The Great Smog

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The insectoid with the transparent flesh continued it’s search around the islands. It wasn’t used to not being in it’s formless state. It couldn’t see everything, and it was unpleasant. It needed to know where Gasmoxia’s royals were, and it wanted to know it now. It didn’t like almost clean air of Earth. 

It paused when it saw the piranha. Quick, it had to think of something to say!

<Greetings, strange being.>” It spoke in it’s native language. “<Have you seen another other creepy little things that slightly resemble me? If you have, please let me know!>” In it’s voice, many different pitches and tones could be heard, as if it had multiple voices coming from it at once.


London, 1952 … The city get covered in thick fog. These aren’t scenes from a horror hollywood movie.

The big fog of 1952 was actually a major air pollution event that happened in London during December 1952. A combination of cold weather and no wind situation caused airborne particles – mostly coal – to form a thick layer of fog around the city. It lasted for five days and then vanished when the weather changed.

Although it caused disruption due to the effect on visibility, even going into households, It was not counted as a major event at the time. Evidently, after the event, It seemed around 4000 people died prematurely and 100,000 more became sick due to the polluted fog’s effects on the respiratory tract.

Most of the fog’s victims were very young children, elderly or had former problems with the respiratory tract.

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Something didn’t seem right about Earth’s newest visitor. As if it was yet another creepy alien. Yes, it was another Gasmoxian, but this one had a much more eerie appearance. It glanced around it’s surroundings using it’s five eyes, as it thought to itself. So much of it’s ‘children’ had left the world it watched over, and it grew worried. It had been years since it had to force itself into a physical form, but it felt like it needed to.

It continued roaming around, looking for one of it’s so-called children, when it had noticed Turba. Strange. It didn’t expect a terpoial to be on such a planet… and still be living, for that matter.


Xylitol was walking, using a pair of it’s arms to hold up it’s veil so it could stare into the sky. It missed being one with the air, but it was refreshing to walk in it’s physical form, even if it was spending it’s time wandering the Earth, a planet that did not impress it in the slightest.

While it was walking, it was too lost in it’s own thoughts that it ended up tripping over it’s own legs. It flailed it’s four arms while it struggled to get up. “<Well, this is just great!>” It yelled in it’s own language. Oh well, not like it was going to end up getting the attention of anyone else, right?

{Meet the Muse}

⎨the basics⎬

➥legal name: Xylitol
➥nickname/alias: The Smog
➥birthday: December 25
➥birthplace: Gasmoxia
➥gender | species: Genderless | ???
➥pronouns: It/its
➥sexual orientation: Pansexual/panromantic
➥spoken languages: Gasmoxian, a bit of English

⎨a history lesson⎬

➥education: N/A
➥occupation: Overseer of Gasmoxia
➥living conditions growing up: Not very good
➥criminal record: Theft, assault, sacrifice, kidnapping


➥parents: Deceased
➥siblings: Deceased
➥relationship status: Single
➥children: It considered the whole Nitros clan to be it’s children
➥best friend(s): Nitros Cellulose
➥pets: None
➥rivals: None
➥enemies: None, yet.

⎨let’s get physical⎬

➥character’s build: Small, skinny
➥height: 4′8″
➥hair colour: N/A
➥eye colour: Green
➥body modifications: None
➥scars/birthmarks: None
➥powers/abilities: Can turn formless on a whim, has some control over the air
➥restrictions: Power is limited when outside of Gasmoxia
➥physical or mental illnesses: Unknown
➥addictions: None

⎨the juicy stuff⎬

➥vice: lust / greed / gluttony / sloth / pride / envy / wrath
➥virtue: chastity / temperance / charity / diligence / forgiveness / humility /kindness
➥religion: None
➥alignment:  Lawful Evil
➥hogwarts house: Slytherin
➥element: Air

Xylitol Playlist

(( here’s all I have for now for a playlist for Xylitol.))

Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Metallica - Sad But True
The Living Tombstone - Die In A Fire (G Major)
Katy Perry - Dark Horse (G Major)
Crash Twinsanity - Tikimon (G Major/Slowed/Reversed)
Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast