The Hamster Wheel


Craig Reucassel tries to understand the opposition to gay marriage.

Brain has gone into overdrive!!!!

My brain is like running around in circles over the “A Date with Markiplier” and the segment in which “Darkiplier” is shown to us. It was amazing to watch the whole project and I can’t think of anything else to say except awesome job you guys :D you have blown my mind with what you were able to do together and I can’t wait to see what you think of next :D

But back to my brain running like a hamster in a wheel: Lots of people have been theorizing over Dark and Anti about their personalities. My thoughts have made me wonder, how do they exist in our world?

Anti had to kill his host in order to have control finally. But we see Anti in those glitches and in the shadows. So how does he end up there? My thoughts are that Anti has the power to project himself out of the body and into our world, but for only short amounts of time. Perhaps the energy that it took for him to reach out to “us” is what causes the glitches, similar to an EMP or some sort of electricity that causes the glitches. When he finally gained enough control to take over his host, the power within him was so immense that everything changed and altered the look of everything. 

Dark, on the other hand, seems to be more of an alternate reality version of his host. It seems that he can alternate reality and teleport fairly quickly. He says that he can take you wherever you want to go or not want to go. You may have seen, he showed up for that quick second when you chose to take the “exit”. He threw you into a time loop, it may be possible that you might remember the other reality, but who is to know really? It is also interesting that he doesn’t need the host for much, you are able to kill the host and Dark lives on without the body. 

*cue Game theory channel slogan*

But those are just my thoughts :)

Masterpost: First Hamster Cage + Equipment
  • At first, if you want to adopt a dwarf buy 2 of the biggest Samla boxes…  
  • … and at least 2, better 3, if you want to adopt a Syrian/teddy. That’s 14,99$ for each box, 5$ for each lid, and 0,50$ for the clip locks. 
  • Here you find more supplies for your cage that you can buy at Ikea!
  • Read the whole text post first before you go and buy stuff though :o)
  • Please note that I refer to a single hamster as “they” - don’t keep hamsters together. You can read why I’m against keeping hamsters in pairs or groups here and here
  • For a dwarf, you’ll buy 2 Samlas, 2 lids, 2x clip locks = 41$ 
  • For a Syrian you can buy 3 Samlas etc. = 61,5$ (But 2 Samlas are okay too, if you let them run in a safe area in your apartment.)  
  • You can also buy old fish tanks that are leaking - mostly they are between 20-60$, but also very heavy - Samla boxes are much lighter but don’t look as cool. 
  • Then you prepare the lids likes this, by using a jigsaw, mesh and duct tape on top! You can then clip the lid on the box with your clip locks. 
  • Some dwarfs won’t need it, but for bigger hamsters, a lid very much recommended (Syrians can jump pretty high). Don’t just cut holes in the lid because then your hamster won’t get enough fresh air.  
  • You connect all of your Samla boxes by using a jig saw and some kind of wooden tunnel (nothing made out of plastic) or a cork tube. Anything that fits and your hamster can’t chew through. 
  • Just saw holes in the boxes - make sure that the tunnel is big enough for your hamster to easily run through with full cheek pouches! (3″ for dwarf, 4″ for Syrian)
  • Next you can find or build a chamber house! 
  • Your hamster needs one because it represents their natural burrows so that they can choose which chamber to use for sleeping, storing food and so on. It should have at least 2 connected, big chambers! More is always better.
  • Here you can find a easy tutorial on how to build a chamber house!
  • If you want your hamster to have a bigger one like the one I built recently, you can message me for a tutorial or build one yourself, it’s pretty easy. It should have stands so it doesn’t move, holes big enough to fit through with full cheek pouches (2-3″ dwarf, 3-4″ Syrian) and one big sleeping chamber! It has no floor, so the hamster can dig out and a lid that you can open if you need to clean it. (Clean their toilet every day)
  • Here you can see the “luxury” version of my chamber hourse. (It was about 12$ for all the materials :o) )
  • Don’t forget to give your hamster nesting material: unperfumed toilet paper. 
  • Do not use hamster wool as it often tangles around your hamster’s limb and can easily suffocate or kill your hamster! 
  • Your hamster will soon put a lot of nesting material in his cheeks and build their very own nest and start sleeping in it! :) 
  • Also give your hamster hay! They eat it and use it as nesting material. 
  • Next you can give them more hideouts. Little wooden houses (make sure they are solid and have no dangerouns holes where your hamster tries to fit through), cork tubes (big enough), you can build hideouts made of flower pots or clay, maybe ceramic houses etc. I do not like and would not recommend anything made out of plastic (besides the wheel which should be made out of hard plastic)
  • Then your hamster of course needs a water bowl (better a water bottle). 
  • You can use this one:

I hope you all have a nice day! <3

“Psikologlar buna ‘hedonik adaptasyon’ diyor. Aslında ‘hedonik çark’ diyenler de var. Çarkta dönen hamster gibi arıyoruz mutluluğu. Müthiş çaba harcıyoruz, mutluluk getireceğini sandığımız şeyler için ama hep aynı yerdeyiz. Hiçbir yere varmıyoruz. 

İki psikoloji uzmanı Philip Brickman ve Donald Campbell, insanın yanlış yollardaki bu nafile mutluluk arayışını şu şekilde özetliyor: Dış dünyada mutluluk ve haz arayışına çıktığımız her zaman aslında hamster çarkına girmiş oluyoruz. Sahip olduğumuz birşeyin, örneğin para ya da makam, daha fazlasını elde ettiğimiz zaman, önce kendimizi mutlu hissediyoruz. Ancak çok kısa süre sonra, elde ettiğimize alışmaya başlıyoruz. 

