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This anon’s second request for the expression challenge!

Do you ever just cry thinking about how Neil Josten is probably the first person to look at Andrew Minyard like he is a human and not some rabid dog that’s incapable of feeling anything bc I do

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So how would all of them panthom thieves react if their S/O ( a persona user too) got hurt for protceting them against a very porwerful shadow (like jumping in front attack meant for them) ?

That shadow would not live to see another second. I didn’t include Crow because he’s technically not a Phantom Thief, but if you want him added, let me know! Thank you for the ask!

Edit: I forgot to add gifs because I’m a big dummy, so here’s the revision!


  • This would be the one time he loses his composure. He would immediately heal them but he would break out in a cold sweat while doing so. The rest of the team covers for him while he patches up their wound. He would not hesitate to issue an order to switch them out with someone else, even if they still wanted to fight.
  • Joker silently faces the shadow, and if the look in his eyes didn’t kill it then his most powerful attacks will have to do the job.
  • He becomes more reckless trying to ensure that the shadow suffers a hundred times the amount of pain that s/o did. He forgets to heal himself so that’s left up to the rest of the team.
  • The battle’s over shortly, and he hastily rushes over to their side.
  • “Are you all right?”
  • They reassure him that they’re fine, and he nods in response. The team is exhausted, so everyone decides to pack up and head home. Joker doesn’t take his eyes off his s/o for the entirety of the trip back to reality, and then he escorts them to Leblanc for some coffee.
  • “Thank you, by the way.” He sets the freshly brewed coffee in front of them. “And I’m sorry. As the leader I’m supposed to protect my teammates, and I failed.”
  • “Even you can’t do everything by yourself,” they said. “Let us protect you once in a while.”
  • Akira smiled sweetly and nodded. He never once left their side until he reluctanly had to send them home.


  • He was taken by surprise when they shoved him out of the way. He was even more speechless as he watched them hit the ground with so much force. He abruptly rushes over, and his panic causes him to trip over himself as he desperately tries to approach them. 
  • “You okay?! Say somethin’, dammit!”
  • He fumbles around his pockets for healing items and practically jams a Muscle Drink down their throat. Once he’s sure they’re okay he returns to battle, more violent than ever.
  • “You son of a bitch!”
  • The blows from a shotgun, accompanied by Skull’s profane shouting, reverberated throughout the room. After the battle, he’s at their side in an instant and helping them stand.
  • “Don’t do somethin’ so reckless ever again. ‘Kay?”
  • His arm is pasted around them for the rest of the journey home.


  • She was fuming when they suddenly pushed her to the ground.
  • “Hey! What gives?!”
  • She noticed the gash on their chest and felt all the color drain from her face.
  • “Oh my god…”
  • Ignoring everything else, she crouches down to her s/o and utilizes Carmen’s healing ability. She strokes their cheek and silently trudges back to battle.
  • “…Carmen.” 
  • The shadow is engulfed in powerful flames, and it doesn’t take long until it disintegrates from the scalding licks of fire. Panther then dashes to her now standing s/o, their mouth agape as they stared at her in awe.
  • “What?” Panther asks, a faint blush creeping on her cheeks.
  • “That was really hot,” they replied.
  • Panther retaliated with a light smack on their shoulder and then proceeded to pout.
  • “It’s not funny! You really had me worried!”
  • Regardless of her ‘anger’, Panther still laced her fingers with her s/o’s, and the two regrouped with their fellow thieves.


  • Fox would be severely injured at this rate. His agility was second to none but the blows he did receive were potent. Just as the shadow was ready to strike again, Fox felt a pair of hands shove him away, and by the time he turned around to observe what happened his s/o was already unconscious on the ground.
  • “No!”
  • The shadow was relentless as it struck at Fox yet again. In the blink of eye, the shadow fell to the ground. Slowly, Fox turned to the helpless shadow that was now pleading for its life. A sadistic grin tugged at the corners of Fox’s lips.
  • “And the curtain falls.”
  • When he sheathed his katana the shadow dissipated, and the battle was over. Fox heard coughing behind him and redirected his attention back toward his s/o. He threw himself to the ground next to them and held them in his arms.
  • “Are you all right?”
  • They nodded weakly.
  • “That was very foolish of you. How could you be so careless?” They dropped their head apologetically. Fox sighed.
  • “I apologize as well. Had it not been for my own impetuousness you would not have needed to shield me.”
  • His s/o took Fox’s free hand and kissed it. “Don’t be sorry, I wanted to protect you.” They glanced over at the nearby sketchbook.
  • Fox followed their gaze and eyed his drawing. 
  • “Perhaps we should take our art study ‘date’ to a more secure location.”


