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A Special Message from the Haughton Family:

Very early in the morning on January 16, 1979 Michael and I brought Aaliyah Dana with the blessing of God into the world. It took 15 minutes for her to make her presence known. Michael said “I have a beautiful baby girl”. Thus the sweet name that followed her through life. We took her home soon after and she met the brother that would love her and that she would love for the next 22 years.


Mom, Dad, Ra


Aaliyah™ by Xyrena is the first and only official fragrance tribute to the Princess of R&B. Developed in close collaboration with Diane & Rashad Haughton (the late singer and actress’s mother and brother), Xyrena crafted a true aromatic tribute inspired by actual fragrances Aaliyah wore. Aaliyah by Xyrena is unisex but leans masculine, as Aaliyah favored traditional men’s scents in line with her signature, sexy tomboy image. The formula is also a hue of black which was Aaliyah’s favorite color. Aaliyah by Xyrena has base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, amber, and jasmine; middle notes of black pepper, violet and leather; with top notes of mint, lavender and mandarin. 5% of all sales from this release will be donated to The Aaliyah Memorial Fund.

Pre-order at Ships mid-October.

Whale Rider (2002). A contemporary story of love, rejection and triumph as a young Maori girl fights to fulfill a destiny her grandfather refuses to recognize.

Beautiful, moving and unique, Whale Rider was one of the most compelling releases of 2002. Keisha Castle-Hughes gives a performance that leaves you wondering why the hell she isn’t a superstar, and it’s lifted higher by the work of her surrounding actors and the very capable direction of Niki Caro. It handles sensitive subject matter beautifully, and while it’s such a deeply cultural film, it’s themes of family and expectations are universal. 9/10.

Just placed my framed picture of Aaliyah, Tim & Missy in my living room just under a framed picture of New York. When I’ll be in Paris, my appartment will definitly be full of Aaliyah and New York!!!! I’m just planning to order a bigger version of the picture cause this is my favorite of the supafriends team!
I tweeted it to Rashad and he loved it, I’m just so glad we are able to communicate with him on Twitter! We are able to know if him and Diane are doing good and we are able to express them our full love and support! That’s so great! I think Aaliyah would have loved Twitter :)


Tis the season to give thanks and be around family. Many people in the world unfortunately can not be around the loved ones they want to be around. Please hug all of your loved ones and let them know you love them, as tomorrow {not even later tonight} is ever promised. Happy Thanksgiving to the Haughton Family, Aaliyah’s true friends and all Aaliyah fans and their families.

Photography Credit: {Image of Aaliyah & Diane alone credit: Aaliyah Always Tumblr. Image of her as a toddler with her granmother and big brother Rashad credit: Maximum Aaliyah}



Aaliyah* has been, and still continues to be, an immense influence & positive motivating force within our lives. In everything we work towards and strive for, she is the blueprint. Someone we can only aspire to be like. With our collection, we hope to embody everything Aaliyah was and forever will be. Classy. Unique. Unforgettable. Today, we celebrate & remember Babygirl’s street but sweet styling & her pure, humble spirit all whilst showcasing her ethereal beauty in cool, fun & quirky ways. Aaliyah truly lived up to the definition of her name, which was: The Highest, Most Exalted One…The Best. Now we hope to do the same in remembrance of an icon.” 

All designs have Haughton Family input & approval. (*Aaliyah™ is a trademark of Aaliyah, LLC

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Recently a quite big movement started among Aaliyah fans. The goal is to get Aaliyah make-up collection done by MAC Cosmetics, a brand that she loved. It is going great, but still all support the TeamAaliyah can get is needed, as well as signatures for the petition that was made. Yet the most important part of this is the fact that the Haughton Family is on board with us:

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You can follow all the news on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. And of course sign the petition!

Hopefully this will really come into fruition, especially as MAC Cosmetics is aware of the idea:

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Lets make it happen TeamAaliyah!


I know what I’ll be watching tonight. Watch this to get a sense of who the REAL Aaliyah was. I also suggest watching Access Granted, Behind The Music and E! True Hollywood Story (if you can find it online)

All had support, input and approval from the Haughton family.