cover letter as a way to back up your resume and prove how well you are able to do your job (or put it on both). However, I would try to word it differently. Secret cameras sounds creepy. If you said that your company does random assessments on a specific skill (customer service?), you could say that you were constantly rated highly.

Owen: Vieni ti piacerà. Aspetta, aspetta un secondo… Aspetta. Va tutto bene. E’ forte vero? E’ lo sfiato della ventilazione, ti schiarisce le idee, ti senti meglio vero? E’ fuori dal tempo, fuori dallo spazio, qui può succedere qualsiasi cosa… Qualsiasi cosa.

Cristina: Come cosa?

Owen: Tu aspetta…

Grey’s Anatomy, 5x10.