  • Even though Queen was tough as nails, she wasn’t invulnerable. She had become fatigued from using so much energy and her movements became slower. If she suffered a critical hit, she wasn’t sure if she could muster enough energy to heal herself. 
  • As the shadow swung at her, she saw her s/o leap right in front of her. The impact was enough to knock the couple down. 
  • Queen pried herself out from under her s/o to get a better look at their injuries. They weren’t fatal, but they weren’t exactly minor either. Queen manifested first aid from her pocket and gently assisted her s/o while the sounds of battle echoed behind her. She stood up as soon as she finished.
  • “Wait here. I need to take care of something first.”
  •  S/o grabbed Queen’s wrist and rose. “I’m coming too.”
  • “Don’t be ridiculous. You’re staying here.”
  • “Please,” s/o pleaded.
  • Queen hesitated for a moment before averting her gaze from them and abruptly summoning Johanna.
  • “Hop on.”
  • S/o smiled and did as they were told. Even though they were still wounded, they could still operate their gun. They squeezed Queen’s waist.
  • “Ready when you are… my Queen.”
  • She felt her face heat up upon hearing the nickname. 
  • “Charge, Johanna!”
  • Their teammates jumped out of the way as the duo approached the shadow, the sound of gunshots ringing in their ears. Their combo attack had defeated the weakened shadow. A moment of silence followed.
  • “Damn…” Skull’s voice pierced through the quiet. “Those two are scary.”


  • It was just their luck to encounter a flying shadow. The beast kept swatting at Necronomicon instead of paying attention to the thieves that were on the ground shooting bullets at it. The shadow finally managed to land a hit, and both the Persona and its inhabitant crashed to the ground.
  • Necronomicon faded away, leaving an exposed and vulnerable Oracle. The shadow procured its claws and was getting ready to swing. Oracle feebly attempted to shield herself, but the impact never came.
  • “Huh? Is it game over?” 
  • She dropped her arms to discover her s/o clutching their stomach, blood painted all over their thief outfit.
  • “N-no… hang on, I can fix this! Mona, take over for me!” 
  • Oracle once again summoned her Persona and briskly tapped away on the keyboard-like holograph. S/o had collapsed at this point, and they were gradually losing consciousness.
  • “Okay! That should do the trick. I’ll talk to you later.”
  • A wave of tranquility overcame s/o, and their broken skin had started to converge. Their attire had also repaired itself.
  • After the Phantom Thieves crushed their opponent, Oracle sped over to her newly revitalized s/o.
  • “I’m really sorry! You almost died because of me,” she said, her voice laden with guilt.
  • “You saved my life, Oracle. Thank you.”
  • They patted the hacker on the top of her head.
  • “E-eep! N-now I feel like I’m gonna die!” Oracle exclaimed with a face as red as her hair.


  • Noir had become quite accustomed to battle. However, she had her weaknesses too. The enemy hit her with a nuclear attack, and she instantly hit the ground with a cry of pain. Just as the shadow launched another nuclear attack at her, s/o swiftly hurled themself at the incoming fatality. They were brought to their knees. 
  • The shadow reared back once more to deliver the final hit. Dazed, Noir gathered the last portion of her strength.
  • “Milady!”
  • The Persona manifested, and the guns beneath her skirt fired instantaneously and brutally. When the shadow gave way and collided with the floor, it started to offer money and goods in exchange for its life.
  • Noir advanced toward it, dragging her ax behind her. 
  • “I will take… your life.”
  • She swung her ax down and split the shadow in two, causing it to fracture and turn to dust. Noir composed herself again, adjusted her hat, and made her way to her savior.
  • “Are you all right, my dear? You must be more careful.”
  • She wore a slight pout on her lips. S/o couldn’t help but grin. They procured a used Bead from their pocket and flaunted it as if it were a trophy.
  • “I had it covered,” they stated, provoking a sigh from Noir.
  • “You are quite the handful… but I’m glad that you’re safe. Thank you for saving me.”
  • Noir smiled bashfully, and s/o brought their forehead to hers, ignoring the gagging sounds that the rest of the group were producing. How could someone so cute simultaneously be so dangerous?


So we’re at the top university in the world. (Arguably.) And so are 20 thousand other people. But there are no more than ten in the riot club. The top ten. 

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Inheritance prompt 10 with the Uzumaki clan. >=)

Of course.

“Yeah, but it’s not a literal marriage, right? That’s insane, and probably illegal,” Sakura asked over the speakerphone while lining her eyes with black liquid until they were perfect wings.

“You’ll have to clear that up with the family in question. Those were the only lines pertaining to you in the will,” Kakashi droned on, likely reading something while he also spoke over speaker phone. “You’re meeting with them today, correct?”

“As soon as I hang up I’m heading on over there.”

Sakura pulled away from the mirror and blinked a few times. She liked the ritual of painting herself up if it was before something that made her nervous. A test was less stressful with the right lipstick. A job interview turned into a cakewalk with enough mascara. It was at times like these she missed Ino most.

“You need an escort?”

“You think I need one?” she laughed.

She looked like a princess but she knew no amount of make up would make her right hook any less lethal. Her phone slipped off the side of the vanity and started to fall. Before it could fall halfway she grabbed it also pinned the wet rollers that were starting to tip over the ledge. Her speed wasn’t anything to sneer at either. If she was one of Kakashi’s top students that should count for enough.

