The Fat Girl's Guide to Life

For a long time now I’ve been defined as fat. It always really upset me but I’ve used that hurt and realised that there are worse things I could be called. Yes I’m overweight. Does that make me a better or worse person? No. My personality and traits are what define me.

No one can hurt you without your permission.

Self titled fat girl here hoping to give you a funny yet helpful look on the world and how to survive in it. So come with me as I stumble through the real world one heavy foot at a time.

xoxo - J

Fat Girl Talk Youtube Channel!!!

Hey Ladies of Tumblr

I am working on a new Youtube channel that is based on Fat Girls. Your lives, experiences, attitudes, style, and anything at all positive and negative that has happened or affected your life because you are fat.

I want this to be a super inclusive channel with different women participating in conversations in the comments and in the videos.

I want this channel to be done in a Google Hangout, with our first videos starting out as single topic discussions. Eventually I would like to have a girl who makes specifically fat positive clothing videos, like where to buy clothes, trend and outfit making. If there is a really talented seamstress, maybe we could get some DIY plus size clothing hacks or even guides to making your own clothes. I would also love someone to do makeup and hygiene videos.  

I think this will be a big undertaking and I don’t expect content to go up yet, but I would like to start meeting people who want to help and participate, behind the scenes or on camera! 

The first video I want to work on making is a “How I Realized I Was/Am Fat.” Or, something along those lines. 

In my mind this is a video based around three main questions.

1. What happened to make you realize you were fat? And, that fat was perceived as different or wrong. I have two major childhood experiences that come to mind when I ask myself this question, and I would love to learn of other experiences as well.

2. How did it affect you? With follow up questions like does it still affect you, how did you get over the potentially negative feelings about your body that this caused (if you ever got over them). and so on.

3. What do you wish had happened differently in your childhood to change the way this experience affected you? Or how would you explain this situation to a child today to help them deal with this type of experience?

If you have any feedback or suggestions, I WOULD LOVE THEM! 

I want four to five women to participate in a google hangout with me where we ask these questions, explain our experiences and discuss it together. 

If you are interesting in being in this video and participating in this conversation email me at

Also, if you have suggestions for content you want to create or want to see created for this channel send me an email please! 

ONE LAST THING - Please share this. Even if you aren’t interested in participating, I want this to get around to as many people as possible!