The Enclave

conkeastifer asked:

Why would installing the FEV virus in the purifier give bad karma? From what it sounds like, it eradicates mostly super mutants and feral ghouls, and those things suck, right?

It eradicates anything with mutations of any sort. My understanding is, if you have been exposed to enough radiation to change any part of you, even on a tiny level, it would kill you.

As a result, this would kill… pretty much everyone in the wasteland. Survivors would be members of the Enclave, citizens of Vault 101, and… the list pretty much stops there.

The wasteland is full of people who have been drinking irradiated water and eating irradiated food their whole lives. They’re the children of those who have been living in the wasteland, as well, and could have inherited some form of mutation from their parents. And if they haven’t, they’ve more than likely developed their own in their time alive.

The modified FEV that President Eden gives you is designed to eradicate everything that isn’t pure humanity. Yes, that includes super mutants and feral ghouls, but it also includes regular ghouls, and every civilian who’s been drinking primarily irradiated water every day of their lives. It’s designed to reboot humanity, to get rid of every bit of impurity.

Now The Child is running around the house declaring “I’m being chased by a T. Rex and The Enclave!”  When he stops running, he makes the sound of Jango Fett’s blaster.

Okay, so I need a bit of advice for New Vegas

Should I….

Play as a General from the Pre-War period, who is bent on taking control of America to send her to greatness over All Factions? including the Enclave and Brotherhood of steel? Who happens to be biding his time as a courier? He would be specialized in Energy Weapons, science, and explosives (and have a snappy Generals outfit

Or shoud I go with a more standard stranger, with a “Big Iron on his Hip”? Just exploring the wastes and doing good where he can. He would be a bit more balanced.


Artist and photographer Richard Mosse reveals the stories behind the making of his latest film, ‘The Enclave’ (2013), in the Democratic Republic of Congo, shot entirely on 16mm Infrared film.

This looks effing incredible.

“9/7/77- In the Jefferson Memorial, James sent me to the basement to fetch something. I didn’t know what horrors the basement had, so I left Dogmeat with him in the Rotunda- the poor dog could use a rest, we had been walking for days prior. I thought Dogmeat would be safe there. The real horror was when that black virtibird showed up. While I was up to my knees in shit in the sewage pipe, I received a message that everyone in the room had been killed. Those bastards murdered both my dad and my dog on the same day. Fuck the Enclave.”

Fallout Confessions


So excited to hear that one of my all-time favourite photographic artists, Lorna Simpson, has been nominated for the prestigious 2014 Deutsche Borse Photography Prize. Simpson uses various mediums (photography, writing, video) to explore gender & race, with a particular emphasis on African-American women.

Simpson’s retrospective at Paris’s Jeu de Paume is up against the photobook Autorretrato/Self-Portrait by Alberto García-Alix, Jochen Lempert’s Hamburger Kuntshalle show and probably the most well-known out of the 4 nominations,  Richard Mosse’s The Enclave. Mosse, who represented the Republic of Ireland at this year’s Venice Bienalle, used infrared film to document rebel leaders in eastern Congo.

“Colonel Autumn’s plan to use the purifier as a bargaining chip to unite the Wasteland and rebuild America was practical. He grasped the reality of the situation far better than James or President Eden, and I wish there was an option to back him. I just may have listened.”

Fallout Confessions