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On the front cover of the new Mollie Makes magazine is a little doxie printed pillow that I immediately sewed and stuffed. He is adorable and now sitting on my side table. But then I wanted more, and after checking out etsy I found lots of pre-made kits… then I saw this adorable DIY on TFF! It’s fate. Once you check out the gorgeous pictures of Norway, scroll down and download the free pattern. I think once I’ve made one for myself I’ll make one for my cousin’s baby - perfect!

edit: In my excitement I forgot to add the link! All fixed!
Rose of Winter by pillowfight
Four handsome fantasy princes need to cross a mountain pass, and you, Rosemary, are the knight for the job!

Toby Fox gave a shout out to his colleague Magnolia who worked on Undertale. Her demo for “Rose of Winter” just launched, which he composed music for. Somehow I feel like Undyne would like this game…

DIY African Wax Print Sweatshirt Tutorial from The Felted Fox. I like refashioned sweatshirts and have posted lots of unique DIY sweatshirt restyles here.

The Felted Fox also posted this African Wax print pleated skirt pattern here with a link to Etsy sellers selling African print fabric. There is also a link to the DIY wrap crop top.

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So we’re at the top university in the world. (Arguably.) And so are 20 thousand other people. But there are no more than ten in the riot club. The top ten.