The Guardian Guide

I did a meditation course
  • instructor: you'll need to find your guides and guardians
  • me: ?
  • instructor: they are figures or beings who understand and love and protect you - they can take any form you like! some people see them as parents or ancestors, some as gods from various pantheons.
  • me: right right right. love, understand, protect. let me just think
  • me: I'll try to conjure up some
  • me: um give me a sec
  • me: I've got all four teenage mutant ninja turtles and sylvia plath
  • instructor: that's fine, last year a lady's guide was yoda


Power Metal

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  3. Specifically the fact that there are ‘symphonic’ or ‘gothic’ metal bands in here but you know what suck my ass it’s not the worst thing to happen in these guides trust me
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  5. I hope this makes some people happy :)

Angels in late night parking lots,

In rundown apartments with broken windows and scattered pieces of furniture.

Angels with clipped wings collecting feathers,

Taking them home and keeping them safe from harm until they’re carefully assembled into a pair of makeshift wings.

Young angels with eyes wide with wonder and mouths open in gleeful surprise,

Always reaching out of windows and staring down birds, longing for wings that should have been theirs.

Fallen angels with anger and regret draped like a cape over their shoulders,

Getting into fights with the locals for abusing too proudly, stalking local support groups with hard eyes and eyes burning with something when a cynical mother finally breaks down.

Angels who fought in the war, no longer able to stomach the sound of metal on metal.

Warriors with flashbacks while doing mundane tasks, suddenly back in that burning, screaming, bloody field where it all went down.

Guardian angels who gently guide others from tragedy with kind words and encouraging smiles,

Crying in the shower when they can’t help.

Angels without empathy who try so hard to help but get exhausted so easily, always having to untangle social cues.

Cosmic angels with black holes for pupils and cosmic smiles, burning so brightly you can’t help but notice their presence.

Angels of death, collecting bones on the roadside and burying dead crows,

Mourning with sorrow so tangible it collapses in on itself over and over again.

How To Find Your Spirit Guides, And Guardian Angels

Your spirit guides, and guardian angels are very powerful entities that have been watching over you, and are ever present in your life even, if you do not have a relationship with them yet. These beings are specifically connected to you, because you chose each other before you were even born into this incarnation. Everyone has a spirit guide, and a guardian angel. Finding them, and learning how to interact, and communicate with them can greatly improve every single facet of your life through the simple act of their presence. Some people may find it hard to find their spirit guides, and guardian angels, others will find it very easy, it all depends on if you are ready to know them, or not. There are many ways to go about finding your spirit guides, and guardian angels, if you are ready to go searching for them. Any of these methods am about to share with you can help you find them, but it is also important to use your insight, and introspection to verify your experiences.

This article might help too:

Things that can help you find your spirit guides, and guardian angels:

• Just knowing that they exist.

Just to the act of simply acknowledging that they exist will allow you to start building a connection with them. You will start to see their influences in the world, and all of the things that they do for you, that you might not have been previously aware of. Allowing for you to meet them, and to get to know them not through a direct meeting, but through there actions in your life.

• Asking them to appear, and to be ever-present.

This will show them that you are ready to have them in your life. Just like the previous method, it will open you up to experience what they do in your life already. After you ask them to be more present in your life, you should look out for signs of them acting in your life.


Through the act of meditation one can find there spirit guides, and guardian angels by using their spiritual senses to perceive them. To do this all you will really need to do it enter a meditative state, open your third eye, and call to them. They should come to you, and show you their presence, and once they do you guys can begin your communication, and learning of each other. This meeting is most likely going to happen in your sacred space, or astral temple, and is going to rely heavily on your sixth sense’s ability to pick up spiritual constructs.

• Divination.

Divination can be a very useful tool when trying to communicate with anything so why not your Spirit guides, and guardian angels. All you need to do is get some form of divination method of your choice, and ask your spirit guides, and guardian angels to answer through it. Then simply begin asking questions to it as normal, and they will answer through the act of your divination tools. This will allow you to communicate with them, and get to know them better. This is a very good method, especially when you can not get into a meditative state, or when you do not have a complete grasp of using your sixth sense abilities.

• Dream.

If you know how to lucid dream, you can always call out for them in your dreams and they will appear to you there.  If you cannot lucid dream, you can always ask your spirit guides, and guardian angels to appear to you in your dreams before you go to bed, and they may come to you and your dreams. That’s all there really is to it.

• Astral projection.