Önceden ‘talih’ olarak gördüğümüz şimdiki seviyemiz yeniden ‘yetersiz’ gelmeye başlıyor. Ve, tattığımız mutluluk hissini sürdürebilmek veya yeniden kazanabilmek için yeniden bu kez daha fazlasının peşine düşüyoruz. Alıştığımız için, artık mutluluk için çok daha fazla şeye ihtiyaç duyar hale geliyoruz.”

Cemal Tunçdemir - ‘’ Piyangonun gerçek talihlisi kim? ‘’ 

The Necromantic Industrial Revolution

An industrial revolution powered not by steam engines but by the free energy from undead workers. Animated skeletons as automation.

Factories with assembly lines of undead workers running day and night.

Trains, tractors and cars with skeletal horses built inside them, only their legs visible emerging underneath.  Paddle boats ply the seas powered by skeletons on giant hamster wheels.

Undead work tirelessly and endlessly turning cranks to power forges, mills, running water.

The essentially free labour creating massive unemployment. Luddites throw holy water at factories to protest the loss of human jobs.

The health of city dwellers slowly drops as ambient necromantic power builds up, making people and animals sick and water foul.  Wealthy necromancer industrialists publicly deny any connection.

Corpses are in high demand as a raw material.  An entire inner city block dies from a poisoned water supply in a “tragic accident” just weeks before a new factory opens.  High supply lets them buy their workers cheap.

A principality struggling with economic problems manufactures a war; tens of thousands die in the ensuing battles.  Their bodies are brought back to continue working the farms, the surplus food they no longer eat is exported.

Big necromancers attempt to sway public opinion, building lively parks and gardens to demonstrate that they too love life.  To reduce maintenance costs all the plants are undead.  Beautiful, unchanging and lifeless.  Visit today in one of the new model twelve-horsepower buses.

Venus in Scorpio ~ What it felt like

I went to you in innocence
Pure and complete
Willing to sublimate
Eager to “hear” your soul
But then you tried to ruin my image
The timing was raw we weren’t there yet
Snap went everything
Nothing was the same since
And everything was undercover
And you felt the sting each time
Small stings but every few days
And it still hasn’t added up
And what was original
Is still intact but I’ll never tell
What you were to me
Maybe it would be too much for you
To fathom or wrap your mind around
This is the only side you see
Ever since that day
And you’re wondering…
Why I’m not warming up
Why after all this time
Nothing has really progressed
And I feel sad and sorry
You’re the hamster on the wheel
But I’m enjoying this, in small doses
Until my soul is completely satisfied
And I’ll feel sad because of what you did
And why…you’d choose to destroy that
And it’ll make it even worse
The cut deeper
And so it goes on…
Until you get fed up and leave
But then you always come back
And so I keep doing this
I’ll keep enjoying this
As long as I’m not completely satisfied


Are you working with an INTJ or would you like to? Whether they are working for you, both are working together, or you are working for them, there are a few things that could ruin this deal. Although there may be exceptions, these may apply to anything ranging from chores and responsibilities within the family, neighborhood, school, jobs, activism to even hobbies and more. So if you’d like to maintain a good working deal with an INTJ or figure out why things went downhill, I’m bringing you some points to consider. The INTJ, of course, should as well do their part.

• Having no set goals. INTJs need something to work toward. What is it? Are we going in circles and back to the start all over again or are we making progress toward something? INTJs can be passive and open to exploring and going over things, but only up to a point. Even if it’s exercise, don’t put them in a hamster wheel.

• Not allowing them to grow nor letting them take on more challenging tasks. Their arrogance or “arrogance” may show here, when they simply cannot tolerate doing more of the work that feels tedious to them and their frustration strips them off their ability to be tactful when communicating it. But regardless of type, there comes a point where we must move on to the next thing or to something different to not be stagnated and consequently suffer for it.

• Demanding more than what is fair or reasonable. They are not robots. They need to eat, sleep, socialize (mostly with a select few), unwind, tend to other obligations and aspirations in their lives or simply have some free time. And no, just because they are good at something it doesn’t mean that they’re obligated to give it to you for free or for no good reason.

• Unjust accusations - especially if they’re attacks to their integrity. True, they may not be saints and some may indeed be devils (as with all types, for the record). But the keyword here is unjust. If an INTJ has to be constantly proving themselves to you and earning your trust when they know too well they shouldn’t have to, you’re the issue and you’re needlessly interrupting and delaying their work. However, they could endure examination and inspection that is sensible and makes sense.

• Taking others’ credit or discrediting them. Why? Stop. This is so lame. Really. Have some ideas of your own, do your part, and learn to concede. Is taking from others and bringing them down the only way you can succeed?

• Insincere flattery, butt-kissing and pedestaling. Alright, that’s enough. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but INTJs are hyper-suspicious of this. What is it that you’re trying to accomplish? They appreciate being told when they’ve done well and when what they’ve done has been valued or has mattered so that they can be motivated to do more of that while improving upon what wasn’t so great, but being ego-fed, contrary to popular belief, is not what many INTJs would like.

• Unwelcome flirting and pursuing. Don’t make it uncomfortable. If they’ve asked you (in any form) to drop it, then drop it. It may be fine if you’re buddies and both are aware that it’s only playful teasing and complimenting that’s ultimately platonic and both are okay with it, but not when it seems as though it has the potential to become another disaster that they did not sign up for. If it’s not unwelcome, then that’s another story.

• Making trivialities a priority when more important things are on the line. While what’s important can vary from person to person, to an INTJ, tending to fundamental problems often comes first unless there are emergencies that require their immediate assistance. But, in other words, don’t expect an INTJ (or anyone?) to keep their manners while defending from or fighting a mugger or something worse. Furthermore, let them do what they can and want to be of help with and leave the rest to others. Don’t overextend them.