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Feeling the Shift? Jupiter just went Direct. Everything you've been processing since February concerns issues of ambition, success, self-value, and all that inner expansion is going to start projecting outward since it's now direct! This should honestly feel like a weight has been lifted and a fall of release may come over you. Happy Shifting this full moon :)

Hackers just helped NASA save a treasure trove of climate data from an uncertain future

  • Roughly 200 programmers congregated Saturday in the Doe Library at the University of California, Berkeley, to take part in a hackathon focusing on NASA’s earth sciences programs and the Department of Energy.
  • Wired reported the group of coders had the common goal of saving data that could be deleted or otherwise tucked away under Trump.
  • Using web-crawler scripts and patching together data sets, the hackers were able to successfully preserve 8,404 web pages onto the Internet Archive — a digital library with a plethora of screenshots from websites — and download 25GB of data from 101 public datasets. Read more (2/14/17 3:06 PM)

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Dakota Access Pipeline could have oil flowing two weeks from now, builder says

  • The company responsible for constructing the contentious Dakota Access Pipeline said on Tuesday that oil could be flowing through the pipeline in as little as two weeks, defying earlier estimates for when the project could be completed.
  • ABC News reports that Energy Transfer Partners — the Texas-based company tasked with building the pipeline, which the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe opposes on the grounds that it bisects sacred lands and threatens water supply — said in a court filing that the project could be completed “anywhere between the week of March 6, 2017, and April 1, 2017.” Read more (2/22/17 2:05 PM)
  • Lena: Oh Kara I think you left your tv on.
  • Kara: *smiles* Oh its fine I like coming back to it on.
  • Lena: *frowns* But you also left your oven on.
  • Kara: It's cool it'll keep my apartment warm.
  • Lena: Tsk. For a super hero you sure are a super villain when it comes to energy conservation.
  • Kara: Wh-but how? super hero! Whaaat???
  • Lena: Supergirl, more like Superwasteful.
15-20 Leaving Saturn Retro INTO SOLSTICE

I’d like to send out a personal memo that we’re entering the five day window before Saturn Retro moves direct and we enter the gateway of Solstice on the 20th. That’s a lot of energy to push through if we’re not careful we can easily slip back into resistant patterns as we’ll be purging a lot of old baggage leading up to solstice. 

Saturn is most known for karmic lessons so we’ll really be focusing on what is working and where do we need to let go. What personal lessons are we holding onto through fear and what commitments have we not honored. 

 As the old energy leaves - new energy is activating it’s way into us at this time. The best thing we can do during these high energy shifts is get present, be mindful, aware, talk to our guides, lean on spirit and prepare to be pushed out of your comfort zone. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable is the best course of action for opening up a new gate. Surrender and embrace the power of your presence


The San Luis Valley in Colorado is a paranormal hot spot. There have been multiple UFO sightings, (enough to get a watch tower built.) as well as reports of vortexes and portals to other worlds. Along with UFOs and psychic energy, there have been reports of La Llorona, flying humans, and a Bigfoot like creature.

Energy Report….

Merkaba Upgrades and

Are you in resistance to your Universal Divine Plan ?
We are going through major upgrades with our Merkaba now (Our light body vehicle) to ascend us into the next phase of our spirtual journey.

Through this time period we are feeling the strong tug of war between what we as a person feels is right for us and what our higherself is trying to steer us to do.

The more we are fighting with and resisting our divine plan whatever it may be the more tired, stressed and out of control we will feel.

We are all going through a pivitol transformational growth period.
Its like its being “fast tracked ”.
So its important to let go, dont hold on.

Personally I’m being shown make no concrete future preparations cause you will only get upset, disappointed and frustrated when things dont come into fruition .

The universe always has a better plan and outcome for us , we just need to trust and have faith.

Really need to live in the present moment and allow life to manifest as its rightfully going to do so.

Allowing this process to occur without holding on for your dear life will allow things that are meant to manifest in your life much easier and at a much rapid pace.

Most importantly just BREATHE

MUFON Report: 79099. 2016-05-27, Galway, IE    

I was sitting in my sitting room looking out the window, it was grey dull and overcast wet evening, which is often the case here in the West of Ireland, I’ve lived here for 18 years and always enjoy watching the sun set over the lake but with these weather conditions I knew there’d be no visible sunset, so you can imagine my surprise when this sun like object appeared in front of the clouds, I was confused, it was a strange sight, the sky was completely covered in a blanket of cloud so how could I see a sunset happening, I grabbed my phone and took some photos of it appearing and then switched to video, I can’t remember it setting as this happened four months ago and although I thought it very strange I didn’t mention it to anyone other than my husband who witnessed it as well, it’s only in the last few days that I thought of having another look at it and put it on an Irish Facebook Group but got no feedback except from someone I know who messaged me privately and told me about this website.

