The End of eating Everything


– but Mint Eye Yoosung tho ((mmmMMm how r u gonna smooth all that edge))

SPOILERS!!! [sort of] gr8 now i wanna draw mint eye rfa Flipped!AU zzz ((basically the only good people are saeran and rika ++ MC idk AAAAAAAA))

sorry ive been a bit inactive bc of work but hhh here’s some quick sketches sjkdfhdk O<-<

Hetalia couple types / headcanons
  • Hongice: that one tumblr couple anways rebloging eachothers posts. Litrally all thier followers ship them
  • Rusame: that one couple that is always teasing eachother. America is the type of boyfriend who pinches russia's ass befire a picture
  • Sufin: EVERYBODY ships them. Finland is oblivious to the fact, and it makes sweden blush a ton
  • Usuk: the secretive couple england is tsundere AF and chooses not to speak of thier relationship. But when they are alone he begs america for cuddles
  • Dennor: the mismatched couple. Den is like a beautiful ray of sunshine and norway could kill you just by glaring at you. They make the most mismatched yet adorable couple ever.
  • Pruaus: the jealous couple. They always try to impress eachother. When prussia gets hit on it makes austria extremely jealous.
  • Fruk: that one couple that nobody actually knows if they are together. When asked they never answer. (Everybody ships it anyways)
  • Giripan: they are ALWAYS cuddling. They would rather stay home and cuddle with thier cats while watching a movie then be out in public.
  • Spamano: the power couple. Everybody wants to be them. They make the most attractive couple ever
  • Pruame: the nerd couple. They love playing video games together. They spend hours on end playing and only get up to eat
  • Rochu: the couple who shares everything. China forgot his pj's at his house? He can borrow russia's. Russia dosent have a place to stay for the night? He can stay at china's. Its cold outside? They can share russia's scarf.
  • Gerita: the adorable couple. They always buy eachother gifts and always seem to be together.
  • Prucan: the music couple. Prussia plays guitar and canada sings. They make the best music together.
  • Aushun: the traveling couple. They love going to beaches, mountains, anywhere as long as they are together.
  • Franada: the couple that is always baking. Canada always brings treats they had made the night before to the world meetings as france watches him lovingly.
  • Pruhun: the couple who fights over the stupidest things. Everybody knows that they really do love eachother no matter how many times hungary kicks prussia out of the house for misplacing her frying pan.
  • Red velvet pancakes: they run a pancake restaurant. They have the best pancakes EVER. They are always competing against the neighboring waffle house.
  • Belhun: runs the waffle house. Red velvet pancakes may have the best pancakes. But they have the best waffles.
  • Lietpol: They throw THE BEST parties. All the nations love them although nobody can beat them at dancing.
  • Turgre: the couple nobody really sees because they are too busy at home. Weather they are reading together, watching a movie, or sleeping together they prefer being inside.
  • Belaliech: the couple NOBODY will mess with. If you lay a hand on lichenstien belarus will slaughter you.

An egg problem

There’s a part in the movie

where you can see right through the acting,

where you can tell that I’m about to burst into tears,

right before I burst into tears

and flee to the slimy moonlit riverbed

canopied with devastated clouds.

We’re shooting the scene where I swallow your heart and you make me

spit it up again. I swallow your heart and it crawls

right out of my mouth.

You swallow my heart and flee, but I want it back now, baby. I want it back.

Lying on the sofa with my eyes closed, I didn’t want to see it this way,

everything eating everything in the end.

We know how the light works,

we know where the sound is coming from.

Verse. Chorus. Verse.

I’m sorry. We know how it works. The world is no longer mysterious.
—  Dirty Valentine, Richard Siken
GOT7 as Valentines 💕

Jaebum: all day long you think he forgot. He texts you normal things like, “we need paper towels” and “Jackson is so loud.” Then he shows up unannounced at work to sweep you off for something crazy romantic. A gourmet dinner he made himself or a helicopter ride or some shit

Mark: says for months that he hates valentines day bc it’s a hallmark holiday & means nothing & he’ll celebrate his love for you any day, thank you very much. Then he buys you that bracelet you’ve been looking at, writes a super sappy love note and takes you to dinner overlooking the ocean. But HE’S NOT A ROMANTIC, OK?!

Jackson: has never celebrated valentine’s day with a gf and is SO EXCITED. Gets you a teddy bear, a heart shaped box of chocolates and a dozen red roses bc he wants to buy every single cliché. Tries to make you dinner but burns everything and you end up eating pizza rolls

Jinyoung: wakes you up to breakfast in bed. Makes you go to work but leaves notes in your bag, car, jeans saying things he likes about you. Pouts beyond belief when you give him his gift first but spends the rest of the night playing with it. In between the homemade five course dinner he’s whipped up for you, of course

Bambam: sends you on a treasure hunt where the final destination is him. Sprinkles heart shaped confetti throughout the apartment – pieces of which you’re still finding next August. Would be super romantic if he didn’t suck helium from a heart shaped balloon prior to your arrival and greet you in a chipmunk voice

Youngjae: has literally been stressing about this since Christmas. Asks all of hyung line for advice and only ends up more confused. Decides to write you a song, you start tearing up and spend the rest of the night convincing Youngjae that yes, this is a GOOD thing.  

Yugyeom: crushes on you before gathering the courage to confess this v-day. Polls everyone he knows on how to do it, ignores bambam’s suggestion of a sexy dance, and ends up just blurting it out at the wrong moment. When you return his sentiments, he acts like it was all planned and tells the story for years

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My Boys: Beneath the Surface - Chapter 1

Hey Guys, I am back :)

So, as previously mentioned, I am starting a new multi chapter. This one sets 5 years after the events of MBBD. It will mainly focus on Omelia and Amelia’s relationship with her family, how it affects the dynamics of her marriage to Owen and the repercussions her trouble past has in her life up to this moment. 

