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Out of curiosity, how did pirating Amnesia from steam came to light? Was the pirating got viral or was it starting to? Do you think while it may not affect the vita version, (As of now PSN rating is at 117 ratings for a niche game, even if ratings don't really affect how many people actually bought the game. It's actually more higher than Stein's; Gate, a game that I thought would have a wider audience) would this might discourage IFI to release them on steam?

The pirating came to light, for me, on twitter. I follow a lot of otome people there and someone found out about it there and began tweeting about it. Developers from Aksys then began tweeting about it - although I believe that was after I made my post.

I am glad to hear it looks like the PSVita version is doing so well, I think a lot of otome gamers bought one in light of the fact that more otome games will be coming out on the console now courtesy Aksys. So it’s definitely a worthy investment. It is surprising to me that Steins;Gate isn’t higher than Amnesia, but maybe that’s because the hype has died down a little since it got a PC version almost a year in advance (my timing could be off, but I believe I bought Steins;Gate for the PC last Christmas?).

Honestly, I don’t know. Obviously with how quickly Amnesia was pirated after being released on Steam, it’s highly discouraging to other developers like Aksys and judging by their tweets, the developers there don’t plan to take the same route (by porting otome games to Steam) because they viewed it as “experimental” and that it was “unsuccessful.” But they’re not seeing the numbers, IFI is - and they will have to determine whether they think it’s profitable to continue porting games to Steam or if the loss of sales from pirating is enough of a negative that they won’t bother with it again.

However porting a game to Steam also means wider accessibility to people who don’t normally play otome or who don’t have a PSVita or other handheld console. Ergo more sales than they would otherwise have, although I’m not sure how much work (read: cost) went in to porting it to Steam. There are definitely pros and cons there - it ultimately boils down to cost vs. profit and only IFI knows how affected they are.


New baby llama, Griggs @ High Park Zoo, Toronto (Morning, late August, shadowy area, 34°C)

He was born to Salsa & Fernando on August 18.

Llamas are native to the Andes Mountains of South America, and are built for high altitudes and cold weather. They are very sure-footed.

Llamas were domesticated by the Incas around 4000 BC.  Highly regarded and even worshiped, they were used for their wool, meat, and as a beast of burden, carrying goods over the mountains. They were called “silent brother” by the Incas.

They have excellent eyesight and are sometimes used today as a guard animal for small livestock like sheep.

They are very curious and clever animals.  They are a herd animal and like to have company of other llamas.

Llamas communicate by hums and grunts, but also through a variety of ear, body and tail postures.  Llamas will spit when they are angry or scared, or for establishing dominance.

Llama - High Park Zoo

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Matt how did you meet Katya? (also its awesome to see someone else who ships this :3)

Matt: It was something done when I was a much younger country. Nothing but a formality. We didn’t really seek out each others company until Belarus went to stay with America. Katya asked to meet with me then and we just kept in contact after.


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 724:
Finn Balor & Samoa Joe Vs. Rhyno & Kevin Owens

WWE NXT [July 1st, 2015]

This match has such an interesting intertwining mix of relationships and personal history. The team of Rhyno and Kevin Owens wasn’t anything new, as the two were both members of S.C.U.M. in Ring Of Honor only months earlier. Finn Balor and Samoa Joe are both superstars who’ve debuted in NXT within the last year and gained notoriety previously in other companies, and both had a problem with Kevin Owens. This match aired mere days prior to Finn Balor and Kevin Owens’ bout in Japan at Beast In The East, where Balor would defeat Kevin Owens for the NXT Championship. Joe wastes no time gunning straight for Rhyno, his former TNA adversary, but the fans were ready to see a preview of Owens/Balor. By the match’s end, Owens (fresh off a few victories over John Cena) would show arrogance, which may have spelled the end for the NXT Champion!

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Do you think it's strange that dan and phil seen to go on holiday together a lot? Greece last year japan & now again or do you find it sweet? I only think they're friends & you'd think with working & living together they'd want time apart idk they must not mind spending a lot of time with each other

I think it’s awesome that they spend time together on holiday, it shows that they really are friends who genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

Guest Napkin: David Gassman

David is an award-winning creative marketing maniac who has created hilarious advertising for Kraft, P&G, Jack in the Box, Qwest, Ikea, Nissan, Activision, NPR, and tons of other major brands. He has his own company called Ethel Avenue and a portfolio at He is lucky enough to be married to the great Johanna Stein and father to the great Sadie Gassman.
Introvert or Extrovert?