My Adventures With Judy-Vee

@judy-vee is a good friend of mine. We live in the same town and spend a lot of time together on magical projects. About four or five days ago we started one special project: a spell to make a safe space for Judy’s close friend.

This friend was experiencing a lot of turmoil at home. Our goal was to create a spell which would protect, calm, and heal, that could be recharged and used to infinity.

I guided the ritual, so according to the rules of my path I asked each spirit ally first if it would help us, before assuming it would. Two plants made a request: Chamomile said they would help if we left the room with a smile. We gladly made this exchange.

Eucalyptus made a much more material demand, however; we must plant a tree within twenty-four hours if we wished his significant help in this spell. I spoke to Judy about this and we quickly realized that this would be impossible. I returned with a counter offer; we would plant a tree within two weeks. Eucalyptus counter-offered us and said a tree and a flower planted within two weeks, for his full help. We accepted.

Once the spell was done, it radiated beautiful healing and protective energies. Judy later reported her friend loved the spell and it seems to be working effectively.

However, now we had to plant a tree! We decided on Saturday morning (this morning) as the date to plant a tree. We decided to plant a tree by the river. We threw around ambitious ideas like propagating apple seeds, but ultimately decided to buy a small native tree and plant it near the riverbed near others of its kind.

This morning, Judy came over. As we hung out for a moment, my eyes fell on a struggling young palm who has not been thriving despite about a year of care. I suggested we save our money (we were literally scraping pennies to buy a tree) and take this struggling palm to the wild, and plant him. This droopy little thing was hardly 18 inches tall and significantly smaller than when we bought him.

We packed a few supplies and went to our local river, playing Disney music on the way. We walked along the shore until we found a quiet, secluded spot. First we greeted the land and received permission to plant the tree. The tree was quickly planted and we said the correct words to fulfill our contract with Eucalyptus. After the young palm was planted we noticed he began almost immediately radiating a strong, vibrant, positive vibe.

Judy and I spent time smoking bowls and chilling with the river and the palm tree. We talked to a great twisted gnarly old tree, who was very sad and lonely. Covered in nails, carvings, and spray paint, the poor thing was weary and tired. We gave it a lot of love and affection, and our apologies. After we picked up litter in the area, we found some marijuana seeds which can be used to make wishes. Judy made a wish; I wished for Nature in that area to thrive and be healthy. Then we gave a wish to the river, and a wish to the tree (marijuana seeds were NOT planted for growth). The river wished for prosperity, and the tree wished for healing and love.

After spending all the time we liked in this secluded area we quickly packed up (very quickly, as a line of boy scouts was headed right for our bong) and thanked the area for its time. Carrying the trash out with us, something delightful happened.

A bird with vitiligo landed in front of us on a branch in the river. It stopped to observe us. We stood very still and said hello and commented on how cool this was. The bird (which looked like a magpie) hopped closer and closer to us, until it was about a foot away! It observed us calmly before flying off. We both took this as a very positive omen of the land appreciating our visit.

When we hiked back to the car, we discovered that the Disney music had not stopped playing. Colors of the Wind was playing and I had a bit of a teary-eyed moment. Then the moment that song was done, a loud blaring song from Lion King blasted us out of our trance. We listened to fun Disney songs after that, and Judy knew every word to every song.

Energy Shift = Eclipses Coming

Okay guys here is the skinny, many people are reporting we are in the process of an Energy Shift which has been going on since the beginning of this week. It’s amazing how these shifts keep increasing at a tenfold rate. 

However what many of them are NOT writing is this is mainly due to the build-up towards Eclipse Season on the horizon. 

Eclipses can be felt before they occur and will integrate for about six months after they take place. Whatever you are feeling NOW is the highlight for what you will focus on come integration time for the eclipses. 

They are HUGE cosmic shifts that illustrate where we are headed. I always stress eclipse energy because it brings about abrupt change and soul progression. It’s important to know what is going down so you have a better idea of how to handle it. 

I expect the energy to be a little more rampant than usual…Eclipses have a tendency to bring up emotional issues and CHANGE. They aren’t always light because they are known to shake things up, pushing new ideas and revelations into our heads which can cause the resistance of letting go. 

Eclipses Broken Down:

Total Solar Eclipse March 8-9th:
Masculine, External, Analytical Logic, Material World.

They are the Masculine force building external change and motivating us to push forward into new territory. 

Lunar Penumbral Eclipse March 23rd-24th: 

Feminine, Internal, Emotions, Intuition. Spirit World. 

