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OG KEITH: so im getting the impression that you're not interested in princess allura? REBOOT KEITH:*wearing a shirt that says "i'm gay"* i would say thats a safe assumption, yes

I love the idea of og Keith just Not Getting It.

Og Keith: So… Made any progress with your Princess yet?

Reboot Keith: Allura and I are just friends.

Og Keith: Friends and… Something more?

Reboot Keith: We’re both gay.

Og Keith: Gay as in… Happy with each other’s company?

Reboot Keith: Oh my g- I WANT TO MARRY A MAN.

Og Keith: … Like a really close friendship?

Reboot Keith: (enraged gay screams)

12 Confessions Depict What It Exactly Feels Like To Be An Introvert

Although some people view introverts as social outcasts, they don’t “get” that our alone time is our most productive part. It is not free time, we are not being slobs, it is our happy and comfortable time. This is our biggest confession and something most people don’t understand, no matter how many times we attempt to convey this.

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McSpirk Hogwarts AU
  • Bones is a Hufflepuff, gifted in both Herbology and Potions. He’s already dating Spock (a Ravenclaw) when they meet Jim, perhaps the first Slytherin they know who can’t distinguish a cauldron from a kettle, and they offer to be his tutor.
  • Jim’s a year below them, so in their third year, he’s not yet allowed to go to Hogsmeade with them. Spock is very much against it, but Bones teaches Jim one of the secret routes that’ll lead him straight into town. Bones and Spock stand inside Honeydukes arguing over whether or not Jim sneaking out is a good idea, but the moment he arrives, Spock forgets about it and they spend the afternoon together eating sweets and enjoying each other’s company.
  • Jim makes it onto the Quidditch team as a Beater in his third year, and his first match is against the Ravenclaws. Spock is their Keeper, so Jim and Spock spend the hours before the match mocking each other and hyping each other up. Bones doesn’t fly because hell no, but it’s the first time he cheers for two teams simultaneously, waving both a green and a blue flag for his two friends and cheering them both on.
  • Jim gets the three of them in trouble a lot. He’s keen on breaking rules, which just annoys Bones, but absolutely frustrates Spock to no end. Even though he tags along, he keeps reminding them of the “rules, Jim. There are rules! Leonard, can you just talk some sense into-” “I gave up talking sense into Jim ages ago, Spock.” Cue the three of them losing house points and writing lines in detention. Both of them later kick Jim’s ass for it frequently.
  • Jim sees Spock and Bones interact together all the time. Bickering, making up, kissing, holding hands, occasionally nearly strangling each other. Initially it doesn’t affect him, but when his forth year rolls around, he starts to want that interaction as well. So while they’re in Hogsmeade, outside the Three Broomsticks, he just leans in and kisses Bones. Hands through Bones’ hair, and he loves it. Spock opens his mouth to protest, but Jim’s hand curls into Spock’s shirt, pulling him in closer just an inch. Jim pulls away from Bones, and then immediately kisses Spock, too. Arms around his shoulders, keeping him close. “I love you both,” he says after he pulls away, looking flustered at his two best friends. “You little shit,” Bones says, running a hand through his own messed up hair in an attempt to fix it. “I think what Leonard is trying to tell you,” Spock starts, circling an arm around Jim’s shoulder and he allows him to sit in between Bones and himself, “is that we love you, too.”
  • They spend a lot of time in the library studying together, and helping each other with classes they struggle with. Bones helps Jim with Potions, Jim knows surprisingly much about Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Spock helps them with Astronomy and Transfiguration. 
  • One time, Jim doesn’t show up on their date night, so Spock and Bones walk around the school grounds together to try and find him. Uhura, a Gryffindor and one of Jim’s friends, informs them that Jim took a bet and disappeared into the Forbidden Forest, but he hasn’t returned yet. “I’m going to kill him,” Bones says, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Let’s go find him,” Spock says, already walking towards the forest in a quick pace, and Bones jogs along with him. “What about the rules? That forest is filled with monsters and death and there are rules!” Bones starts. “To Hell with the rules,” Spock replies, and Bones just stares at Spock in shock for a while. 
  • They find Jim - or rather, Jim finds them. He’s running straight for them, screaming “run!” as he passes them and grabs their arms. They find out why soon after, as Jim’s being chased by gigantic spiders. All three of them run for their lives and barely make it out on time. “What the hell were you thinking?!” Bones shouts at Jim after they make it back to school grounds. His hands are on Jim’s shoulder, and he shakes him violently. “I ripped my shirt,” Jim says, which results in Bones rubbing his own temples. Spock just gently runs his fingers through the bruises on Jim’s face, making sure all three of them are unharmed, before they drag Jim back to school. 
  • And Jim is so proud when Spock and Bones graduate. He cheers louder than the rest of them, kisses them all the time and they spend the entire summer together. But he’s also really sad, because his last year is also going to be the first year he’s all alone.But Spock and Bones send him mails every week. Spock is in London, interning for the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, and he’s doing great. Bones is traveling through Asia to study alternative healing methods. Both send him cards and gifts when he aces his tests. Both also send him a Howler when he gets in trouble for breaking the rules again. 
  • After Jim graduates, Spock and Bones are waiting for him on Platform 9 ¾. He jumps out of the train and into their arms, kissing both of them passionately because he missed them so much, and Spock looks so good in a Ministry uniform, and Bones looks tanned and scruffy, almost like he’d only just arrived back minutes before and didn’t have time to change, but it’s perfect and Jim wouldn’t change a thing. They get an apartment together, and Jim becomes a damn fine Auror, happy to get home to his boyfriends every night. Often with ripped shirts and bruises, but all forgotten after he gets home into their embrace.

