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Spanish made rifle chambered in 5.56x45mm, it replaced the original CETME which was a precursor to the HK G3. Hill & Mac Gunworks did a limited production run of 100 of these rifles assembled from demilled kits. Unlike the HK 93, another 5.56x45mm design, the CETME-L uses standard STANAG magazines like the AR-15. Whether or not these become collectable depends on if some other company will do a production run of their own. (GRH)

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  • sexual orientation headcanon

the actual answer is extremely bi but i’ll call him “the straight friend” until i die and so will ashido kirishima sero and jirou

  • gender headcanon

cis guy but specifically the kind who wears axe body spray and that itself is his gender

  • mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon

adhd icon

  • 3 random headcanons

he has older sisters and as a result is pretty chill around girls despite being very straight for them. he genuinely values female friendship and most of his close friends are girls he wouldn’t think to look at in an inappropriate way even if he thinks they’re cute. he and ashido are on the level where, with no awkwardness, he’ll sit on the other side of the open bathroom door looking the other direction and keeping her company while she’s on her period and crying. (i dont mean for this hc to cover up the occasional gross gag he’s involved in cuz he can be super male gaze-y toward girls he doesn’t know but i think it’s pretty canon that he doesn’t see or treat the girls in his class that way)

hes had a crush on at least half the class but sometimes for periods as short as a day. even the longer-term ones are all pretty flighty feelings of “wow, they’re cute” and not a real desire to date that person.

athleisure fashion enthusiast.

sero is the guy who has weed and kaminari is the guy who buys it.

Alienware is Garbage.


Let me start by saying I have had 3 alienware laptops in a row.

Let me also say that I do not do anything unusual to cause any laptop to fail - I have electronics from 1990 that still fully function as new. Other LAPTOPS from different, cheaper companies.

Every Alienware I have had, has had a nonstop slew of problems. From day one.

Power failures, Battery Dying, AC adapter slot getting wiggled loose even though it’s on a flat surface, non-moving on a table. Pixels dying. Discolored screen in the corners. Random yet frequent Blue Screens. Computer not booting correctly. Random sound failures. Random lines on the screen until I close and reopen the laptop. In EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

I can go on, and on, and on. My current model is an Alienware M17X. I got it no more than two years ago, and it now needs a new battery and ac adapter to remain functional. I unplugged it regularly to cycle out the battery power. 

Still upwards of 300$ in replacement despite proper care.

None of their problems are covered in their ‘warranty’ or accident coverage.

I mostly play MMOs and draw. I do not use any questionable sites, do not move the computer, do not use it on dangerous surfaces, have never dropped it.. etc.

Do not buy Alienware Laptops. I can not speak for their desktops but the laptops are TRASH ever since Dell bought them out. 

I paid $2800 for a piece of fancy looking plastic.

I will be buying from Origin PC from now on.

The First - Alfie Solomons

When you first find out you’re pregnant with Kit, Alfie doesn’t take the news of becoming a father as well as you had hoped.

The First - Alfie Solomons | part of the Kit Series

The fight had been monumental. Before the fight everything between you and Alfie had been easy. You would spend whole weekends up in his bed, enjoying each other’s company. Nothing was ever too serious. You shied away from talk of futures or expectations. You went about your business during the week and carved out time but only in a way that didn’t make it feel like you were sacrificing your own free time for him. He did the same, leaving work early on days he knew you would be over and going in late when he could. He thought about all the important things, like marriage and children, but he knew who he was. Alfie couldn’t fool himself into thinking that family was something he would ever have or deserve.  

Maybe that was why he was so angry at you. It was the first time you every heard him yell. When you came in his office at lunch and told him you had important news. You were going to have a child.

“No, absolutely not.” Alfie had shook his head at the news, “must be someone else’s.”  

“It is not someone else’s Alfie!” You were furious at the suggestion that you had slept with someone else while you were with him.  

“It’s not mine! Fuck…that thing is not mine right? It can’t be. You must’ve been whoring around cause there’s no fucking way.”

“Except I wasn’t whoring around. It’s your child.” You replied.

In truth, the thought of having a child that was half of you and half of him made his heart feel like it was doing flips in his chest. But it wasn’t a feeling that he was familiar with, or that he liked, so he pushed it away. He told himself he couldn’t be that lucky, to find you and then to have a child as well. So he rejected the idea as vocally as possible.  

“No fucking way.” Alfie opened the door to his office and looked out onto the floor, “Ollie!”