The Lunar Eclipse is Yin Energy. The feminine force transcending our  emotional boundaries and inwardly focused. Especially during lunar eclipses you will notice you will suddenly be very introspective and thinking about your choices. 

Eclipses not only usher in external change but they also usher internal change within the mind.
So you might suddenly find yourself retracing your steps or wanting to take a new direction.
They can feel similar to retrogrades because they push us into new territory and sometimes even the unknown. It comes from a place of deep internal change where eclipses really push our barriers and get us thinking outside of the box.

If you think of your body prepping itself for the incoming energy, you will basically be going though a period of releasement and recalibration.

People are Reporting Energy Shift Symptoms Such as: 

  • Crown Surges: Tingling, headaches, dizziness, head pressure, pulsating vibrations through the head. When the Crown expands letting in new energy, it can feel a bit like a pressure cooker ready to burst. I think i felt that last night…Recalibration aka light downloads is usually linked to our Crown.
  • Physical Symptoms sending people freaking out running to the dr or ER, come back finding you are entirely normal and healthy. These symptoms can often be very intense, which brings a paranoid panic but most of us who experience them are merely witnessing energetic changes within the body, not actual physical illness. It is weird and quite bizarre but you eventually get used to it
  • Panic and Anxiety out of nowhere: The energy body pushes and pulls which if you aren’t used to can send you into panic attacks or abrupt anxiety from the impact that you aren’t used to…relax as much as possible through the process
  • Ear Pressure, Hearing Changes: Feeling like you are in a wind tunnel, your ears become highly sensitive to the point where noisies are heard differently. Many report buzzing or vibrating in the ears, like a hum from the pressure. It’s you hearing frequency humming through hypersensitivity.
  • Intense back, shoulder pain, and/or pain shooting up and down the left side of your body. Cosmic Energy is received through your left side{Right-hemisphere} and given through your right side{Left-Hemisphere}.
  • Heart Shifting: Heart Palpitations, Chest pressure, Tightness in the chest area, feeling as if your heart is pounding. This is the heart center opening, try not to panic stay centered and grounded during the process. if it doesnt go away after awhile seek medical attention. more than likely it will suddenly go away.
  • EMOTIONAL RELEASE: Crying out of nowhere, tears of happiness, tears of sadness, just emotionally releasing like you are suddenly unable to hold in emotions.
  • Yearning for love, cuddles or feeling CONNECTED: Hugs just feel so good. the feeling space opening up the heart, empathy increase, you want to be connected physically, emotionally, spiritually with people. May yearn for that sense of connection symbolically linked to your connection with yourself
  • Dimensions shifting: hallucinations, vision, walls moving, vertigo. you aren’t losing it, you’re finding the other side. ;)
  • Seeing/feeling energy: orbs of light, vibrations, tingling, colors, geometries, visual snow
  • Feeling like you are dying/or disappearing: You aren’t dying, although you may be going through some odd memory processing. this is just the ego’s way of telling you, you are being reborn, so you can have a panicked moment of feeling the emotion of “omg am i dying”. This is ego death at its finest.
  • Major Bursts of Creative Energy, Motivation and Manifesting desires!: The mind is made to create, the more you feel this, the body is telling you it is time to recreate yourself from the inside out.

In general these shifts are bringing the Crown and Heart into Alignment. So this energy can feel a bit…overwhelming. This is because instead of being “down here” in the grounding chakras, we’re integrating “up here” in the higher otherworldly chakras.

So you may feel out of your element, anxiety overload, over-active empathy, ascension symptom uprise. 

Imagine if someone opened up your aura and is letting in all sorts of different flavor frequencies, that is kinda what this feels like.

The last few days have been very heavy…

Keeping it real with you all.

Let go of the old you, Let go of the resistance.

Resist or Allow.


Find that feel good place.


Ah that felt good. <3

Sinnoh Headcanons
  • Sinnoh used to have incredibly bad issues with pollution - think London smog in the fifties. There was a huge push for clean energy after the flowers in Floaroma Meadow were halved because Combees couldn’t navigate in order to pollinate.
  • Cyrus was the Champion of Sinnoh before Cynthia. Cyrus abused his power and the whole region was relieved when Cynthia defeated him - even if his villainous schemes weren’t apparent then. 
  • Cynthia has helped or assisted just about everyone in Sinnoh to the point where everyone owes her a favor. 
  • The whole region is extremely rich in minerals, hence the mining and whatnot that occurs, but this also makes the whole region a little strange when it comes to electromagnetic fields, concentrated at Mt. Coronet. This is blamed for many oddities, including the ability to pass into the Distortion World. 
  • The whole region is ridiculously cold compared to other regions, not just Snowpoint. The inhabitants of the region are 100% those people who don’t let people from other regions complain about the cold because “they don’t know what real cold is!”. 
  • It’s possible to see the Aurora Borealis from several points in Sinnoh, such as Snowpoint and the top of Mt. Coronet. Very, very occasionally it’s possible to see them from Celestic Town; whenever this happens, its seen as a harbinger of good luck. In olden times, the lights were considered to be from Arceus.
  • Kalos’s power plant’s solar panels were based off designs created by Volkner, originally intended for Sunyshore.
  • Every city’s gym leader has to, along with their other duties, submit reports on energy sustainability and responsibility from their surrounding areas. 
  • There’s a fairly mild rivalry between the East and West sides of Sinnoh. Mild, that is, until it comes time for the Lily of the Valley Conference. Then it’s cut throat, each side rooting for the trainers from its own side. 