seokjin: feeding you from across the table; “here comes the airplaaaane!” “jin, we’re both 26.”

namjoon: making cute faces to one another to express how much you guys enjoy the food and each others company

taehyung: wanting you to feed him some of the food on your plate by staring at you with his mouth open

jungkook: offering you a forkful of food but turning it back to his face at the last minute and eating it smugly while laughing at you

yoongi: watching you eat and forgetting to eat himself because wow you are such a beaut 

jimin: reaching over and tucking your hair behind your ear when it looks like its going to touch your food

hoseok: stealing food from your plate because “it looked better on your plate” even though you guys ordered the same thing 

5SOS - 5 Mode Limited

As previously discussed, it’s often wrongly reported that 1D owns 50% of 5SOS, they don’t and they never have.

They do own 50% of 5SOS’ trademark through One Mode Productions Limited (Modest owns the other half).

They also hold a 10% share of 5 Seconds of Summer LLP (2% for each original member of 1D), Modest holds 10%, and the members of the band hold 20% each.

But there are other companies, like 5SOS LLP that is 100% owned by the band as well as three Australian companies that I’m not sure who owns (it’s publicly available to get copies of the documents, but very expensive, so I’m letting that go).

Finally though, there’s 5 Mode Limited which is owned 50/50 by the members of 5SOS and Modest.  However, the three primary owners of Modest are the only directors.  That means that they control the direction of the company, 5SOS only gets dividend shares.

5 Mode recently filed their annual financials and I was surprised to see that they are filing with a loss of nearly £100k.  Now, I have no idea what 5 Mode is set up to do or how the different companies sort out the different parts of their income - with the exception of their Australian touring company, I naturally assume that tour income and expenses flow through that company.

Since all of the 5SOS UK companies report as “small businesses”, they don’t have to report turnover, so we don’t know how much money is flowing through the account and how this loss compares to incoming funds. Additionally, the other 5SOS UK companies haven’t filed their 2015 financials yet, so I don’t know how they’ll compare.

But what we do know is that they are posting very little, comparatively, as shareholder distributions in their UK companies. It’s probable that the director salaries are how they are being paid, which would sharply reduce the shareholder distributions, but if that’s the case, they actually would pay higher taxes than taking distributions, so it’s not the best course of action.

