The Honourable Phryne Fisher


Ship challenge: one Phryne/Jack gifset per episode
↳  Season 1, Episode 5: Raisins and almonds

- I’ve been contemplating what to write to his wife.
- Five years and half a world apart. What kind of a marriage can survive that?


Holiday 2015: Women of Mystery

The Actress (Irene Adler)

The Lady Detective (Miss Phryne Fisher)

The Secret Agent (Peggy Carter)

All photos by Steven Rosen Photography
Model: Sweets of Sweet Nothings

Lingerie by @angelafriedman, Harlow & Fox, @kissmedeadlier, Betty Blue’s Loungerie


Day 12: Favorite Female Character

She’s the Queen B. The star. The other ones are just her little workers.

Phryne Fisher. How do I even begin to explain Phryne Fisher?

Phryne Fisher is FLAWLESS.

She has at least 800 hats, and who even KNOWS how many shoes.

I heard her hair is insured for $10,000.

I heard she scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro. At least to the first hiker’s hut.

Her favorite book is Erotica of the Far East.

One time she met Clark Gable at a party, and she told him he was pretty.

One time she taught me how to punch people in the face. It was AWESOME.

Hey folks!

So, it’s been quite a while since I’ve picked up a pencil and drew something. So, to get back into practice, I’m setting a ‘daily doodle’ challenge for myself; draw something, ANYTHING, every day. Here’s todays and yesterdays. The honourable Miss Phryne Fisher! Such an awesome show. frandayam, I blame you entirely. XD

Also, hands suck.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries T-Shirt Design Competition 2016

Who doesn’t like to be “in” on the social event of the season? Certainly not glamorous, scandalous and brilliant lady detective, The Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher. As this invite drops through the letterbox, The Adventuresses’ Club of the Americas (ACotA) is up to its collective garters in planning a groundbreaking and exciting Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Convention – be sure to mark your dance cards for early May 2017.

In the 1920s, a thick roll of banknotes as well as furs, feathers, and plenty of cocktails were essential to creating an epic party. Just ask Aunt P! Not much has changed in 100 years, and that’s why your fellow Adventuresses are launching a fundraiser – a Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries art competition followed by the sale of T-shirts bearing the winning fanart design.

We are seeking your support to get this convention off the ground, in the form of your artistic imagination and purchase of T-shirts. We truly hope it will be a Hispano-Suiza full of fun for the entire fandom, but just as important, it will provide the funds critical to meet the early up-front costs of this convention, such as reservation fees for meeting rooms or guest speakers.*

Wait! What’s in it for me, you ask? Well certainly bragging rights, always uppermost in the mind of the sassy Miss Fisher. Absolutely the warm-and-fuzzy feeling that Dot gets when she bakes for her Wardlow family – that wonderful sensation that Miss Fisher fangirls across the world are celebrating their love for our dazzling heroine while wowing folks with your wonderful winning design.

Excited? Inspired? Want to break open the pencils and paints? Look for more information on this contest soon!

*The ACotA is made up of volunteer members of the MFMM fandom, and as we’re no Miss Fishers ourselves, we’re not in a position to fund Miss Fisher Con on our own. In the event that the convention in May 2017 does not take place, any profits from the sale of the shirts will be donated to Kiva – a registered charity that helps fund loans to women-run businesses around the world.

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