Astral projection can be quite helpful, when trying to communicate with any entity this also includes your spirit guides, and guardian angels. all you have to do is astral projecting and you will be able to find your Spirit guides and guardian angels on the astral plane and communicate with them.

• And much more, that I’m probably forgetting, while writing this.

Companions, Guides, Thoughtforms, Oh my!

What follows are my personal definitions that I use to define and describe spirits.

THOUGHTFORMS These are human-created spirits. This does not make them weaker, smaller, or less “real” than spirits born of Nature. Humans are, after all, powerful creators. So the spirits we create are equally as real and valid as those born elsewhere. Thoughtforms may be sentient or they may not be. Many tend to gain sentience over time. They are often created for a purpose, such as to be a guardian, a friend, or to perform a specific task. Thoughtforms may become companions.

COMPANIONS These are spirits that are our, well, companions! They may be thoughtforms or nature-born. Companion spirits may serve many roles, such as guardians, guides, teachers, and friends. Companions are found in life; people are typically not just born with companion spirits. Companions these days are often bought in a shop, but they may also be found through journeys and adventures. A person may have an unlimited amount of companions.

GUIDES Guides are spirits that are different than companions. Guiding spirits are often assigned to us at birth or at stages of our life when we are in need. Most everyone has guiding spirits, baring very special circumstances. Some guides are with us for life, and others come and go. There are guiding spirits of every circumstance in life, for example the guiding spirit of Heartbreak. He goes to a person experiencing heartbreak and guides them through this hard time. When they are healed, he moves on to the next person. Sometimes guides will want to be with you regularly in your day to day life. Other guides ask to remain undisturbed and will only be with you in your times of need. New guides may be sought out by talking to your old guides, prayer, and petitioning a deity.

GUARDIANS Guardian spirits are those spirits which take on a role of protecting someone, a place, or a thing. In this context we are talking about personal guardians that keep us safe. A guardian may be assigned to a person in the same way that guides are. They may also be sought out by talking to your old guides or guardians, prayer, and petitioning a deity. Guardians may be called on in times of danger, when you sense something bad is going down astrally or magically or in general, or even in circumstances such as nightmares, astral travels, or any time you are feeling unsafe.

“Chirrut wears a Jedha pendant of reforged gold depicting an ancient starbird symbol only recently modified by the Rebel Alliance.”

I love the manifold and conflicting/overlapping starbird-symbol origins present in new canon, because it parallels the nature of symbols in the real world. The Rebellion’s insignia probably did evolve from Sabine Wren’s phoenix, but likely part of its wide appeal was due to the conscious or unconscious resemblance to a very old, perhaps ubiquitous religious symbol.

I just had an amazing experience after being contacted by a follower with an inquiry to speak with their spirit guides and channel them in an intuitive reading. I loved it and felt safe and confident while doing so, and they suggested that I offer these through tumblr too! I’d love to, since apparently this is something they expressed the community here has an interest with. 

The guides that I worked through here and during Reiki treatments have come through very strongly and I’ve really loved getting to know all this spirits that come in light. 

What Is A Spirit Guide/Spirit Reading?

  • I’ll speak with your guide(s) and channel/reiterate what they share with me to a typed PDF that I’ll give you. 
  • They can provide advice, insights to your energy, and answer a myriad of questions that you might have! I’m fully open to whatever you ask, I’ll ask them on your behalf. 
  • It seems like these also have the potential to deepen your connection to your guides. 

What Beings Can I Ask You to Contact?

  • Spirit Guides and Guardians
  • Twin flames, soul mates
  • Animal spirits
  • Past loved ones, ancestors, etc.
  • Angels, demons, fae, elementals, etc. any “species” is fine
  • You Higher Self or the Higher Selves of others


  • They’ll be in PDF, typed 12 pt font, single spaced, dialogue and paragraph form
  • Shielding takes a lot of energy, so these are $25 per page.
  • Recommended 1 page per guide, at least! (The original person did 1.5 pages per guide and both guides shared the space and talked together).
  • Up to 5 pages at a time. 
  • Payment is through paypal, I’ll send you an invoice through email after you order. The invoice can be paid through any paypal account or through a debit/credit card! There aren’t any additional fees, unless you need to convert currency to the US dollar (there may be in some, but not all, instances). Fees, in that case, are usually less than 5% the total cost. 

