The Game Dreams


Avengers -Civil War-

I planned to draw something like this long time ago.

And here is my fantasy about some Marvel’s fighting game inspired by Arc System’s Guilty Gear Xrd.

I am a big fan of fighting games and Capcoms ‘Marvel vs.’ series and Guilty Gear.

But i dont really like how modern Capcom’s fightigs look like and music that they choose.

But Guilty Gear Xrd is like a dream game!

The graphics and music are amazing!

So, I realy hope, that one day someone in Disney will decide to bring back Marvel fighting games and choose Arc System to make it!

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Hey guys, I wrote some asks for the series because I had some spare time. I’m just gonna leave these here… Feel free to add more! 

Spring Court: Where do you go to relax?

Summer Court: Did you play any sports as a child, and if so, which ones?

Autumn Court: What is your earliest memory?

Winter Court: Describe your favorite season without naming it.

Dawn Court: What was your most recent dream?

Day Court: What outdoor activities do you enjoy?

Night Court: What is your favorite quote?

Feyre: Who is your favorite artist? Which piece of their work do you enjoy most?

Nesta: Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of?

Elain: What is your favorite hobby?

Tamlin: Which aspect of your life do you wish you could have more control over?

Lucien: What is your biggest regret?

The Suriel: Do you believe in destiny or fate? Why or why not?

Rhysand: What’s your favorite Soulmate AU?

Morrigan: If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

Cassian: How would you describe your group of friends in real life or online in 5 words?

Azriel: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Amren: What scares you the most?

Velaris: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Hewn City: What is your guilty pleasure?

Andrew says 'I love you'

- Andrew says I love you to Neil but never in the form of words. He says I love you with a thousand actions & gestures.
- Andrew says I love you with his eyes when he looks at Neil like he’s the only interesting thing in a disengaging world.
- He says I love you whenever he gives Neil a chance where he would’ve viciously cut anyone else off for even trying.
- He says I love you when he makes him a duplicate key for his car and identical bands for his arms. He says I love you when he allows himself to fall asleep next to Neil despite that ever-present & prickling sense of anxiety that stirs inside him whenever there’s too much proximity to another person.
- He says I love you when he chooses to share anything about the nightmare that has been his life, even if it’s always vague & leaves Neil all flustered & speechless.
- He says I love you when he chooses to invest in Neil. 
- He says I love you when he sometimes lets Neil touch his jaw or face. When he indulges Neil’s ‘unattractive neck fetish’ and feels shivers ripple through his body at the contact.
- Andrew says I love you in the form of gasps when he lets Neil run his hands across his bare skin for the first time.
- Andrew says I love you when he hangs on to every word that comes out of Neil’s mouth with knuckles tight, even if he couldn’t care less. He says I love you because Neil is music and everyone else is static.
- He says I love you when he grazes every inch of lacerated flesh on Neil’s body. He says I love you everytime he stands up for Neil when someone’s giving him a hard time. Even that caustic death glare and that callous twist of the knife is for Neil’s benefit. (It’s usually Kevin who gets almost gutted.)
- He says I love you when he lets Neil stop him from acting out on his more violent impulses. When he trusts Neil to be enough. When he lets Neil be his bridge between the smokescreens of his black & grey world & everyone else’s more colorful one.
- Andrew says I love you everytime he tells Neil he hates him, even though he does probably hate him a little bit, for being the exception, the anomaly. For letting him get under his skin like nobody ever has and nobody else ever will.
- Andrew says I love you in a thousand bruisingly hot kisses, in every fervent roll of the tongue, in a promise bitten into Neil’s chest, in fingers twisted in hair, in a name called quietly in the night like a curse like a prayer. 


The Game - Dreams



A country of 8 000 000 people, almost destroyed by wars, demonized with propaganda and shit like that, and always SO SUCCESSFUL in SPORT… GOD DAMN, WE ROCK!