Your Thoughts Are The Loudest, Part iii | Barry Allen x Reader

Part three, here we go! I always thought having telekinesis and telepathy would be super cool, so this is my interpretation of what that would be like!

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Prompt: After the particle accelerator explodes, you go missing. Barry, upon waking from his nine-month coma, doesn’t like this at all.


“The explosion damaged my hearing, so I tried to get to the hospital on my own since my phone died. On my way there, I passed out. The rest, the reason I was gone, I can’t tell you. But it wasn’t anything bad, I’m perfectly fine. I just need this hearing aid.” You tapped your Thought Aid carefully in acknowledgment, watching your friend’s faces morph sympathetically.

“And, um, why can’t you tell us?” Eddie, Iris’ boyfriend inquired.

Barry smiled, for once covering for you instead of vice-versa,”She’s an agent. She works at the precinct too, but sometimes she’s called to help out… somewhere. Even I don’t know.” Barry chuckled, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. You smiled back at him, pulling the strings of your hoodie as you winked at him,”It’s classified.”

“Oh. Well, I’m Eddie, Iris’s boyfriend.” Eddie extended his hand, and you shook it firmly, establishing what kind of person you were,” I’m Y/N L/N, Barry’s girlfriend.” You echoed. He catches the fresh injuries on your knuckles, pointing them out,” What are those from?”

Iris sighs, picking up your hand,”Did you get in another fight?” She examined the large red scrapes, shaking her head.

“No, I just—” Barry cut you off,” Y/N…” He said sternly. You glared at him subtly; he knew exactly where you got hurt, how, and why. Rough training at S.T.A.R Labs.”I was training with a punching bag. My bandages weren’t secure, and I ended up scraping them on the surface. I’m okay, Iris.” It wasn’t far from the truth, it was during training. But instead of a punching bag, it was Barry (which many would consider the same thing) and his super speed.

“Well, make sure you bandage these, please. And be careful; you get hurt so easily.” Iris pats your knuckles gently, smiling that gleaming smile,” And we’re all glad to have you back.” She giggled. You leaned in for a hug, and she accepted,”Glad to be back, Iris.” You smiled.

You squeezed her once before retreating, folding your hands into the pockets of your clothing.” So, um, is there anything else we should know about? With your whole… situation? Because after Barry got struck by lightning, there were some strange side effects.” Iris chuckled, tapping her nails against her to-go cup of coffee.

You exchanged a look with Barry, and he smiled awkwardly,” I’m- um, mood swings, migraines, uh, that kind of thing.” He explained. You nodded slowly,” Oh, yeah… you mentioned that.” You made it clear to him that he did not mention it, although you were sure it wasn’t true.

“I get really bad headaches sometimes. Crowds just… get to me.” You answered, scratching your cheek. The flow of the conversation altered, and you ended up zoning out as Barry and Iris told Eddie a story of their childhood. At the moment, your TA was dialed a third of the way to max, so the whispers were minimal but stronger than they would be if you were in ST.A.R Labs. Cisco discovered that certain types of metals the building was made out of dulled your abilities.

You scratched just below the TA’s piercing, focusing on the odd hum everything around you gave off. Iris and Eddie gave off the average vibrational frequency for a human, and you were pretty sure you were below average if anything. Barry, on the other hand, was insane. Although you couldn’t see it, he was vibrating at a rate you couldn’t comprehend. It hurt your head focussing on his presence, so you opted for focussing on your surroundings.

Outside Jitters, where you had met up, you could sense the lives of many weaves in and out of your range of psychic vision. Businessmen hurriedly strode down the cement, a woman waited for her date to pick her up, a little boy offered a homeless man his food. You dared to turn your TA’s dial just a little further, and found your range extend to behind the building across the street. There, three— no, four people were… fighting?

HELP! Please! Help me! SOMEONE!

The coffee in front of you exploded in all directions, styrofoam and coffee sticking to your clothing. You jolted out of your trance by Barry’s voice, wiping down the front of your shirt with a napkin,”Hey, are you alright?” He questioned. You stood from your chair, everyone in the coffee shop exchanging confused chatter.

“I’ll be right back.” You promised him, laying your hand on his chest reassuringly. Barry watched you walk off, the doors to Jitters opening without a push of your hands. Exchanging a look with Iris, he gave a nod,” I’m gonna go see what’s wrong.”

