The US National Science Foundation shared this vine showing how scientists actually sample active lava flows on Hawaii - they literally pull the lava away with a hammer then drop it in a bucket of water nearby.

Your parents made an epic voyage to ensure you were born on US soil, making you an American citizen. The first American citizen born to parents not of this Earth. This is your story.


Night time Strombolian lava burst from Sakurajima Volcano, Japan

fic - supergirl - other you (interdimensional love triangle)

Title: Other You (Interdimensional Love Triangle)
Pairing: Alex/Kara
Raiting: PG-13
Authors: @floorplan91 & @fairchristabel

What she sees next completely steals her ability to plan anything. This is Alex, but it’s not – the sight so different from anything Kara has seen.

There she is, the young CEO, oozing confidence with her relaxed pose, one hand in her pocket, the other propped casually on her hip. Long brown hair, playful smirk, a burgundy suit.

Rao, she’s wearing a suit!

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Incredible video shared on Vine of the 2015 eruption of Calbuco Volcano, Chile. Here’s just one shot - this is timelapse of the eruption cloud being ejected upwards.


Astronaut Terry Virts shared a bunch of video clips on Vine while he was on the International Space Station and I believe gave us the #spacevine hashtag. Here he is flying over the Aurora  - check out the thin clouds BELOW the Aurora here rather than in the way!

The Cav via Flickr:

I took these images from my rooftop after my wife and I saw this storm coming up. I could see that the cloud was beginning to twist into a tornado with a rainbow underneath it….how weird is that?! It was 8pm with the sun setting which made the color of everything on the yellow/orange side.

It was sunny all day until we heard thunder. This storm was moving away from me otherwise my wife might have yelled me down from the roof. The neighbours were out watching too. It was quite the spectacle. The result of this storm is that it faded away into cloud patterns but not before dumping golf-ball sized hail on farms 3 miles out of town. There was major damage to cars, trucks, roofs with a few horses being spooked!

HT The Earth Story


Night sky and a laser firing from an observatory over the cloud deck (Atacama desert I think) - the laser hits sodium ions in the high atmosphere and can be used by the observatory to focus, correcting for atmospheric effects.

“But,” Riko tries, vainly, her voice laced with saccharine, “isn’t it fine like this? Isn’t it fun to do what you want all the-”

“No!” The world stops for a moment, and Chika’s shout rings off into silence. Riko, shocked into stillness, can’t form words. “It sucks! It’s not fine at all! I was lying!”

Riko can’t see Chika’s face, and she’s not sure if she wants to, but she can hear the tremble in her voice she’s never heard before (or has, but it was so long ago it might as well be another lifetime, another universe). Against the dying sunset, atop the rusted swing, Chika cuts a dark and furious silhouette.

“I thought it could be fun, just the two of us, but it’s not! It’s lonely! It’s so lonely, Riko-chan…” Chika sniffs, collapses, “it’s so lonely and there’s nothing I can do…”

And there’s nothing Riko can do, either. She can hold Chika. Hold her close. But she can’t rewind the clock and she can’t bring back the dying planet. But all the love confessions in the world couldn’t cull the loneliness.

She wonders if, when it’s said and done, they’ll reach the stars someday.

RWBY Theory: JNPR will die and then Rise again Part 1, Persephone Pyrrha

External image
External image

Persephone. Hades spirits the Goddess of vegetation, Persephone away to the underworld, and in her grief and rage Demeter, the Goddess of harvest, leaves the world to die. Without Persephone and Demeter managing their domains, the earth fails to grow any vegetation, and becomes cold and barren. This is the Greek creation myth for winter, but it has another part. Zeus, hearing the cries of the starving people and Demeter’s despair, forces Hades to return Persephone. Hades tricks Persephone however, by making her eat seeds from underworld pomegranates. As a result she is changed by the land of the dead and her encounter with its master, and she must return to the underworld every year. But for the time being, Persephone is joyfully reunited with Demeter, the other gods, and the earth.

The story isn’t just the creation myth of winter, but also of spring. Now, remember what season it is right now in RWBY, and how it ties thematically with this being the heroes’ darkest hour?

Also this is where Corrupt 

Also some similar traits with Achillies

Both have red hair

Loving Mothers

Appeared dead

also, In some versions of the story Persephone is rescued by Hecate: Goddess of the Moon, Magic, crossroads, ghosts, and necromancy, sound like either Summer, Ruby, or Salem. 

Also Persephone has been usually depicted as a redhead by most artist. As well as being found on Red-Figure Pottery, along with the story of Achilles.

Also, Deep Red, Gold, and Green are Spring Colors

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This is how I feel about Twitter ending Vine.

“I said to myself, when I retire I’ll go to the end of every tube line. I haven’t yet made it. I’ve been to all sorts of places. Watford, Chesham and Amersham - they’re lovely. You get can there for free which is very good. Strangely enough I’m doing so much these days that I don’t have time to do these things very much, even though I enjoy them!”


I spent a day with North London Cares and South London Cares, two charities which connect young Londoners with their older neighbours to help build friendships. This week I’ll be sharing some of the stories the neighbours told me about the changing face of our capital city and the connections and friendships that sustain us.



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Although soulmates can go lifetimes without being together, I don’t think they should. I think it is strenuous. I haven’t decided though which is worse. Going a lifetime never meeting your soulmate, or meeting them to find out that in this life, you’re star crossed. My
Soul has spent a countless amount of centuries with him. Or at least looking for him. We fought great battles together and sailed oceans calling each other’s names. The day this planet crumbles to nothing could be the moment our souls return to the star in which the dust we are made up of has come from. Until then know I won’t forget. And I will find you once again.