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Halloween couples costume tag

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Soo here is Taehyun from HotShot and me… (sorry or not sorry i cannot make normal selfies… i dont look normal XDD i look so judging.. XDD)

[I wanted to do it with Jae but I couldnt find that shitty filter]


Im suck at ship names but… khm.. let’s try it… #kidmonra… no wtf.. #kidmondora… still bad… #chickenmonster yeahhhhh but that’s just my user name… i cannot… #taehyundora … okay perfect dont judge me.. i just cannot

I dont wanna bother anyone.. with my taggings buttt (lol butt) im gonn tag: @mlkookie @xiuminniesittybittytiddies @cutieyoungbin @tuvilita @princeshushu @7teencarot @tough-luck-buddy @different-or-weird @yeoleow @yoongissleeve @pastafairydinosaur @luckilykelsey @sweet-seokjin @monbebemyday @kimtaethebae @voltrashforinfinity @take-yoo-there @taelaev you dont have to do it if you dont wanna♡♡♡♡ [i wrote ‘i dont wanna bother anyone’ but i tagged so many people XDD logic lvl me]


171021 never (sungwoon focus) @ kangjin k-pop concert 2017
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The average ages of kpop boy groups

This is literally a pointless post but I was BORED

  • Super Junior - 31.9
  • Big Bang - 28.7
  • Shinee - 26.2
  • Exo - 25.3
  • BtoB - 25.1
  • Vixx - 25
  • Winner - 24.9
  • BAP 24.4
  • Boyfriend - 23.9
  • Hotshot - 23.9
  • Day6 - 23.8
  • Monsta X - 23.7
  • BTS - 22.8
  • Got7 - 22.3
  • Nu’est - 22.3
  • Pentagon - 21.9
  • iKon - 21.4
  • SF9 - 21.3
  • NCT 127 - 20.8
  • Seventeen - 20.7
  • Astro 20.2
  • Wanna One - 20.15
  • NCT Dream - 17

(average heights) (Girl groups: height, age)

  • YMC: I need you to be straight with me.
  • Wanna One: *nervous gay laughter*

Topp dogg’s Hansol coming out as asexual just makes me feel really proud and happy since I’m part of the lgbtq+ community myself being pansexual. It makes me feel awed and amazed that an kpop idol is like me and many others and him coming out is so brave especially when it’s so frowned upon in Korea. I just hope Hansol is happy and continues being happy since he finally got this off his chest and opened up to us fans and even non fans. Especially to those kpop fans who are still struggling with there identity or are in closet because I know if I wasn’t open about my sexuality this would have given me so much courage and hope and the feeling that I’m not alone.

I don’t know, I’m sorry for this rant but I’m just really happy for Hansol and I’m always going to have his and topp dogg’s back and if any haters or antis or any negative people come at him, turn your location on so I can fight you.