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Among all these spoilers, there are three things that really bother me. 1)No Daily Bugle? Even some analog? Damn, this movie should be unique, if he can afford it. 2)Flash and MJ. I very much hope that in the movie will be Mary Jane Watson. That is, she can be a nerdy and dress like punk (it's even cool), but she must be that Mary Jane! She should behave as MJ, and not just to say "face it, tiger ..." at the end. Flash same thing 3)This point follows from the first two. Spoilers look believable

We don’t know if there’ll be a Bugle or not? And if there isn’t, then it’ll definitely be in the next movies.

This is Tom’s first film as Spidey and there’s a lot of ground to cover. TASM2′s biggest fault was adding far too much and it ended up being extremely convoluted. We need to focus on Peter being a kid in high school at first, then branch out to other things, otherwise they’ll make the same mistakes again.

If MJ is in the movie I’m sure they’ll make her the fiery girl we know. 


By Eddie Brock

The greater New York tri-state area got a whole lot safer yesterday.  Captured late last night, Cletus Kasady, escaped serial killer and notorious redhead, was eerily calm and subdued when he eagerly surrendered to the FBI. The manhunt for the FBI’s Most Wanted felon ended innocuously in a small strip mall outside of New Rochelle, New York.

A barista at a local coffee shop recognized Kasady and eventually called the police.  The barista apologized to reporters later admitting she didn’t immediately alert authorities hoping Spider-Man would beat them to the scene.  “What can I say?  I am a HUGE fan.”

Kasady had been sentenced to twelve life sentences for the twelve murders he committed — but escaped while being transported between federal prisons. Sources say Kasady has been remanded to Ravencroft Institute for further interrogation until he is relocated to a maximum security federal prison. While the barista didn’t get her wish, we know Spider-Man thanks her… as we all do. For now it appears that Kasady won’t be causing any more carnage.


By Ned Leeds

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Lizard’s attack on Manhattan and the death of Captain George Stacy, of New York City Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit. Stacy was a decorated police veteran who left behind a loving wife and four children. In this Daily Bugle exclusive we spoke with the Stacy family, Helen, who lost a heroic husband that day, and Gwen, Phillip, Howard, and Simon, who lost their father.

Daily Bugle: Helen, is this a hard anniversary to commemorate?

Helen Stacy: It’s hard to believe George died a year ago. That night, that call, it still hurts as if it happened five seconds ago.

DB: Does your family take any solace that Curt Connors will spend the rest of his life in prison?

Helen Stacy: I think that would have mattered much more to George, just to know Connors is paying for his crimes. He cared very deeply about the law and about justice.

DB: Gwen, your graduation from Midtown Science High School is coming up and you are the valedictorian. How proud would your father have been?

Gwen Stacy: Very proud, I’m sure. (fighting back tears) And nervous for me, and concerned because he wouldn’t want me to be scared. And excited for my future. 

DB: Do you ever have any regrets that Spider-Man and your father saved the city but only one of them walked away that night?

Gwen Stacy: I think… (long pause) I think both of them did what they thought needed to be done without regard to the risk. I think both of them were heroes that night. I regret that my dad died, but not at the expense of anyone else.

DB: What about the kids? What do your classmates say about that night?

Simon Stacy: All my friends think that Spidey was totally cool, but that my dad was the coolest!

Carnage sprung by the Bloody Marys! New villains on the rise!

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Four days ago Cletus Kasady, other wise known as the ruthless and murderous villain Carnage, was sprung from jail by a new band of female criminals, the Bloody Marys. The band was reported to have forced their way into the jail and mercilessly beat down the guards of the prison.

“They came in with a taser and melted one of our men’s radios,” a guard reports. Several of whom were hospitalized by the group’s ruthless and cut throat rampage of the prison as they went to spring their partner in crime. 

 Sources report Carnage and one of the Marys have a love connection. Eye witness reports reveal the connection between the two was like a new version of Bonnie and Clyde as they held their intense passion for each other in the confines of the prison, greeting each other with a kiss of passion. Bonnie and Carnage pose a danger greater than Gotham’s Joker and Harley Quinn and anyone who sees them or their band of Bloody Marys should approach with caution and call the police hotline (555)-435-4512.

The two lovers and their followers made no remarks as they fled the scene. The ruthless and diabolical maneuvering hold root to the well known villains Spiderman and 
 the Tumblevengers. Now that they have rejoined with their member and have banded together with the Bloody Marys police advise to immediately call their hotline on sight: (555)-435-4512.


By Ned Leeds, City Bureau

A shocking Midtown bank robbery was foiled yesterday by Spider-Man. New York’s superhuman vigilante caught the mechanically augmented robber, suspected in two previous bank heists, as he fled the scene with the stolen loot.

Police arrived on the scene as Spider-Man finished webbing up the suspect, who was arrested and later identified as disgruntled engineer, Herman Schultz. Schultz created wrist-gauntlets that are capable of emitting a vibratory wave of pressure that proved capable of tearing apart a four-foot thick steel vault.

NYPD Special Crimes Unit Detective Stan Carter stated that Schultz had officially been remanded into custody and is being held at the Ravencroft Institute pending his preliminary hearing. When asked how a “disgruntled engineer” could create such dangerous weapons, Carter said, “Shocking, right? All that genius but no escape plan.”