She heard his sigh on the other end and set her phone back down, making sure it was flat on the table top this time. “You’ll call after your meeting, otherwise I’ll show up on my own and make sure my favorite student’s not being forced into a literal child bride contract.”

“I’m hardly a child anymore.”

“Same difference to me.”

She changed out her studs for dangling earrings, almost finished. “Hey, you never know. I might end up taking advantage of the inheritance if they are cute.”

“You don’t even know who they are, or what they are.”

Sakura checked her hair once more in the mirror. It looked light and fluffy, perfect for a night in sock rolls. “Doesn’t matter to me. I’m heading out now. I’ll text you when I get more information.”

Kakashi sounded like he wanted to say more but she cut off the call and dumped her phone into her purse, keys already in hand.

The Uzumaki clan’s compound was actually pretty far north, up in the mountains where the hot springs were famous and roads were thin. The clan was pretty traditional from the sounds of it. They ran an inn famed for its own private hot springs that made it a local jewel for the village.

It took her over an hour to make it driving the way she did. Halfway there she knew she could never move so far north, she was too used to multi lane highways and plenty of space to speed on straight roadways.

She pushed her sunglasses up onto her head, pinning back her hair. She whistled low at the sight of the sprawling manor. Not bad if this was what she got to marry into. The idea still made her laugh. All her friends thought it was laughable as well, but a few had been concerned, taking it seriously.

If they’re really traditional they may stick to it,’ Hinata told her, speaking from personal experience.

Sakura’s plan had been to look as prissy as possible and be her usual self. That was sure to scare them off and make them want out of the deal as much as her. She wasn’t this old and still single without a reason.

On the first level there were stairs down to the restaurant part of the inn and stairs up to the rooms. A hallway led back to the springs. Sakura stopped at the receptionists desk and waved to the girl impeccably dressed like a woman straight out of history. ‘Cute.’

“Hello,” Sakura greeted, still cheerful and excited to see more of the inn before going back. “I’m Sakura Haruno. I have an appointment here I believe with Kushina Uzumaki.”

The woman nodded, wordless and opened the book to scan the list of names. She found one and glanced up at Sakura before reading whatever note had been beside the name. Sakura watched the girl swallow and stiffly raise her eyes again. “One moment, madam. I shall phone them now.”

Sakura grinned when she saw the old fashioned rotary phone that looked like it belonged back at the turn of the century. It was perfectly elegant, like so much of the inn.  Sakura took a step back and entertained herself with the wall art to give the girl the feeling of privacy while on the phone.

“Yes….yes, she is….is she-oh, um….yes, I think so. Of course. Yes.”

Sakura heard the ending of the call as the hand piece was returned to the cradle with a click. Sakura turned back around and waited to be addressed, noting a vein of nervousness in the woman’s posture now.

“Kushina Uzumaki is expecting you in the gardens. Follow this hallway out and turn left away from the springs.” The girl gave further instructs and Sakura thanked her for them before going off.

The hall seemed to go on forever. Sakura swore she saw that same ink painting on the wall before. It was so odd, because she knew she hadn’t turned left or right. There was something off about the hall.

She forced herself to stop and concentrate on her breathing. She felt her mental spirit mount with the determination to break through any spiritual barrier or illusion and opened her eyes again. She could see the end of the hallway but didn’t walk towards it. Cautiously, she turned on her heel and saw behind her a red fox.

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Neil wasn’t a fan of inebriants. He had a rocky relationship with alcohol at the best of times, and would characterise his acquaintance with any other form of drug to be downright hostile. Some of it was to do with what Andrew had done to him, before such things as trust and hate and an ever-increasing percentage. Most of it was from fear.

His mother had always told him that a man who couldn’t run was as good as dead. A man too drunk to stand or too high off his face to see the danger around him wouldn’t even feel the knife between his shoulder blades or the gun between his eyes before he was bleeding on the ground. The beating that followed a high school party stint when he was sixteen was harsh enough to ensure he would never forget that.

But things were different now. There was no danger here. At least, not enough that he had to be afraid all the time. Caution was in his nature, but he wasn’t alone anymore. He had Andrew, all the foxes, and the walls of fox tower itself between him and anyone who would wish to do him harm.

Sometimes, rarely, but sometimes, that was enough for him to let go.

Drinking wasn’t entirely foreign to him. He was no stranger to the buzz from a bottle of whiskey. Memories of a gas station bathroom, the pain of hastily done stitches, and his mother’s hoarse voice telling him to keep drinking while she pulled needle through skin, made sure of that. But drinking to excess, for the purpose of it, that was still strange.

He had to remind himself that he didn’t have to stop once he felt the heat in his cheeks, once his thoughts started to feel a little heavier, a little funnier. He had to remind himself that he had decided to do this, just tonight, because he wanted to.

Andrew slid the tumbler across the increasingly sticky table, elbowing Nicky in the stomach before the already drunk backliner could make a grab for it. Neil caught it and cradled it in his hand, watching the way the amber liquid sloshed around the glass. He smiled at it, at everything it represented.

“Drink your fucking whiskey, Neil,” Andrew said.

With a smirk and a wink, eyes locked with Andrew’s, Neil did.

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