To Order One: 

Send me an email to with this information:

  • Legal name (for organization)
  • Preferred name and your pronouns
  • Number of pages requested
  • Guide’s names/info: this includes anything you’re willing to share (that’s helpful for me to better pick up on their energy), their name (if you know it), their demeanor (a heads up is nice), and their pronouns (to refer to them correctly in the reading). 
  • The questions you have for them: This can range from life advice, meditation guidance, energy work, questions about past lives and present life, general guidance, mental and physical concerns (within reason, just from a spiritual stance, not as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment), etc. Ask whatever you want! I’ll let you know if I can’t ask your guides that or if they won’t answer it. 

Additional info: 

  • If I’m not comfortable with the specific spirit, I do reserve to right to decline your request for a reading. I’ll know this before you pay the invoice and speak with your guides to ask if they’re open to this reading. If I’m on the fence about a spirit or feel that I’ll need to do some really in-depth shielding, I might ask for an additional $5-10 for the time and energy it will take. Also, I want to make sure the spirit guides themselves have the opportunity to consent to these readings, so I’ll briefly speak with them from a distance before sending you the payment invoice. 
  • If you don’t know your guide’s names or identities, I can do my best to speak with them and find out, but no guarantees! It’s easy to ask for a spirit when I know their name. But I can ask “could I please speak to the guide of (your name)” and see what comes forth. If nothing arises, we can work out a refund. 
  • This channeling doesn’t include any form of possession, just listening and recording. No energy exchanges either, so there’s little risk to me or to your guides! 

Any questions, feel free to ask! I look forwards to doing more of these if you all are interested. Also any promos/signal boosting is more than welcome too–since it was mentioned that others are interested. :)

Tips for staying safe astrally!!
  2. Meet ur guides and guardians before you go out in to the astral (pls note: these are not the same as companions)
  3. LISTEN 2 guides and guardians
  4. Practice combat in a safe space b4 u go out in to astral
  5. know WHY and WHERE u are going; do not go in for “no reason” (if u want to just fuck around go to an inner mental astral space instead)
  6. ALWAYS have an exit strategy, but b aware when you should need to stay and finish ur quest (however b aware that u can always leave if u want to at any time).
  8. Practice ur astral senses in a safe space b4 u go out in to astral
  9. do not trust the spirits you meet until your guides approve them, and even after that trust them only a little bit
  10. always b very polite to spirits especially when you do things accidentally like trespass.
  11. violence is not always the answer
  12. do not b afraid 2 run!!
  14. know when u r in over ur head
  15. also learn to teleport it’s really useful.

The Force has existed as a recorded concept in the galaxy for well over 25,000 years. The Jedi Order was its most well-known practitioner, but there are other schools of study and worship that have evolved in parallel on scattered planets. These cultures may not exhibit control and manipulation of the mystical energy field, bu they do speak of its power and of its ability to shape and influence the destinies of individuals and history.

…the Guardians of the Whills [are] devoted to protecting the Temple of the Kyber in the Holy City of NiJedha. An ancient order, its origins are lost to time, and inextricably woven into the legends of the Jedi Knights. Some believers insist the Jedi drew inspiration from the followers of Jedha, while historians surmise it is actually the opposite. Whatever the case, it is all a matter of deepest faith…

…no one could ever hold a monopoly on understanding the cosmic energy field. Unlike the late departed Jedi, the teachings of the Guardians of the Whills do not emphasize the discord between lightness and darkness. The Guardians believe their approach allows mortal minds to encompass the totality of the Force.

The crowded boulevards of the Holy City teem with adherents of many religions, with a wide range of orthodoxy and observances .

Several long-standing faiths such as the Ninn Orthodoxy, the Zealots of Psusan, and the Phirmists[–as well as the Brotherhood of the Beatific Countenance, the Clan of the Toribota, and the Church of the Contained Crescent–]consider Jedha a holy site.

Death-worshipping cultists of the Central Isopter frequent areas of violence, meditating on matters of mortality. On Jedha they are said to study the harmonies of discord.

—  quotations about religion and spirituality in Rogue One: the Ultimate Visual Guide
Grimes: 'In my life, I'm a lot more weird than this'

Claire Boucher wants to play it cool, but as her alter ego she just can’t help standing out. Meet the woman making the most exciting pop on the planet.

Published:  31 October 2015, text: Rachel Aroesti.

Claire Boucher sighs. It’s the sort of sigh that comes with an eye-roll and exasperated sub-vocal muttering. A sigh that, despite her best efforts, she can’t quite seem to suppress. She does it the first time when she hears which songs I’ve been allowed to listen to on her closely guarded fourth album Art Angels, a hyperactively eclectic record that piles up pop and dance tropes into gratifyingly alien forms.

