The most powerful moment of that Tomi Lahren/Trevor Noah interview is when he (earnestly) asks her: “Well, you’ve won. Shouldn’t you be happy?”

And the look on her face indicates: No, she is not happy. She’s as mad and outraged and unhappy as ever. 

Because fascists are never satisfied.

Why they all became fascists in first place. Eternal never-ending anger and frustration.  


Watch, watch, watch! Thanks. :)

Tomi Lahren saying Hillary could use some touching and that “Bill’s a little busy” when Trvor said a joke about Donald touching people is. the single most asshole thing ever. Donald Trump sexually assaulted women and Hillary was cheated on like how could she even think that Dios mio ayudame a no meterle un puño a a la gringa blanca esta pq lo juro por todo que lo voy a hacer

Has anyone else watched the debate between Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren? And am I the only one that doesn’t think Tomi got completely roasted? Trevor continuously avoided answering her questions. Whenever she would cite a real statistic he would shove it aside and find a way to call her a racist. When she said, “I don’t look down on people based on their skin color, I don’t see color.”, his audience sounded like a group of exasperated seals, as if she said something horribly offensive. But of course they’re going to cheer for him, it’s his show.