The Darjeeling Ltd

The time has come:

The Spoonie Movie Club is about to start!

Our first movie will be The Darjeeling Limited (imdb, jinni, rotten tomatoes) directed by Wes Anderson with Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, Jason Schwartzman and Anjelica Huston. 

Plot: Three brothers go on a spiritual journey on a train in India.

How we are going to do this:Everyone of us will be watching the movie at home at the same time. While watching who wants to can join a common chat room and comment on the movie while watching. Since commenting while watching is distracting we will make two 10-minute breaks (approximately after 35 and 70 minutes of movie) in which everyone can comment on the chat or grab a drink or go to pee. After the movie ended we can talk more about it in the chat. Later I will make a post on the movie on the blog that everyone can reblog and add comments to. Of course, you don’t have to watch the movie at the same time as the others to later comment on the blog.

At least, this is the idea for now on how we think things can be done. You can of course suggest other ways. Maybe after a couple of runs we adjust things that eventually didn’t work out as good as expected.

The chats will be on, simply choose a chat-name (maybe your tumblr url) and a color so we are not all black and you are ready to go.

There are many ways to get a movie on your computer, more or less legal ones I guess. Maybe some of you already have the movie on your computer. But I think this movie can be found on some online video-lending service like netflix. Or you can install time4popcorn, which is a program that lets you search for a movie in torrent format and watch it instantly without actually having to illegaly download the movie. Another way to watch the movie is to find an online stream. The best site I know for that is I checked and there are several links working for The Darjeeling Limited. Just please try to be ready 5 minutes before the starting time, that would be awesome. 

When: I made a doodle schedule poll to determine which time would suit most people. Mostly the dates are for European evening, which is American late morning / early afternoon and very early morning in Australia. Sorry, the world is round. Just click on “yes” for the times that are ok for you, “no” for the others, and eventually click “(yes)” if it’s okay but only as last resort. Please please please do this here! It’s very important that we chose the best possible time for as many people as possible. (Btw, I’m not sure the times will be visualized in my time zone (western Europe) or your time zone whatever that is, please be careful. As a reminder: my time -9 hours = Los Angeles time; my time -6 hours = NYC time; my time -1 hour = UK time; my time + 8 hours = Sydney time.)

Half an hour before the movie starts I will post the link to the chat and maybe the link to some streaming pages for the movie on the Spoonie Movie Club blog. Please follow us!

Write us for questions and suggestions!

- Sinkingshits, SMC.