“Oh, whatever, it’s fine,” she smiles, when I ask why she groaned at the mention of California, a faux-saccharine, addictively syncopated country-meets-K-pop track about the media’s treatment of female musicians. “It’s kind of a shitty song. It’s not a shitty song. OK, I’m already doing it.” Moments later, when I ask if the PR spiel was correct in its claim that the album title is a reference to archangels, she sighs again.“Sort of… The label has all these weird ideas. They wanted to put this corporate graffiti in Paris,” she winces. “They were like, ‘‘It could be graffiti but it could be Grimes graffiti.’ I was like, ‘No!’” She mimes despair. “Stop!”With Grimes, 27-year-old Claire Boucher has never made any secret of the fact that what you see is not what you get. When she released her last album Visions in 2012 – a collection of phantasmal, banging electropop that sounded as if it had been fed through both a rasping old desktop and the prism of a dream – its rapturous reception took the Vancouver native from cult concern to internet darling (Oblivion, the album’s best known song, was last year named Pitchfork’s track of the decade so far). At the time, Boucher spoke of Grimes as a business venture – a sort of Svengali-meets-singer deal in which she played both parts, exploiting her own self for her own ends. It was an idea that highlighted her creative clout, but it was also a coping mechanism, forming a pop-star proxy to deal with the invasiveness of fame.

“There are things I would never say in interviews that are my opinions. I’m way more political than I am publicly – significantly more extreme,” Boucher tells me when I ask how the Grimes persona manifests itself on occasions such as this (that is, being asked questions by a stranger while perched on the bed of a London hotel room). “There’s lots of people I hate,” she says. But Boucher is struggling to keep up anodyne appearances.And it’s not just the sighing. See also: her views on bombastic live shows (her upcoming Ac!d Reign tour will apparently be a pared-down affair). “I’m like, ‘Do you understand how fucking bad it is for the environment for everyone to be having 20,000 lbs of lights and this giant fucking fake set of New York?’ U2 had that giant crab – that’s fucked up.” She pauses. “I’m not shitting on U2.”Of PC Music, the London collective whose uncanny valley take on the top 40 of their childhoods provides a contextual touchstone for Art Angels, she says, “It’s really fucked up to call yourself Sophie and pretend you’re a girl when you’re a male producer [and] there are so few female producers,” she begins, before trailing off again. “I think it’s really good music. I probably shouldn’t have said that…”As an enterprise, Grimes has always seemed like a scuffle between creative abandon and calculated moves: what happens when a highly inventive mind attempts to construct a consumer product. The Grimes aesthetic – discordantly multi-coloured hair, not-quite-trendy clothes, album art that looks as if it was done on the inside of a ringbinder during double maths – I’d already describe as pretty unselfconscious-seeming. But Boucher insists her visuals are designed to appease the public.

“In my life, I’m a lot more weird than this,” she explains. “Grimes is more palatable for humans. If it was up to me maybe I’d wear a moustache or something,” she continues, as I start seeing her less as a hipster making bleeding-edge pop, more a kindred spirit of Vic Reeves.“I try to make it digestible to a degree.” Why? “That’s what I’m interested in seeing. I create a thing that I wish existed in the world, versus my own full unabashed creative expression.

In Art Angels, Boucher has produced something that manages to be both more jarringly bizarre and viscerally accessible than Visions ever was: wild ideas and incongruous references distilled into layered and irresistibly danceable pop songs.Visions was a record Boucher has said was born from a panicked, sleep-deprived fortnight. “My management was really crappy at the time and he’d set a release date before I’d even recorded the album. He was like, ‘The album will be coming out at this date,’ and I was like, ‘Are you fucking kidding me? I have no album!’ And he was like, ‘Well, you better get to it!’”.Art Angels, meanwhile, was made in controlled and leisurely conditions. “This time I made tons and tons of music and handpicked what I liked. I need unlimited time to make as much crazy shit as I want and then work backwards.” The album sounds like something that has had time lavished upon it, too, not least because of its mind-bending range.

Boucher has always claimed to be “post-internet” – of a generation whose fluid genre-identity was made possible by free web downloads – but has also claimed that Grimes was a more traditional pop project. I’m curtly informed that is no longer the case: “Pop is just another genre. Some of my songs are influenced by pop music. Some of them are not.” Now, she says, “the whole purpose of Grimes is that it’s genreless. Trying to constantly put a genre label on it makes no sense and then you are always eating your words two months later. So, why bother?”

