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Also, Azriel & 39

Azriel + secret: 

I think Azriel tends to keep the things he loves and cares for secret. His passions are buried deep, even if they’re simple things like his favourite book or a piece of music he could listen to over and over and over again, they’re not things he broadcasts about himself. I think Azriel keeps secrets without ever really realising that he’s keeping secrets. He just doesn’t really tell people details about himself. But he doesn’t really realise that he’s keeping them secret he just…doesn’t talk much about himself. 

I think top of the list for things that Az keeps hidden are lovers. You don’t get into bed with Azriel without understanding that this is going to be something that very, very few people ever know about. It’s something for him that’s intensely private and personal and he doesn’t talk about it, not even to his inner circle family. 

Azriel I think plays a very long game with lovers. It’s a dance that’s draw out over a few weeks and sometimes even months (or centuries in the case of moriel) it takes time to build up, even if it’s an affair that only lasts a night, Azriel enjoys the slow burn of these things. And he also enjoys doing it without anyone else having any idea what’s going on. Even when they’re sitting together in a crowded room at Rita’s there’s still this air of mystery, this idea that no-one else knows. Azriel doesn’t like sharing his lovers. 

(another bonus moriel round because just try and stop me: I like the idea that when moriel finally happens (when not if dammit, leave me alone in my happy denial bubble) it happens quietly. Everyone excepted the world to tilt on its axis, new constellations of stars to align and for a three day party to tear up Velaris in honour of them finally giving in to each other. But I think I’d prefer it if it was quiet. This is something that’s just about them. The rest of the world has watched them watch each other for centuries, watched them dance around each other and avoid each other and take other lovers and ignore their feelings for their fears and insecurities. 

This is something that they don’t get to watch. This is quiet and intimate and sheltered and loving. This is the two of them nestled together in a little spot far away from everyone else where they can just be. This is gentle, connected sex that carries them through quiet nights. This is soft, sunlit mornings waking up in one another’s arms, skin to skin, nothing separating them any more and feeling right. This is chaste kisses in hidden corners. This is a love that flourishes in the shadows. This is a love that neither of them wants to share. This is the secret that they keep locked up safe in their hearts for as long as they can) 

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UH SO. Saw this post by @backliners wanting that one iconic True Detective scene but between Kevin and Andrew and uh. My hand slipped.

I had to flip the reference screenshots because Kevin rides shotgun.

It’s 1:49 am and it’s past my bedtim. And this sort of took over the other AFTG thing I was PLANNING on doing- and so maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow.

The only image in this series where I’m actually happy with Kevin’s face is the first one HAHA HAhafuck me.

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(sorry @neilskey for posting it while u sleep. you’ll get to wake up to it in the morning)

So the next night after the Eridan dream I had a brief dream involving Karkat, a video game stage, and Karkat getting assaulted by cats…. I woke up about then.

I think it was connected to how I’d been playing the flash games with Meenah, but it all combined into something weird…

(also bonus points if you can figure out the cameos I made with some of the cats. It’s not all of them though. )

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And anyone else that wants to do this~

1. Name/Alias: Sly (Fletcher for people I’m close with calling me that)
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3: Zodiac Sign: Gemini
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8. Favorite artist: Studio Killers, Melanie Martinez, Ghost Town, Mariana And The Diamonds, Troye Sivan, Mystery Skulls
9. Last movie watched: Uhhhh I actually can’t sit through movies so.
10. College: Yes
11. Dream job: Game Developer ofc. I’m already working on the one about gay werewolves Traditional Monsters of Folklore being heroes instead of the villains.
12. Meaning behind url: He’s Young(ish) and short and has a baby face, hence Youngster, and he’s a yakuza, hence Yakuza.


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