The Fame cover


BBC Radio 1 has uploaded the cover of David Bowie’s ‘Fame’ that The Killers performed earlier today in the Live Lounge.

You can also view The Killers’ Live Lounge performances of ‘The Man’ and ‘Mr. Brightside’.

The Train - Part Two

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 4100

Prompt: Y/N walks in, and Harry notices she’s wearing yellow again, this time it’s a yellow sweater with a pair of dark skinny jeans and brown ankle boots, her hair is pulled back into a pony tail with a white scrunchie with little smiling suns and he swears that he has to squint to look at her. “Oh! I know you-you’re the guy from the train,” Y/N beams, “Harry, right?” she sets down the tray of muffins.

“I didn’t tell you my name,” Harry snaps.

Y/N pouts, “well yeah, but I’m also not stupid,” she says.

“Are you joining us today Harry?” the man asked, “I’m Seth, I run the group.”

“Why else would I fucking be here,” Harry grumbled.

Y/N grabs a muffin, ignoring Harry’s sour attitude, “here, they’re made with love,” she smiled, holding out the blueberry muffin.

“Fuck off,” Harry says. He watches as her smile fades and the glint in her eyes seems to disappear, for a split second Harry feels like a dick, but then he realizes he doesn’t care and Y/N should just shove the muffin up her ass.

Part One

Harry felt empty.

Drinking seemed pointless and as did life. He found himself wishing he could be a part of crowds, go out and enjoy life, but he couldn’t. Every time he did force himself to go out he was counting down the seconds till he could be back in his own space. He felt as if her were drowning, as if he were sinking and everyone just happened to swim right by him. He felt like he was screaming for help, for someone, for anyone to just hold him, to just lay with him, but no one listened.

He had disconnected from everyone completely, shutting off his phone, not checking his emails, or even going on social media. The only time he left his house where for the meetings, anytime Seth could fit him in, and train rides. Each and every time he hoped Y/N would be there, but after three meetings he had given up.

Harry hadn’t showered in three days and he looked like it. He wondered if he smelled but he really didn’t care. He had no one to impress and at this point anything he did felt like a ten-mile race. He almost didn’t show up for group therapy because that meant getting out of bed and facing the reality that is life. The world that tells him what he’s feeling is all in his head and he needs to get over it and write more music. The world that tells him it’s okay to have a fever or break his leg, but the moment he feels alone and numb he needs to get over it. The world that wants Harry Styles but not Harry Styles.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm pretty new to the fandom and just found this blog like yesterday so could you give me like a brief explanation of what the guys are like/their personalities so I can get to know them just a little better? Thanks :)

First of all…WELCOME TO THE FANDOM. Hope this helps ya!! :)

♥ ♥ ♥

Daniel:“The Ray of Sunshine”-Daniel James Seavey is an 18 year old who first became famous from his time on the 14th season of American Idol. After losing the show, he started making YouTube covers and videos, growing a pretty big fan base, starting with the people who supported him on the show. He can also play like every instrument and is probably the sweetest person on this Earth.

Zach:“The Baby of the Group”-Zachary Dean Herron is a 16 year old who first gained fame from music covers and such. His cover of “Stitches” got over 10 million views in one week. He also released a single and did some collabs with other YouTubers that also became very popular. He isn’t very good at skateboarding but he sure takes our breath away with his other talents.

Jack Avery:“The Curly Haired One”-Jack Robert Avery is an 18 year old who became famous from his YouTube covers and social media. He released original music and also went on social media tours with other celebrities. He plays the guitar and the piano and is very handy with electronic looping machines and technology that he used in his covers. He also is handy at playing with my heart.

Jonah Marais:“The Tall One”-Jonah Marais Roth Frantzvich is the oldest of the group at 19 years old. He began his career by doing covers on social media. In time, he released his own original music and even went on multiple tours. He also became well known on the app YouNow which allowed him to do more things and get booked for more events. He looks tired a lot and he is quite slept on, but he’s my first draft pick to team Kay. (that’s me)

Corbyn Besson:“The Aesthetically Pleasing One”-Corbyn Matthew Besson is yet another 18 year old of the group. He first became famous as a YouNow broadcaster, quickly gaining 100,000 followers. He started playing guitar when he was a young teenager and has loved music ever since. As a solo artist, he released a single called “The Only One”. He is currently dating the famous YouTuber ‘BeautyChickee’ aka Christina Harris, who lives in New York. He is very artsy and is also the cutest lil bean.