The Effects of 333


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club — And With This Comes (from ‘The Effects Of 333’)


The Effects of 333; still no answer.
I know you’re in there.
And with this comes a sad state; a twisted state,
Sedated with sterilized tongues.
We’re not welcome alone, or needed. 
And when was better?
I could live inside this album forever. 


BRMC “And with This Comes”


[Black Rebel Motorcycle Club] And When Was Better
The Effects Of 333
*drone *ambient *noise

Some Kurapika in a way too large boyfriend shirt. Guess who’s shirt it is… ;3
I’ve got this idea some time ago while reading Dis Aliter Visum from @aionwatha and I really love this part where Kurapika “needs” to wear some of Chrollo’s clothes and it has some kind of effect on danchou. <333
I also said I’m stressed because of moving into another city. But the muse struck me today. Hard. (And there is always time to draw the precious Kurta boy)

anonymous asked:

How come sometimes your eyes are blue and sometimes they're green?

“Contact lenses.”

“They have VR built in to help control my holographic systems.”