“The Hound and the Wolf,” AJ Frena 2015. Digital. Pencil sketch + photoshop, with some photo manipulation for King’s Landing as I ran out of time. D8

This is a special piece I made for Hero Complex Gallery celebrating the new season of Game of Thrones!  Not sure when prints will drop online, but I’ll post when they do.

Bad News at the Crossroads Inn by linhsiang

This illustration is meant to depict Sandor’s encounter with Gregor’s men where he learns of and reacts to Sansa’s marriage to the Imp, as described in ASOS:

The Hound poured a cup of wine for Arya and another for himself, and drank it down while staring at the hearthfire. “The little bird flew away, did she? Well, bloody good for her. She shit on the Imp’s head and flew off.”