You crossed the street, tuning yourself to find the woman’s voice again. She was crying now, and it hurt your chest. You pushed away your telekinetic thoughts, pushing your fighting instincts to the front of your mind. You were an agent who worked for an organization that sought after aliens (much like the DEO from Supergirl), you had been training and fighting for most of your life. Hopefully, you had this.

You stepped into the alleyway, disgusted with what you saw. Chest heaving with adrenaline, you hoped you were as threatening as you intended to be,” Stop touching her.” You order. Three men had a woman against the wall. You pulled your badge from your jacket and extended it for them to see,”I’ll say it again…”

They failed to release her, muffling her screams with their hands. The tallest paused, staring back at you.”You won’t arrest us.” He said snootily.” Not yet.” You answered, and kicked him square in the chest. He flew off the woman and into a puddle, splashing murky water in every direction. Rain began to titter against your jacket steadily, and with it, came a whole new sense of power.

One of the other two had a bat, and he reeled back and swung at you as hard as possible. The other one worked at helping the tallest up and keeping the girl to the wall. Grunting as you ducked from the swing, you lurched forward, tackling the bat-crazy one into his companion. This blow temporarily winded both of them, and you punched the first right in the face.

Your jacket was grabbed, pulling you off of him. With a start, you slid out of your jacket and kicked him as hard as you could where it counted. He crumbled, and you made sure to step on the tallests hand as you swooped to pick up your only pair of handcuffs. You applied them to them to the tallest, guessing he was the leader, and stared back into the entrance of the alleyway.

Barry stood there, Iris and Eddie behind him.” You have a spare pair of handcuffs?” You asked Eddie, nodding to the other two criminals. Eddie nodded slowly, and you fell to comfort the woman.”Are you okay?” You asked. She nodded, a happy whimper escaping her. She engulfed you in a hug, and you accepted full-heartedly,”Thank you.” She whispered.

Later, as you watched Joe put the three in two cop cars, Barry leaned against your side,”How did you know they were back there?” He wondered. You shrugged, smiling at him,”My sixths sense for danger.”

Sighing, you looked back to the woman, who was explaining her encounter to another police officer. She caught your eyes, smiling thankfully. You nodded, beaming softly in response. Returning your gaze to Barry’s, he noticed your proud grin and mirrored it, laughing.” That’s it, you are so superhero material.”

“I’m no sidekick, Barry Allen.” You smirked, crossing your arms. Barry nodded, looking down at his feet,”No, you’re right. Maybe not side-kick material, but partner material… and that’s a whole new thing.” Barry noticed you had started walking away, so he jogged to catch up with you, scooping your hand in his,”Hey, all I’m saying is—” Barry stumbled to find the right words,”You saved that girl. You went out of your way to stop something bad from happening to her.”

You paused at the sidewalk, staring up at Barry with a self-accomplished nod,” I did.” You agreed,” And The Flash would get a lot more done if… (Your Superhero name) helped him…” You emphasized, playing with his fingers. Barry cocked his head to the side, pursing his lips in thought,” I like it. The Flash and Y/SH/N.”

You pointedly raised your index finger to his face, sternly glaring,” But I am not a sidekick.” Barry held a laugh between his teeth, biting his lip to silence it. Freeing his lip, he nodded in agreement,”S/N and The Flash sounds better anyway.” You nudged him with your elbow playfully,”Damn right it does!”

Laughing together, Barry collected your lips in his. You trailed it as he pulled away, and with that, he looked around for any watching eyes. Seeing none, he scooped you up and ran off, your laughter echoing with the wind in his ears.

With your return came everyone you knew, flooding into your workplace, your apartment, even at S.T.A.R Labs once (you were pretty sure the guy that visited had a crush on you). Everyone wanted your attention, and sure, it was nice, but after a while, it became a hassle. Everyone wanted to see you, know you were okay, and yet after awhile the only reason you weren’t was the constant visitors. And you had heard enough voices lately.

Mostly, while you were gone, you were in hiding in the woods. Not many went to the forest near Central City, and it was a safe distance away. You couldn’t hear any voices there, and every time one became even remotely present you would retreat further in. You found ways to get food from the city, mostly involving paying strangers to go out and buy you whatever you could afford. You tried Barry’s phone over and over again, but after a squadron of police tracked your phone and brought with them loud, loud noises and voices, you ditched and from then on everyone assumed you had been kidnapped and taken into the woods.

Not once in this time did your telekinesis appear, but you did notice that whenever you awoke, your belongings and everything in the vicinity would have shifted from where they were the day before.