Unfortunately, I can’t answer questions about this because I don’t know what it means overall, but posting a loss in one of the companies - the one specifically managed by Modest - was notable to me.

PM || betson
  • BETSY:Hello, Sir. I realize that we haven't spoken much, but I need to run some errands and require a Dominant escort off campus. I'm afraid I don't know many others who live on campus whose company I find palatable. Would you be able to help me out? Thank you!

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do the office employees must wear office attire like suit and ties ?



Office attire is Casual-Business Casual.

Suits and Ties can be pricey. For monsters who require custom tailoring it could cost a fortune.

Mr. Oranhamme and myself wear nicer attire because of our positions. As Head of this company Oranhamme must present a certain image to his employees and others outside the company.

As his assistant I try to present myself as someone who knows what they are doing and someone our employees can come to with questions and concerns.

While we expect professional behavior from everyone we also know these jobs can be stressful and want to make the environment as comfortable as we can.

Just, please dont come in wearing sweats, pajamas, or …socks with sandals…

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For all your characters: Describe their ideal day off.

Baithin would be out on the beach, playing his harp and enjoying the day with friends. ((MAYBE PLAYING BLITZBALL….))

Azionne would enjoy a quiet evening alone in her private quarters, reading an arcane tome by candlelight.

Edge’s ideal day off would be a day him and Ashe could have to themselves - no obligations, no danger, just the two of them enjoying each other’s company. Though he knows that neither of them would ever feel fully relaxed until the Garlean threat is eliminated.

Granny would prefer a day outdoors with her family and closest friends - a picnic in the Shroud where she prepared all of the food herself. Maybe @dat-paw would be there, chopping at trees or something with his shirt off.

Gogo’s ideal day would involve everyone having fun with his inventions, flying around on an airship with all the other Riskbreakers.

Styrm’s ideal day would be with his parents, but he knows that can never happen anymore. He enjoys taking things day by day, training and getting stronger so he can prove himself to the Riskbreakers.

Ndai’s would involve running free in an open field, unburdened by anything and getting to know new people without worrying that they will judge her.

((Her hairstyle is kinda outdated I need a new picture…))

Yue’s ideal day would involve being reunited with her lost love, so she constantly searches whenever she isn’t serving Azionne. Until then, she cannot enjoy any day to its fullest.

Thanks for the question!!

Imagine that the government creates the Furniture and Desk Association, an agency which declares that only IKEA is allowed to sell chairs. IKEA responds by charging $300 per chair. Other companies try to sell stools or sofas, but get bogged down for years in litigation over whether these technically count as ‘chairs’. When a few of them win their court cases, the FDA shoots them down anyway for vague reasons it refuses to share, or because they haven’t done studies showing that their chairs will not break, or because the studies that showed their chairs will not break didn’t include a high enough number of morbidly obese people so we can’t be sure they won’t break. Finally, Target spends tens of millions of dollars on lawyers and gets the okay to compete with IKEA, but people can only get Target chairs if they have a note signed by a professional interior designer saying that their room needs a 'comfort-producing seating implement’ and which absolutely definitely does not mention 'chairs’ anywhere, because otherwise a child who was used to sitting on IKEA chairs might sit down on a Target chair the wrong way, get confused, fall off, and break her head.

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For the annoyed/snapping at everyone anon: I just want to jump in and saythat the two months that I was on the Actavis generic of Adderall, that was absolutely a big side effect for me. It was the worst. Switching to a different generic made that and my minor headaches go away, and I could also actually follow what was going on in class again.

Funny how different generics are better than others but the drug companies like to pretend they’re all identical…


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Hello! I need advice. After years of rejections, I finally got into a medical school. However, during the rejections, I spent a lot of time doing research, up to the point where I would like research incorporated into my future career. At first, this made me hesitant to accept any MD program, but isn't it possible to be a heavily "researched-based" physician? I hear that some MDs have some patient interaction but do research almost exclusively! But, I'm not sure how common/do-able this is.

