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Please could you recommend some fashion reading material? Books, articles etc. on fashion journalism, good biographies and books on fashion. Thank you.

for anything article or online related i don’t have much to offer since i’m very lazy so: business of fashion and occasionally i like paper and dazed (to past time tbh) but a list of hardcopy media that i’ve enjoyed, i hope the list suffices:


  • refusing fashion by mocad
  • the golden age of haute couture by claire wilcox
  • ysl’s studio by jeromine savignon
  • extreme beauty by harold koda
  • russian elegance by yefimova & aleshina (when i was really into history lfmesidujfgmk……………)
  • the master of us all (balenciaga) by mary blume (my recent favourite, i highly recommend if one is interested in general histories of fashion, paris, ww ii)
  • fashion philosophy by lars svendse (philosophy is much more exciting when you read it as a hobby)
  • dior by dior by christian dior (i read this before i started working at dior, its wonderful)
  • the culture of fashion by christopher breward
  • (un)fashion by tilbot kalman (cultural perspective of fashion as a global norm in different countries, verrrry good!!)
  • a memoir by grace coddington
  • ALT, a memoir by andre leon talley
  • dries van noten:inspirations
  • alber elbaz ‘lanvin, by pascal design



Flowers for the Genius!

John Galliano,Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell ,Gisele Bündchen, Amber Valletta

The Golden Age of the House Christian Dior 1996-2011(March 01)

 for Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2007

July 01,2007


Christian Dior by John Galliano

Spring/Summer 2008 Advertising Campaign

with Jessica Stamm , Coco Rocha and Kasia Struss

Photographed by  Graig McDean

Styled by  Alexis Roche

The Golden Age of the House  Christian Dior 1996-2011(March 1)

Part 1

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The golden age of haute couture: John Galliano’s Diorient express, autumn/winter 1998 Christian Dior haute couture.