This trait focuses on the ‘world’ you like to live in.

  • Introverts feel at home in their heads, extroverts feel at home in the physical world.
  • Introverts feel drained after spending time in the company of other, extroverts feel energised.
  • If you loathe small talk you are almost certainly an introvert.
  • If you do your best problem solving in your head you’re most likely an introvert. Extroverts prefer to problem solve by bouncing ideas off someone else.


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"Kenshi, my good friend, I need your help with something. Liu Kang teases about going to brothel for his bachelor party....what is a brothel?" the shaolin looked quite embarrassed asking (kungllao)

“It…uh,” he scratched his head, hearing no hint of jesting or insincerity in the polite monk’s tone. He was immediately bemused by Liu Kang’s taunts, and contemplated if princess Kitana was aware of his hopeful festivities in lieu of their marriage.
“…it is a place where others may entertain the company of men and women.” He stated calmly, hoping to maintain a shred of the champion’s dignity before his closest friend and admirer. “…usually there is a fee involved.”


Mason was lying on the couch with his head in Maddi’s lap. He hummed softly as she played with his hair. It was a lazy afternoon, and the two didn’t have anything to do, other than enjoy each other’s company.

“Have you ever wondered who you were in your past life?”

The Company Of Others || Linsy & Joey

While Johanna wasn’t all for the suburban scene (it reminded her of families and babies and couples and gross), she wasn’t unfamiliar with it. Of course, she was raised in the typical two-story American dream home with the exception of, well, five kids (along with the occasional friend sleeping over) and two parents to three bathrooms. Honestly, Joey liked living in the city for a reason - it was cramped (but, maybe, just maybe, she was a claustrophile) yet open to her. The city screamed fun and open exploration and people. On the other hand, a white picket fence… did not. She tapped the iconic irony as she passed it, running her fingers over the bright paint. The house itself made her feel… committed as if she was about to do something ridiculous like get married. But, she needed to get away from the pressure of her family and the way she could feel her brothers quietly judging her. Maybe nobody said it to her face, but she wasn’t stupid - clearly, being the only person who hadn’t shown interest in settling down without viable reason was the odd one out. So, whatever. She could always pack up her damn stuff and start checking out ads; everybody wanted company at some point - she just had to find the right person to click with for awhile.

She probably looked like a weirdo, standing on the porch of the place and running a casual hand over the front door. It would’ve been even more weird had she called it her way of getting to know the environment. Joey knocked thrice, straightening herself up for when the door opened. She hadn’t particularly gotten all dressed up because what were first impression but a way to see her naturally? As always, she was straightforward and blunt, dressed in the simplest outfit of a jacket, shirt, and jeans; however, she confidently leaned against part of the doorframe as the door swung open, giving an award-winning (or, at least, heart-warming… or clothes-subtracting) smile. “Hi, I’m Johanna,” she was quick to rush into it, sticking her hand forward, “I saw your ad for a roommate - mind if I come in?”


The Company of Others: Uriel Correa:

Uriel Correa is a Chicago-based artist who works primarily (at this moment in time*) with acrylic and paint pen. Correa’s work is a conglamorate of blurred brushstrokes, frenzied line work, and eye popping color contrast that at first glance may seem aggressive and completely off the cuff. With closer inspection, one can see concentrated areas of detail that have a very romantic, nostalgic quality to them.

Much like trying to recall an instance seen out of the window of a speeding car or train, your memory fills in the gaps- and often exaggerates those gaps. You are aware of what you saw but you cannot recall the exact details. Faces and bodies conjoin and melt into the environment with bits of decor, movement, and light standing out amidst the chaos. All of these elements are etched into your mind to form a flitting momento. 

View more of Uriel Correa’s work from ‘The Company of Others’ here.

*I say this because Uriel is constantly creating and pushing himself- there’s no telling what he’ll be doing this time next year, but I’m excited to see.