It’s totally possible to be a research based physician, I have two friends who are doing just that right now! One is ONLY doing research, the other works for a pharmaceutical company and dose mostly research. totally possible.

To men who cry about having to pay for women's meals/gifts/etc:

The position you’re in comes from a long tradition of denying women economic access, freedom, and autonomy. This dynamic of men having the money and women not having the money was put into place by the patriarchy, which you benefit from directly every day of your life. Men have historically been expected to pay for things because at one point women were not allowed property or employment. Women did not decide this. 

Women are denied access and agency at almost every turn, from opportunity to advancement. They are penalized for the aggression, ambition, and confidence that make you successful in the workplace. You will likely always have leaders at your company who are men. You will likely have many other male coworkers. You will likely never experience harassment for being a man. You are much less likely to be sexually harassed or assaulted while at work. It is easier for you to work. It is easier for you to succeed. It is easier for you to make money. No amount of dinners or diamond rings will ever make up for this discrepancy. And by the way, this spending is still discretionary, while a woman’s existence in a male dominated culture is not. You can choose to go on dates, be steady with a girlfriend, or marry your wife. Women do not choose to be disenfranchised.

If a woman chooses to pay for her own meals, great. But that’s not “ugh, finally, equality!” This is a really interesting time that you’ve decided to care about the economic independence of women. Stop viewing women who want you to pay for dinner as less than women who don’t. This is literally the smallest and most selfish step you can take in redistributing wealth.

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What do you think harry sees/thinks of when he thinks of his someone at night and imagines about having a serious relationship? What could be his scenarios that are perfect to him and can make him a little sad? Who do you think he sees himself with?

Probably simple things like lying in bed together watching Sunday night TV together. You hiding your face in his chest during a gross part of The Walking Dead or both of you freaking out about something on GoT.

You’d be all cuddled together and content and warm. The rest of the house is quiet. Maybe you just got done having a light dinner together and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards so now it’s just the two of you enjoying each other’s company.

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bilbo first trying to braid thorin's hair when he's still healing so he can be more comfortable and it just relaxing thorin so much after all they've been through, bilbo's just grateful thorin's still alive ;_;

YESSSS oh man yeah i can imagine thorin still being all bandaged and sore and he’s just so tired that he doesn’t have the energy to keep his hair neat and his braids braided so bilbo volunteers to help him since bilbo is the one at thorin’s side almost every minute of thorin’s healing process 

and thorin blushes but allows bilbo to help and thorin tries to explain the easiest way to braid and bilbo practices and practices and slowly makes progress and they’re both happy to sit there quietly as bilbo works on thorin’s braids everyday because it allows them to sit in silence for a while and just appreciate each others company yes yes yES [cries]

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I've seen some articles that are saying that in Hawaii SM are taking over a travel company? And the other reason they went there is for the 20th anniversary of SM? And they're filming a show there, I'm actually glad that half of Exo isn't going

Yes I’ve seen them too. This whole hawaii trip is confusing, and kind of odd but I guess we’ll just have to wait for more information and/or pictures to come out.

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As we all know Lolirock is a fabulous show of course but what do you think about the other marathon media shows? Like redakai,rekkit rabbit,totally spies and a hole bunch of others? Oh and I'll be totally interested to know which others shows do you like from others companies like hasbro,marvel,Disney

I was a huge fan of Totally Spies growing up and was really into Marvin Mystery. Atomic Betty was really awesome too.

As for other cartoons, I love Justice League and JLU, Avatar: TLA, Total Drama, 6teen was ok, as was Stoked! and Grojband; I like Dial in Showdown (the original), Phineas and Ferb is super good too! MLP is pretty quality, and shows like Shimmer and Shine, Elena, and Sofia are really good too. Then there’s classics like Danny Phantom, Hey Arnold!, and Kim Possible. Those are ones I can think of as of now :P