The Dramatic Head Shine

EXO’s Reaction to a Fan Horribly Mispronouncing Their Name


Xiumin wouldn’t pay much mind to the fact that the fan screaming “I Love You” had just mispronounced his name as “Zumin.” He would simply be grateful for the support and willing to look past their mistake.


Firstly, it’s very hard to mispronounce “Chen”, so he would be rather impressed.  However, this wouldn’t stop him from making a confused face and politely telling them the right way to say his name.


Baekyun’s expression would quickly turn mischievous as he heard the fan yell out “BACHyun” rather than “BAEkhyun”. Without hesitation, he would start mimicking the fans mispronunciation, all in good humor.


Another name that is pretty straightforward, Yeolie would have to take a minute to understand who the fan was declaring their love at.  After he figured out it was himself, he would smile at the fan and wave, not bothering to correct them. 


Lay wouldn’t be able to hide his confusion as a fan managed to jumble his name and make it completely unrecognizable.  In his gentle and sweet nature, he would reintroduce himself, stating his name loudly so that the fan would pronounce it correctly.


As the excited fan shouted, “I Love You, B.O!”, D.O’s eyebrows would raise and he’d become embarrassed as the rest of the group laughed around him.  He’d quickly and kindly explain that his name is D.O, definitely not B.O.


Like Xiumin, Suho would opt to ignore the terrible pronunciation of his name, and instead focus on the kind words the fans were yelling to him.  Later though, he’d cringe at the memory.


Rather than saying “Kai”, and fan yelled out “Key”, causing Kai to crack up and shake his head dramatically. “No, I’m not from SHINee, I’m from EXO,” he would explain lightheartedly.


“SARANGHEYO, SEHYUN!” an overzealous fan would yell, causing Sehun to stop in his tracks and immediately search the crowd for who said it.  He wouldn’t call them out, but would simply give them a half-serious judgmental look before moving on.