City rooftops could supply nearly 40% of US power, study says

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory released a report in March that said if we slathered viable American rooftops with solar panels, the U.S. could potentially produce enough energy to cover 39% of the electricity we consume annually. That’s about 1,118 gigawatts worth of power. Specifically the report hones in on an unlikely candidate.

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Letting Go of The Old Cycle - Remember THIS IS THE PAST.

These coming days have been very intense energetically been personally on hibernating mode. we’re entering a very heavy energetic period because we’re losing a LOT of past baggage. We must think about this, we entered the new year IN a retrograde.

The way I see we set ourselves up to build a fantastic foundation for the new year. We’re purging a lot of past baggage and even pieces of our ancestral lineage. Mercury Retrograde is a bit like time traveling, we’re revisiting the past from a different perspective. Mercury allows us to do a soul evaluation - what is working and what is horribly not working anymore in our lives?

Tomorrow Mercury moves direct. So if you could imagine yourself on a ride, we’re slowing down, reaching the end of the old cycle. the last bits of 2016 are leaving us and we’re starting to welcome the new energy with open arms.

The resistance many of us are feeling is OUR PAST BAGGAGE. Not your present. Rather than just exclaiming this is all negative and polarity like, dig deeper and ask how does this connect to my past? What is the lesson here? What do I need to see?

Remember this is just the Past. Keep Pushing through the resistance and you’ll pop out on the other side.

love you all,

Energy Report…..

What I’m being shown is us as a collective have gone inwards and have done lots of soul searching, deep reflection internally and are tuning into our higherselves a lot more.
We now know what we desire the most in our lives we aren’t hiding from our own truth any longer, we are trying to find a way to achieve it.

Our biggest inner turmoil is created by ourselves as to how am I going to get from A to B from here?
It’s just too hard?

It can only be a dream or fantasy.

We cannot achieve this right at this point in our lives.

That thought process is a blockage created by our own fears.

I’m being shown yes you can achieve and receive what you desire the most, but there is a little more patience and faith needed.

Faith that your lifes bigger plan is already destined for you.
It was already written in your life chart long ago.

Patience that it is all unfolding now much quicker than ever before.

Look out for signs, that will be when you will be ready to take action and leap into the next phase of your journey.
The life you have been dreaming of is basically waiting for you to be ready to accept.
You can literally touch it, its not out of reach any longer…..


|| M O T I O N L E S S  I N  W H I T E ||

Tori your Monster Energy Pit Reporter sat down with Chris from Motionless In White to chat about his experience on the 2016 Vans Warped Tour and their new album in the latest Warped Looks Back interview.


Yuzuru’s sense of humour… Even though he was so filled with regret about his performance, he could joke and laugh about it.
@7.37 Backstage before medal ceremony,
Yuzu: “Shall we jump a quad toe at the ceremony?” [laughs]
Mura: “Give me a break!!!”
Yuzu: “Let’s all jump a quad toe?” [all laughing]
Their 4T for the free skate is shown –Shoma popping jump, Yuzu’s fall and Mura’s hand-down.
[quite funny when watching the video– Yuzu saying let’s jump 4T and then all their failed 4Ts were shown. He has a wicked sense of humour!  And it’s so good to see him laughing.^^ ]

Other parts to note:
1) @6.35 Yuzu watched his own performance on the screen backstage, then said: How terribly I did. Regretful, very regretful. I want to practise. I want to practise.
Male staff: Please rest a bit!

2) @7.08 Brian: I think a lot of the other skaters in the world are realising that he is human. (He made history) and that’s emotional, that takes a lot of emotion, and that takes a lot of energy.

3) @8.03 Reporter: The 3rd kind of quad, how is it for this season?
Yuzu: -I have the motivation to do it but it depends on my practice. I will work hard for it.
-I want to win with a performance that is worthy of a champion.

(my translation/ transcription;  thanks to YzRIKO for the video) 
(I like this video because it has scenes of him talking and laughing with other skaters.^^)