The Devil is a Woman


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and you know what? i’m going to say this because i’ve been thinking about it for a while and i have a message for both lesbians and non-lesbians

lesbians: not every woman who’s a non-lesbian is out to fuck with your head, jesus christ. bisexual women aren’t the devil and you absolutely can date a woman who’s not a lesbian without being worried she’ll leave you for a man. trust me. i’ve done it. chill the fuck out.

non-lesbians: be sensitive. lesbians are afraid of non-lesbians because, historically, women who aren’t gay use lesbians to experiment. lots of women have been infected “the straight girl plague” where a girl told them she might be bisexual, initiated a romantic relationship, then changed her mind suddenly and decided she was straight after all. we’re a paranoid community and have trouble dating/befriending people who aren’t exactly like us. if you want to date a lesbian who has stipulations about non-lesbians if you just talk to her and let her know you’re not someone she has to be afraid or wary of it’ll go a long way. just chill the fuck out.

everyone just needs to calm down i’m tired of this discourse. 


Marlene Dietrich, born Marie Magdalene Dietrich

(December 27, 1901 – May 6, 1992)

In the German language: [Dietrich is] the name for a key that opens all locks. Not a magic key. A very real object, necessitating great skills in the making.

(Her own explanation of her surname from A.B.C.)