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Brazilian Riot Team has released a guide book for Star Guardian cosplayers.
This is a quick view of the material. You can click here to see the full guide.
Informations are in portuguese, but you can follow the tutorials through the images. Also, this study from the outfits is incredibly helpful!


Geek Studio’s Geek Gift Guide: Marvel Comics Edition
by geek-studio

All superheroes have their downtime so give an awesome gift to a superhero in your life! Games, necklaces, candles, and cookie cutters for the Marvel fan you’re shopping for.

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Understanding the Fylgjur
Appearing in Norse mythology, a Fylgja is a creature that is said to accompany a person throughout life. We look at this rather complicated being in this article to try to understand its role.

Fylgjur (plural of Fylgja) are described as supernatural guardian spirits, bound to a family line, said to accompany a person throughout life. Like many concepts in Norse mythology, the Fylgja is sometimes hard to comprehend or explain.


modern mythical creatures | angels

in one or more religions, angels are considered to be transcendent spiritual beings, who are depicted in the abrahamic religions and zoroastrianism as celestial intermediaries between god or heaven and earth, as carriers of god’s tasks, as guardian spirits, or as guiding influences. the nature and functions of angels are speculated and studied in the theological study of angelology.

in various theologies and mythologies, angels are typically intended to look beautiful in art, in which they are usually represented using human figures and are often identified using the symbols of bird wings, halos, and light.



Power Metal

  1. Can’t wait to see how fast this gets reposted :)
  2. I can’t wait to see how many people complain about inaccuracies :)
  3. Specifically the fact that there are ‘symphonic’ or ‘gothic’ metal bands in here but you know what suck my ass it’s not the worst thing to happen in these guides trust me
  4. I am NOT LINKING this one to the other two because they happened a long time ago and I Am Embarassed.
  5. I hope this makes some people happy :)

The Guardian has published a hilarious and informative animation discussing today’s (Sept. 18, 2014) referendum on Scottish independence.

The video is a convenient guide for non-Brits wondering things like “What’s the vote about?”, “Is Scotland a country?”, and “Why didn’t I notice before that Great Britain is shaped like a crazy-hat-wearing bearded troll who laughs at Northern Ireland?”. Click here or on the photo above to watch. 

- Courtney (HarmonicaCave)

On the wall of Mark Gatiss’s office hangs the old Wilkie Collins mantra “Make ‘em cry, make 'em laugh, make 'em wait”. Certainly the cliffhanger that closed Sherlock’s first series - the laser sights of Moriarty’s snipers trained on Sherlock and Watson, Sherlock’s gun aimed at a pile of explosives - adheres to that golden rule. “We’ve had hate mail from people who have said, 'You bastards, you bastards!’” Gatiss recalls gleefully.