A Joseb fanfiction

Joseph whimpered against Sebastian, practically melting in his lover’s embrace, a burning passion beginning to light up in his lower body.
“Mmm, Seb,” Joseph pleaded, desperation in his voice, “please, I’ve been such a bad boy.” A lustfully warped, even sadistic, smile formed upon Sebastian’s countenance as his hands scurried into the dark drawer of the nightstand just to the side of the bed. Joseph waited anxiously, admiring the masculine, yet tender features of Sebastian’s fingers as they searched further and further into the drawer.


Joseph’s warm breath caught in his throat as he watched his lover’s struggle come to an end as Sebastian, in a painfully slowly manner pulled the mysterious unknown object out of the bedside drawer.
Promptly after, Sebastian hurriedly revealed his copy of Bee Movie (Japanese edition) to Joseph. He leaned closer to Joseph and hotly, with anticipation edging in his voice, whispered, “Whadoya say? Wanna bee MY bad boy?” Joseph shoved Sebastian off his body. “I’m reporting you to the fucking police.”