The Game Dreams

I had a surreal dream where MC is some ethereal deity wandering around other places teaching people who have actual magic flowing through their veins how to better utilize it. Vesuvia was simply supposed to be another pit-stop for them, but certain people invoking a demon to kill Lucio catches their attention so they stay and investigate on their own time. However, whatever ritual the culprit(s) is/are using is also affecting the city (hence the Red Plague and why doctors and magicians were summoned to the palace). MC eventually figures out what’s happening/who’s responsible and goes to stop it, but Asra, not knowing their intentions tries to stop them (cause it has to do with the count and whatnot which makes it dangerous). And whatever magic spell they’re using to seal the demon and stop the Red Plague gets interrupted by the culprit(s) and Asra causing a counter-intuitive/counter-productive spell which doesn’t get rid of the demon spirit but confines it to the palace. And because of the sheer power of MC’s magic, certain people’s memories are wiped and locked away.


It’s been good to see you. I imagine the next time will be across a battlefield. We both saw what just happened, we both saw that thing. Yes, and I’m not looking forward to seeing more of them. But I’m loyal to the Queen and you’re loyal to Sansa and her dolt brother.

  • Mat: I'm making dinner tonight, you guys should come over.
  • Joseph: Okay, sure, yeah.
  • Mat: I'm making spaghetti and meatballs.
  • Robert:
  • Damien: [glancing at Robert] Don't.
  • Robert: Swaghetti and memeballs.
  • Mat: You're uninvited.
  • Robert: That's fair.