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fox does a free for all: @ilithiyas moodboard for vilas from slavic mythology

vilas were the slavic version of nymphs. they were beautiful women who whenever shifted would only shift into the most beautiful creatures. often said to either live in the clouds or in the vast wilderness. powerful warriors who shook the earth when they fought.

Tiny Totem Test Take Two was a success! This little cutie has room for a “heart” (a stone, a chip of shell, or perhaps an acorn for her) up to half an inch long to be embedded in her base and sealed up inside. She’s approximately 2.5” tall, and 3” long including the tail. Her mask is cut from 3mm thick felt and embroidered, and the body is all needle felted wool—no armature. After I get a few more tests under my belt, I hope to debut these on Etsy with options for the kind of heart you’d like in each piece!

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This anon’s second request for the expression challenge!

Do you ever just cry thinking about how Neil Josten is probably the first person to look at Andrew Minyard like he is a human and not some rabid dog that’s incapable of feeling anything bc I do


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