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4. “TRXYE,” Troye Sivan: South African-born, Australian actor and YouTuber Sivan seems poised to be the next great male voice. (Watch your back, Sam Smith.) His “TRXYE” EP is gorgeous from start to finish, a swirl of dreamy pop that feels both nostalgic and bracingly current all at once. Sivan has a plainspoken way of singing that syncs perfectly with the gauzy production. And at just 19 years old, he’s only going to get better.

Writing Research - World War One

World War I (WWI or WW1 or World War One), also known as the First World War or the Great War, was a global war centered in Europe that began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918. More than 9 million combatants and 7 million civilians died as a result of the war, a casualty rate exacerbated by the belligerents’ technological and industrial sophistication, and tactical stalemate. It was one of the deadliest conflicts in history, paving the way for major political changes, including revolutions in many of the nations involved. [1]


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Racist English-Only Principal Fired For Trying To Keep Students From Speaking Spanish

A principal who allegedly prohibited students from speaking Spanish will lose her job, the Texas press reports.

Administrators voted Monday night to discontinue a job contract for Amy Lacey, principal of Hempstead Middle School, who had been on paid administrative leave since December after reportedly using the intercom to tell students that speaking Spanish is forbidden on school grounds.

The episode sparked a controversy in the majority-Hispanic school, where several students speak Spanish as a first language.

“When you start banning aspects of ethnicity or cultural identity, it sends the message that the child is not wanted,” Augstin Pinedo, director of the League of United Latin American Citizens Region 18 told the Houston Chronicle. “‘We don’t want your color. We don’t want your kind.’ They tend to drop out early.”

One student told a local broadcaster that Lacey’s announcement had discouraged students from speaking Spanish for fear of punishment.

“People don’t want to speak it [Spanish] no more and don’t want to get caught speaking it because they’ll get in trouble,” 6th grade student Kiara Lozano told KHOU.

Others supported Lacey’s decision to ban the language from the school’s grounds, fearing that Spanish-speakers may use the language to make fun of students who couldn’t understand what they were saying.

“I support the principal,” parent Jaime Cavendar said, according to KHOU. “I really believe she did the right thing. My children don’t know if they’re being talked about or being made fun of.”

A series of crimes followed the decision to place Lacey on administrative leave, raising concerns that some people angered by her suspension were targeting Hispanics, the Houston Chronicle reports. The district’s superintendent, Delma Flores-Smith, told the paper she worried for her safety after seeing strangers photograph her house. She says her yard was vandalized and someone went through her trash.

Last month, three suspects captured by surveillance video cut the brake lines on three school buses and left a dead cat in front of one of them. Two of the buses started their routes before the damage was discovered, but no one was hurt in the incident, according to KHOU. The incident occurred the morning after a heated school board meeting at which Lacey’s suspension was discussed, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The Mexican American Legal Defense Fund and LULAC have called for a civil rights investigation, the Chronicle reports.

Hempstead Middle School’s student body is 55 percent Hispanic, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Hispanics make up a more than half of Texas public school students.

The school lies in the small town of Hempstead northwest of Houston.

Despite the tension, some students remained unfazed.

“I’m not scared, because I’m going to keep on speaking my language,” 8th grade student Yedhany Gallegos told KHOU. “I mean, that’s my first language and I’m going to keep on doing it.”

Thank God that this racist English-Only nutbar Principal is gone from Hempstead Middle School. 

h/t: Roque Planas at Huffington Post Education
Grand jury indicts DPS trooper who arrested Sandra Bland

The Houston Chronicle: A grand jury indicted Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Brian Encinia - who arrested Sandra Bland - on perjury charges. Bland was arrested during a traffic stop in July and was found hanging from a noose in her jail cell three days later. Jurors still have not issued any decision on Encinia’s treatment or arrest of Bland.

Follow this story on Breaking News.


[Gillian Anderson] even credits Scully with helping her grow as a person.

“She’s taught me a lot about humanness,” Anderson says. “She’s very responsible, she’s very adult, she’s very mature, she’s compassionate. She has a lot of qualities I haven’t been but always wished I could be, and have started to pay attention to a little more.”

Houston Chronicle, June 1998
BREAKING: Houston Gunman A Trump Supporter, Railed Against 'Homosexuals' & Jews During Sunday's Rampage
Army Vet Fired 212 Shots, Also Attacked Muslims, GOP Establishment on Twitter

The gunman who went on a shooting spree Sunday morning in Houston, leaving one dead and six injured, was a supporter of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. He railed against homosexuals and Jews during the rampage, before he was killed by police.

Dionisio Garza III, 25, also recently expressed anti-Muslim sentiments on Twitter, and repeatedly criticized House Speaker Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment.

