MARK GATISS (His Last Vow commentary):  This is very clever, Steve, I must say – the curse of saying things that you wouldn’t say in real life.  I remember Martin at the graveside in Reichenbach saying, ‘I genuinely find this really difficult,’ and then eventually I quoted him in the Tube station saying exactly that, because they’re the sort of things you don’t really say but you have to say it - but then to actually work out a way of saying, ‘I’ve thought about this. These are prepared words,’ is kind of the perfect escape because it means so much, but he couldn’t just do it on the hoof.

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With all the hints of surveillance program in Sherlock!UK and Moriarty hacking every video screen in the country, could this be a hint that the key code or something similar is indeed real?

Yeah, a real/more real version of the keycode is my best guess about what Jim’s Big Project is.

Some background info:

Jim’s got some Big Secret Project Thing going down in Eastern Europe that we’ve been getting clues for since TGG. It’s going to be the crime in 5x3.

If you recall the very beginning of TGG, there’s a scene with Sherlock interviewing a prisoner (Barry Berwick) in Minsk.

I think this is could be an explanation of the emotional reasons for the case, but I think it’s likely there’s a plot motivated reason, as well. That’s how the show works. TGG has a bunch of Eastern European references in the Five Pips case that Jim sets up; Sherlock even points it out for us:

SHERLOCK: You know, it’s interesting. Bohemian stationery, an assassin named after a Prague legend, and you, Miss Wenceslas. This whole case has a distinctly Czech feeling about it. Is that where this leads?

So it would’ve been easy to tie this case back into the TGG somehow, but they didn’t. It’s such a pointless scene: why didn’t they cut it? It’s more than just pointless; it’s sloppy, and I really don’t think this show is sloppy. If you go back and watch that scene, it actually makes no sense at all: Berry’s story doesn’t even close to line up. So I don’t think it’s supposed to line up; I think it’s a Clue.

Eastern Europe was also in TRF:


And it’s huge in S3:

  1. Sherlock starts off TEH in Serbia where he’s rescued by Mycroft.
  2. CAM’s documents on Mary are in Cyrillic, used in a lot of Eastern European countries.
  3. Mycroft is tracking something in Poland in HLV.
  4. Sherlock is supposed to be sent on a suicide mission to Eastern Europe.
  5. The newspapers Janine brings Sherlock mention “Eastern Europe Erupts!”

The best theory I’ve got is that it’s a real/more real version of the key code - but IDK. So I will call it the Thing.

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I think it’s pretty much 100% that Jim got his face on all the screens in HLV because of the anti-terrorism bill in TEH. If you recall, everyone was in Parliament the night the bomb was going to explode because there was a new anti-terrorism bill to vote on:

NEWSREADER (on the television): With many commentators saying the vote on the terrorism Bill will be too close to call, MPs are now making their way into the Chamber for what the government is calling the most important vote of this parliament.

MALE VOICE (on the TV): What freedoms exactly are we protecting if we start spying on our own people?  This is an Orwellian measure on a scale unprecedented … (x)

Step One: Lord Moran initiates a bomb scare on the night Parliament is voting on an anti-terrorism bill that would give the government unprecedented authority to spy on its own people, thereby making the bill more likely to pass.

Step Two: Months later, Mycroft’s government laptop is equipped with computer hacking functions.

Step Three: Someone hacks into every display system in the country.

Step Four: We’ll find out when the story continues.

While Jim Moriarty was telling the absolute truth in Reichenbach about a few lines of binary code not being enough to break into any computer system, the game changes once the government’s built a back door into everything interesting. Then you really can have a totally different kind of key. And the man with the key… (via finalproblem)

So while a keycode type thing was impossible in TRF, it’s no longer quite so farfetched. And Jim does love to foreshadow his own game.

Also, some fancy hacking was in TSoT, in the bank robberies:

LESTRADE: You still blocking it?
DONOVAN: Yeah. Very efficiently hacked. They must be bloody pleased with themselves. (x)

Anyway, whatever the Thing is, it’s almost certainly something to do with technology, because that’s the kind of show this is. Jim is Jim-from-IT. Mofftisson probably had an idea for the last crime all the way back when they started in S1 - “What’s the coolest crime we could do?” So the Thing is something Mofftisson would consider cool. (There’s really nothing in ACD that would make a decent endgame crime for the series, so this one is probably something Mofftisson are mostly making up themselves.) The Thing is also probably something that will make Sherlock doubt himself:

I don’t think we’re done with the doubt theme from TRF. That’s how Jim works - he plays with people’s minds. He’ll never be able to get John to doubt Sherlock, but there was one thing he didn’t do in TRF and I think he’s saving it up: in TRF, other people doubted Sherlock, but Sherlock always knew he was “for real.”

I think in the season five finale, Jim will set things up so that Sherlock thinks he starts missing cases because of sentiment. Isn’t that basically the ultimate “John or James” question? It’s pretty much the point of the show. Sherlock will think he can’t solve cases anymore because he loves John. And to complicate matters, Sherlock believes John only loves him for the danger/excitement, so if he can’t solve the cases, John will leave. But John’s the reason he’s missing cases in the first place!

This would be a great plan to burn Sherlock’s heart out - because Sherlock does it to himself: rejects sentiment, chooses to feel nothing over being in love with John and John being in love with him, that’s what Jim wants - and this is also the moment – by far the best moment – for Sherlock and John to finally kiss.

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Anyway, my best guess is that the Thing is in the general area of the keycode - as in it’s something that will help you hack into lots of places more easily, allow you to change information, etc.

Here are more clues about the Thing.


HE’S LIKE “you’d still have a future with mary AND NOT WITH ME






Illusion or not

When John sees Sherlock for the first time after the two years, he doesn’t right away get angry or relieved. Instead he gets scared as hell, because he can’t believe his eyes. His eyes are lying.

Sherlock is dead + I see Sherlock standing in front of me = I’m delusional.

The real person in this absurd and scary situation is Mary. So he turns to Mary, to check what he should do. Does Mary see the same as I see?

It’s almost a casual look. It looks like he could just ignore the vision of Sherlock if it seemed like Mary doesn’t see him at all. Maybe he wishes it’s just an illusion. Maybe it would have been easier. But what he sees when he looks at Mary is this:

Mary sees him as well. She confirms Sherlock is real.

I see Sherlock in front of me + I am not delusional = Sherlock is not dead.

Sherlock is not dead.

And only then he reacts.