Thank you to the lovely @jia911 for proofreading this overnight. You are my team!

My Boys – Beneath the Surface: Chapter 1


“I really don’t know how to thank you enough.”

At the sound of the words, Amelia’s mother in law turned around with a sympathetic smile on her face.

“There is no need to thank me, I’ve told you that,” The elderly woman added with a gentle nod, genuinely happy for being able to help. A couple of hours before, Amelia had called her to ask if Evelyn had any idea how to cook Spanish and Moroccan food and Owen’s mother had immediately stepped in to help, driving over to her son’s house to give the neurosurgeon a hand with the cooking.

The school to which Amelia’s kids went to was having an international fair to celebrate cultural diversity and much to Amelia’s dismay each student in the class of her eight year old twins was in charge of taking local food from a few selected countries.  

“If I can’t cook our own food,” Amelia said with a teasing smile, “how do they expect me to cook stuff I’ve never even tried before?”

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Headcanons About Cooking/Baking With Task Force X

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Harley: She loves cooking and baking but she doesn’t always manage by herself. She always helps you when she sees you cooking and she is the best assistant you could ever ask. She adores making pastry and desserts and always licks the spoons and bowls and steals small bites from the ingredients. When you cook together no one can have enough of the food you made.

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June: She likes cooking a lot and usually cooks with music. When you are the one doing the cooking and baking she likes to watch you cook for some time before she joins you. She shows you tricks and gives you tips on how to make the food tastier and they sure work since the others always ask you to cook.

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Tatsu: She liked to cook for her husband but now she just watches you cook. It relaxes her and she sometimes hums along melodies. She relaxes you too and you use cooking to bond. Sometimes you ask her to help you with cutting the ingredients and you turn around to see them already cut, as Tatsu smiles from the chair.

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Chato: He finds really cute the fact that you try dishes from different cuisines each time. And he is more than willing to help you when you try Mexican recipes. He throws away the recipe you had found on the internet and helps you make the one he remembers. His favourite food to cook with you is tamales and tres leches cake. You, cooking these recipes makes him feel even more like home.

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Floyd: He is always curious about what are you cooking. He will sneak into the room to try what you have already made and then leave again. You pretend that you don’t see him with the corner of your eye. He tried to help you once or twice but he ended up eating everything before you could finish the recipe.

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Digger: He takes his sweet time watching you cook. He will sit just across the room and enjoy the aromas and the view. He is the first one to try what you made since he is the one already in the room. One day, you decided to let him help you. Let’s just say you were lucky Amanda didn’t lock you back to your cells with all of this mess you caused with your food fight.

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Rick: Rick wants and likes to cook. But, he just doesn’t have the gift of cooking. He will either forget the salt or he will roast the meat for much more time than needed. Nevertheless, he likes when you cook and enjoys watching you and trying to figure out how to cook. You assign him small tasks and he manages to master them with ease. Slowly you teach him how to cook the whole recipe without mistakes. His smile is totally worth the time.

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KC: He used to watch you cook, but once he saw you struggling with a demanding recipe and offered to help. He took a good glance of the recipe and then proceeded to carry out the whole recipe with ease, as you looked at him shocked since you wouldn’t imagine that he knows and likes to cook. After that, Friday nights became you cooking nights.  


My v awkward sweaty selfies brought to you today by the stair stepper…I REALLY did not wanna go to the gym today, the urge to lay in my bed and binge eat was really overwhelming. I find being home really triggering and I end up wanting to (and actually) eating everything in my house and I’m home for Easter this weekend, and as is I had 2 dinners, icecream and THEN pizza last night after I got home (and have broken being a vegan twice) all as a result of tremendous self control to not eat more than that because I’ve been working really hard lately. But I somehow managed to force myself to the gym instead of eating a second lunch…and I ran a half mile & did 8 minutes on the stair stepper and then gonna do some weights before heading home. Not as much as I would normally do but better than nothing especially because I haven’t made it to the real gym in over a week. I’ve been sweating WAY more than usually too, only 8 minutes on the stepper and by minute 5 I was dripping sweat all over the machine (oops), idk why I seem to be sweating so much recently even for minimal workouts odd.

Okay that was very much of a rant…and if you’re still reading this ily💕

‘It’s the end of the world and I’ve killed everything from zombies trying to eat me to survivors trying to kill me so you shouldn’t be any different except you just saved my life and now you’re hurt and you’ll just be dead weight, why are you so stupid that you’d help a stranger during the apocalypse and why am I even more stupid for patching you up, taking you with me, and - worst of all - letting you talk me into bringing your damn pet cat with us shouldn’t the thing have run away by now’ AU

We’re shooting the scene where I swallow your heart and you make me spit it up again. I swallow your heart and it crawls right out of my mouth. You swallow my heart and flee, but I want it back now, baby. I want it now. Lying on the sofa with my eyes closed, I didn’t want to see it this way, everything eating everything in the end.
—  Richard Siken, from “Dirty Valentine”

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Food anon here again, so I tried bloodworms now and he tried to eat them several times but ended up spitting it out after the tenth attempt at eating. Everything else is ok, parameters have been fluxing since the filter incident a while back but I got a new one and finally they're at a constant 0/0/6. He's still active as ever, no signs of anything abnormal except his appetite. I'm thinking about maybe getting a medicine for him, do you have any recommendations?

I really can’t recommend a med since I’m still not entirely sure what’s going on with him. From all the back and forth we’ve been having, it really does sound internal, though. Or maybe there’s something wrong with his mouth.