Garza, a decorated Army sergeant who served two tours in Afghanistan, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and was going through “a mental health crisis,” according to media reports. Garza fired 212 rounds in a middle-class west Houston neighborhood, injuring two law enforcement officers and setting a gas station on fire, before being killed by a SWAT team member.

According to The Houston Chronicle, the spree began when Garza walked up to 56-year-old Eugene Lipscomb, who was sitting in his vehicle at a car wash, and called him “the devil” before fatally shooting him in the head with a pistol.

Garza then told the owners of the car wash: “Y'all calm down. I’m not going to kill y'all, y'all are Christians.”

As he retreated before returning with an AR-15 assault rifle, Garza was screaming about Jews, homosexuals and Walmart, according to the Chronicle.

Garza, who’d traveled to Houston from his home in California to visit a friend, broke into a nearby tire shop and slept there the night before the shooting, leaving random writings on paper taped to the walls. Police haven’t disclosed the contents of the writings but say they don’t believe the shooting was a hate crime.

Back in February, Garza tweeted to Trump, “I’ve told everyone since August u will be President of this great nation. On the eve of your first votes I thank you. -vet.”

Last August, after NBC cut ties with Trump over his hateful comments concerning Mexican immigrants, Garza tweeted, “get them Mr .Trump… bunch of liars and puppets. I am an army vet 2 deployments..I stand with U.”

Last month, after being elected London’s first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan wrote on Twitter: “Trump’s ignorant view of Islam could make both our countries less safe. It risks alienating mainstream Muslims. London has proved him wrong.”

Garza responded: “We are too smart for your (expletive,)” Garza said. “USA baby … sorry Europe.”



A tale of treasure, womanly love, and a little miscommunication on the high seas.

Exciting news for followers of Amya Chronicles as well as the beautiful works of Cari Corene. Savannah and Cari will be pairing up with Filthy Figments to bring you a sex-positive tale of lady love set in the Amya universe.

The tale will centre around Renie and Kytaha as they first meet and head to the seas in search of grand treasures. The story will release on Filthy Figments in May with writing by Savannah Houston-McIntyre and artwork by Cari Corene. The exact date is TBA.

Feel free to follow the links below for future wips, news, and potential live-streams as we prepare for this exciting adventure!

A bill introduced in the Texas House of Representatives would make it illegal for private citizens to record police within 25 feet.

House Bill 2918, introduced by state Rep. Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) on Tuesday, would make the offense a misdemeanor. Citizens who are armed would not be permitted to record police activity within 100 feet of an officer, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Only representatives of radio or TV organizations that hold an FCC license, newspapers and magazines would have the right to record police.

“My bill … just asks filmers to stand back a little so as not to interfere with law enforcement,” Villalba tweeted.

The bill would go against precedent set in 2011 by an appeals court, which found that citizens are allowed to record police, according to the ACLU.


The definition of a police state…
Parents Place Newspaper Ad to Celebrate Gay Son
A Snohomish, Washington, couple placed an ad in the Houston Chronicle to congratulate their son for coming out as gay — read the sweet ad

“Parents of the year. Joan and Craig Wilson from Washington posted an ad in the Houston Chronicle on Sunday, January 17, congratulating their gay son on coming out. 

According to the Observer, the Wilsons placed the ad in the Houston Chronicle in response to the defeat of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance this past November. HERO would have prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity but was rejected by voters.” 

Read the full piece here


Angela Bassett to Direct Whitney Houston Movie for Lifetime

Angela Bassett to Direct Whitney Houston Movie for Lifetime

External image

Angela Bassettwill make her directorial debut with a Lifetime Original Movie based on the life of Whitney Houston, Lifetime announced Thursday.

Scheduled for a 2015 world premiere under the working title of “Whitney Houston,” the film chronicles the headline-making relationship between the iconic singer, actress, producer and model, and singer-songwriter Bobby Brown — from the time they first…

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New Texas Bill Would Prevent Bystanders From Recording Cops
External image

Oh, come on. We all know why they want to pass this bill – they want cops to get away with abusing and killing people! (As long as they’re the right people.) The right to record, in addition to being upheld by the appellate courts, is one of the best tools we have to deter police violence, and to see that those who break the law are held accountable – as we just saw last night:

A bill introduced in the Texas House of Representatives would make it illegal for private citizens to record police within 25 feet.

House Bill 2918, introduced by state Rep. Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) on Tuesday, would make the offense a misdemeanor. Citizens who are armed would not be permitted to record police activity within 100 feet of an officer, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Only representatives of radio or TV organizations that hold an FCC license, newspapers and magazines would have the right to record police. The legislator disagreed with people on Twitter who said he’s seeking to make all filming of cops illegal.

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