She says the thread that binds her work together is not genre but her own authorship. “People keep trying to be like, ‘We’re trying to pin down the Grimes style.’ If you haven’t realised by now, you’re never going to be able to.”Still, I’m tempted to categorise Art Angels as belonging to my favourite genre: music that makes your eyes water, your heart beat faster, and prompts feelings of mild concern for everyone involved. “I like music that might make me feel uncomfortable the first time I listen to it,” she agrees. “I think that’s good, that’s important; sometimes it never gets better but sometimes it gets great.”Nowadays, when music has begun to imitate fashion’s tendency to reconstruct itself out of a relentlessly remembered past – dredging up the most hideously uncool trends, those being the ones that feel most refreshing (and Art Angels contains more than a hint of the Eurodance aped by the aforementioned PC Music) – how do you go about genuinely disconcerting people? “There’s no fully new sound, I think,” she says. “All music right now is seeing how crazy you can get with the genres. I feel like so many people are focused on the 70s to now. I’m curious about music in the year 1100. I think that’s really interesting – combining that with electronic stuff.” That might sound like a pursuit worthy enough to warrant a government grant, but with Grimes you imagine it would genuinely be great.

Boucher has other means of locating roads never travelled, too. One tactic is to transform dance music’s parasitic tendencies themselves. “In the early days I was like, ‘I love Burial – what if it was an intentional vocal instead of samples?’” she says. “I’ll hear some totally fucking crazy remix and I’m like, ‘But what if it wasn’t a remix? What if there were people actually making music like that and it wasn’t a Mariah Carey vocal being sampled?’” For Art Angels, Boucher blocked out all popular music for a year. “I just don’t want to sound current. If I sound current, it’s because I made the new current.”Boucher’s oblique approach to songwriting is partly a result of her coming to the world of music from the sidelines. She attended a school that specialised in creative subjects, but studied art and avoided music completely. “My mom had me do a violin lesson, and the lady told her, ‘Claire will never be able to play the violin, she’s too bad.’” It wasn’t until university in Montreal, when she was hanging out with friends – they were in bands, and one coerced her into singing backing vocals – that she began to suspect her music teacher might be wrong. “It was much easier than I thought to hit the notes. Later on I got one of my friends to show me how to use Garageband so I could start recording myself.” Out of those sessions came her 2010 Dune-referencing cassette-only debut Geidi Primes, released via Arbutus Records, the label that formed a cornerstone of the Montreal synthpop scene in which Boucher had been socialising. By 2011 she had released a second album and toured with Swedish singer Lykke Li, before signing to British indie 4AD in 2012 and releasing Visions.

Despite being managed by Jay Z’s entertainment corporation Roc Nation since 2013, Boucher did pretty much everything on Art Angels herself. It was a decision partially motivated by the treatment she receives in the male-dominated world of recording studios, but she also wants to draw attention to a more insidious male influence in the music industry.

“It’s of interest that we never hear anything where no men were involved,” she says. “But we hear things where no women were involved. [My album] was mixed and mastered by a man. There’s one mastering engineer who is a female, Emily Lazar. I don’t know any female mixers,” she says.“The whole record was produced, engineered, written, performed by a woman, which is pretty rare. I don’t know if I ever heard a record like that, fully, with vocals on and stuff.”Even so, Art Angels doesn’t need all-female production to qualify as one of the most innovative and interesting records of the decade so far: it looks as though Grimes will be among the most brilliant musicians of her generation regardless. Sigh.Art Angels is released on 6 November on 4AD

Imagine playing a survival horror game where instead of being a gritty reporter or a single parent or a tortured soul with amnesia, you’re a cat. You live in a haunted house, and  it is your job to defend your human/s from harm. 

Instead of weapons, you fight with your claws. You jump, you twist, and your meows and hisses have different abilities. But if you make TOO much noise, your human/s hush you, and you can’t continue with your assault until they’ve left you be. 

There are various spirits and some are helpful. Ghost mice give you life, ghost crickets give you information, and a former Guardian cat is your guide. You have to succeed where your predecessor failed- finding the source of the haunting and getting rid of it. 

And if you don’t succeed, your human dies, and you are left alone. 



 Angel of music, guide and guardian,                                                            grant to me your glory.                                                                                Angel of music, hide no longer. 

 Come to me, strange Angel!