The Hamster Wheel

Amersfoort, province of Utrecht, Netherlands.

The Koppelpoort is a medieval gate built around 1425. It combines land- and water-gates, and is part of the second city wall constructed between 1380 and 1450. The gate was opened every morning and closed every night by the appointed raddraaiers, “wheel-turners”. A minimum of twelve wheel-turners were press-ganged to operate giant hamster-wheels. It was a dangerous task; if they did not begin walking simultaneously, one could fall, dragging the rest along with potentially fatal results.

The koppelpoort was never breached. It was given its current appearance during the restoration by Pierre Cuypers in 1885 and 1886. The latest restoration was completed in 1996.


The Hamster Wheel - Gay Marriage - Craig Reucassel tries to understand the opposition to gay marriage.


since everyone’s hopping on karl stefanovic’s dick for wearing the same suit every day here’s just a taste of how he really feels about women (and gay people). he’s featured twice in the first 50 seconds.


Hamster Powered Hamster Drawing Machine

Installation by Neil Mendoza is a contraption that can draw a picture of a hamster in a wheel, which is powered by a hamster running in a hamster wheel

The Hamster Powered Hamster Drawing Machine is the machine hamsters everywhere have been waiting for, finally bringing workout selfies to the animal kingdom.

The hamster drawing is encoded in two large wooden cams. The cams were generated by creating a simulation of the drawing machine using openFrameworks and Box2D. They were then exported as vectors and CNC milled from plywood. To be able to have the drawing encoded on the inside, rather than the outside, edge of the cams, it was necessary for them not to have a central axis. This was achieved by milling two aluminium circles with a groove in each of them for a roller chain to sit in. The sandwiched chain then sits on three sprockets around the edges of the back part machine. The drawing arms were also milled from aluminium with pockets for laser cut acrylic inserts.

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The Chasers’ show, The Hamster Wheel, goes up against the anti-gay marriage supporters. I just love how Craig throws back their arguments and statements with facts.

Lizards in hamster wheels/balls

I think people need to understand this, but it might be difficult to understand, so I’ve made a super-simplified explanation

When seen from the side, hamsters have naturally curved spines because they extend them when running. Lizard (in this case leopard gecko) spines are straight when seen from the side because they move from side-to side (which is pretty much the opposite of what hamsters do).

Here is a hamster standing stationary in a hamster wheel. Because its back is made for bending this way, there is no issue.

Here is a leopard gecko in a hamster wheel. I think the problem is quite obvious. In fact, if I had drawn this properly, the spine would be even more bent. The vertebrates will be pushed together and grind against each other, causing irreversible damage over time. If you want a wheel that’s safe for a leopard gecko, the diameter would have to be at least 1 meter. 

I hope this was clear :3 I know some websites suggest hamster wheels or balls for lizards but a lot of websites also suggest keeping them on sand!

Arthur has the most adorable hamster pet…named galahad….omg…himand his little wrench and all..-DIES-

so….I tried to do the lil cutie some justice busting a move or sorts…a wheelie? I dunno lol enjoy the cute !