And during this time, the only thing you could think about was Barry Allen. His face, his voice, him. It kept you sane in an odd way. And yet, as soon as you get back, soon as you get control, you’re too swarmed to see him. Your only escape came at home, in his apartment, which Barry confessed he didn’t stay at often since it was so quiet.

This silence, he liked a lot more.

Your chest expanded as you inhaled, falling as you exhaled. The soft, even beat of your breathing was welcomed in contrast to the distant sound of neighbors and the apartments inner homely systems (he swore the place was haunted, but it was just a pipe in need of replacing). The heating system turned on, muffling the sound of the rain outside.

He pressed a kiss to your shoulder, wondering if you’d had to sleep out in the rain, or if you found shelter. Nine whole months you were out there, and yet, with him, you were the same person. You still scratched your cheek when you were feeling awkward, still stuttered when you caught him staring, still listened to music before you went to bed. Your eyes were the same color he fell in love with, and your voice still took on that certain tone around him. You were still you.

But Barry began to notice little changes that made his chest hurt. You jumped at overly loud noises, particularly voices. You were smaller in size, losing a lot of needed fat and muscle while you were gone. You didn’t like crowds or small spaces, and you certainly preferred staying inside. You stood a little closer to him while you were in public, and you were more sensitive to touch.

Gradually, your fire was rekindling.

You initiated a kiss that morning, the ones you gave him to boost his confidence. You did that thing, where while you stood beside him, you folded your hand into the back of his jeans and pulled him a little closer. He was tentative when it came to touching you, as you would sometimes jolt or even yelp if he startled you. And yet, despite your smaller form and how easily you could be surprised, your legs tingled with electricity. He saw the energy flicker within your pupil yesterday, upon being suddenly frustrated. You were powerful.

You balled your fist tighter in his hand, making a sleepier version of your indignant expression. It was cute, as your nose scrunched and your lips pursed adorably in irritation. You talked in your sleep sometimes too. And on the bad nights, when he couldn’t sleep, he’d listen to your murmurings. Bundling the sheets you had fisted in your other hand, you pulled them higher over your bodies, pressing your back tightly against his chest. You whispered something Barry couldn’t discern, so he tried communicating.

“Huh?” He muttered in your ear, smiling to himself.” Bar.” You sighed in your sleep, curling so his arm was tighter around you. He hummed into your skin, the silver lights of the building across the street cutting through the window and into the darkness of your bedroom. He beamed; the sigh you gave was almost dreamy, despite you dreaming currently.

“I love you,” Barry whispered. You pulled his and your arm to your chest, muttering something that sounded like a possessive,” Mine!”. Barry chuckled, biting his lip to withhold laughter. It settles in his chest, evening out and pooling to the rest of his body like the effects of a pill— a happy pill. He kisses your shoulder blade and rests his cheek there, content, as he finally allows himself to sleep.

His sleep is dreamless, which is a gift considering how many times he’s re-lived bad memories. The morning arrives in a blur, and not once does he awake again in the night. Neither do you, and the nightmares, the sounds of voices assaulting your mind never come. When Barry finally registers it’s the next morning, your presence is gone. He pats across the bed, searching for you, catching the edge of your sheet in his fingers. He tugs, and you pull it back. Barry feels up the blanket, and yet its curve is not your waist, but simply air as the blanket hangs from something.

Barry sighs, rubbing at his eyes. When his pupils adjust to the lighting the room provides, his eyes expand; caught between awe and shock as he stares at you.

You, floating above him, your nose grazing the ceiling of the apartment.

Chuckling, nervously, you pull the sheet tighter around your suspended from,” Barry?” You call, tone unreadable. He whispers your name in shock, the invisible energy rippling around your form pulling you, and many other things around the room through the air. His water from earlier was now floating over your bed, the glass cup not far behind as it sent odd shadows over his face. Your bedside lamp was anchored by its cord connected to the outlet, but floated just beneath your fingers. The mirror on the wall was flipping upward, trying to follow the magnetic attraction coming from his girlfriend. Coming from you.

You speak again now, voice audibly ecstatic; you know why this is happening, but ask regardless,”When did the ceiling get so close?”

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Hi! Your art is too lovely, it always makes me smile❤️ Do you think you could try to draw Jesse Quick and Harry Wells (earth-2 Harrison Wells), just bein' cute and happy and family and together? Anyways, keep up the good work, you have so much talent😊

father daughter coffee dates where he rarely gets a word in but IS PERFECTLY CONTENT REGARDLESS