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do u think peter has ever gone to NYC Pride in full spiderman gear? wearing a rainbow flag like a cape, loudly telling everyone he's bi and trans and that he believes in everyone and that they're valid, and all these kids going home like 'at least /spiderman/ believes in me'. the daily bugle runs an article the next day saying 'is spider-man making your kids gay?' and 'spiderman made me gay' becomes a meme in the lgbt community. peter wears a t shirt with this on at least once a week to school.

at first peter’s nervous to go to pride as spider-man, not just bc it will be the first pride he attends ever, but bc he’s afraid of how people will react to the masked hero acknowledging that he’s part of the lgbt+ community. the city just started to accept him as their hero…. it feels like he’s coming out all over again, except this time it’s to millions.

but he thinks about how he felt when he was a kid and tony stark was on television and casually said that he liked his men how he liked his women. it was a dumb joke, but tony stark was bisexual, and peter remembered thinking, “wow, if //iron man// is bi, then it must be okay for me to be different too!!!” and when he came out to aunt may and uncle ben, he was right. it was all okay. he became peter to them, he was their kid just like he always had been.

so with that in mind peter swallowed his fear and tried to focus on how excited he was, and he made his way to pride. may helped him with the cape, made sure it wasn’t long enough to get in his way while he swung around the city. and then he was off while may called, “be safe and have fun!! buy me a bisexual pride pin!!” over her shoulder.

and it went great. because of course it did. he swung over the crowds in his cape and only heard cheers. later that night he would crawl in his window and sit on his bed, he would just stare at the floor and wanna cry even though he wasn’t sad. spider-man was a big part of who he was. it was nice that people accepted that part of him as trans too. it was comforting.

of course not everyone did. the daily bugle seemed to love roasting him for being trans, constantly asking the readers “is vigilantism the trans agenda???” (yes, actually, it is). it was peculiar seeing as mr. jameson was actually really supportive of the lgbt+ community, and donated large amounts of money to the pride parade each year. he supposed it was just jameson being desperate for a story.

it became a tradition of sorts, spidey swinging over the parade in his trans pride cape. so much so that over the years people began to make t-shirts of it, signs, posters, pins. peter’s favorite was “the green goblin is transphobic”

The Perfect Prom (Part 2)

Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Prom has been more of a nightmare than the dream you hoped it would be. Thankfully, you have a friend like Peter.

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: Just me venting my feelings about my sucky prom. I wish I had a Peter in my life <3

[Y/N] = your name


When your feet hit the ground, you were slightly disappointed that your ride around with Spider-Man had officially ended. Frankly, you didn’t want to let Peter go, but he insisted that he had to get out of his suit before anyone saw him.

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