The young man came hurrying over, stopping in front of Alfie. He glanced over his boss’ shoulder to look at you briefly but looked away quickly when you wouldn’t meet his eyes.  

“Right, give her some money Ol.”

“Fuck you Alfie! I’m not taking your money and I’m sure as hell not getting rid of this baby. When you decide to man up and come around then you know where to find me. Otherwise I’ll go. You obviously want no part in this and I know when I’m not wanted.” You replied, smacking Ollie’s hand when he tried to offer you money.  

You stormed out of Alfie’s office. For a few weeks you heard nothing from him. He didn’t try to contact you and you stayed away from his home. Until, after what felt like years of silence, he came around late one night. The pounding on the door to your rooms startled you awake and you quickly got dressed.  

“Whose there?” You called, hand reaching for the gun that Alfie made you keep on the side table.  

“It’s me love, open up.” Alfie, who sounded very drunk, called through the door.

“No, Alfie, I told you I don’t want to talk to you.” You answered.  

“Come on, just let me in, I’m sorry right? I was just taken by surprise.”

“I don’t give a fuck what you were! I told you I was pregnant and you offered me money to get rid of it.” You called. You leaned against the door, pressing the side of your forehead on the wood.  

“I don’t wanna do this in the hallway love, let me in.”


“Fine!” He shouted, “fucking hell you’re stubborn. I’m sorry that I told you that and said it wasn’t mine. You’ve got to understand love,”

“Understand?” You stood up straight and opened the door, just so you could see his face when you yelled at him, “how’s this for understanding? I’m fucking carrying a child and it’s yours and, as you can imagine being that I’ve never been pregnant before I was scared and I was thinking that I could talk to you. Instead I get fucking accused of being a whore and sleeping with other men? Who Alfie? Ollie? Was I sleeping with Ollie?”  

“I know what I said love and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t of said that to you. I never thought I’d have this,” he stated, gesturing between the two of you, “I’m not good with words love.”

“You were plenty good with them when you were yelling at me Alfie. I know this isn’t something we talked about wanting-”

“I want it though, right.” Alfie stated, cutting you off. He had known weeks ago that he wanted a baby with you and he’d made the mistake of pushing you away.  

“I’m really angry with you Alf, you said awful things to me.”

“And I’m sorry.”  

“I know,” you placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned forward slightly to kiss his cheek. “I know you’re sorry but it’s gonna take me some time before I forgive you.”  

Alfie nodded. He frowned when he realized what you were asking. “I’ll go.”  

You followed Alfie to the staircase and watched him walk toward the door. You wanted to invite him back upstairs but you knew you couldn’t. What he’d said hurt you and he needed to understand that. You thought maybe you’d start slow, lunch at his office tomorrow.

This is like a prequel to Kit being born and I wrote it solely to show the difference between the second pregnancy and the first. 


Life is…

Okay, Wesley cannot keep lying to himself. He’s made some mistakes - really, really big mistakes. He lost his job after the political scandal with the Jefferson campaign for presidency in San Myshuno. Since then, no other companies or politicians have wanted to take him on because they think he might be corrupt, even though he didn’t know anything about what was going on.

This caused him to lose his home and he has been making do wherever he can since then.

It’s good that Max doesn’t have to go through this with him at least…

Daily Reedus #8

I love Norman’s amazing bromance with Sean Patrick Flanery. Those two together could make an entire room of women faint with just one smile. I love how playful they are and how much they just enjoy each other’s company. It’s so great to see a good example of a friendship that’s strong enough to last past the end of their shared projects.

I wasn’t familiar with BDS until I began watching TWD. Once I fell in love with Daryl, I began to research what Norman has done before the show. That’s how I stumbled upon the BDS universe and the perfection that is Flandus. 


The Promise Of A Dwarf (KilixReader)

Originally posted by tinysofia

For anon who requested a Kili x reader with lots of snuggles

You and Kili became extraordinarily close to each other after your engagement. The whole of Erebor knew how fond he was of you, and you of him. They also knew how much the two of you loved the warmth of each other’s company in front of a large fireplace on a sofa, so the Company surprised you with your very own sitting room, complete with the sofa, a fireplace, and a few other odds and ends.

It was a typical night in that room. Kili had just returned from a long, tedious meeting with Fili and Thorin and he was exhausted.

  “Come here Kee.” You patted the spot on the sofa next to you. “Bombur brought us some tea. Want some?”

  “Oh boy do I!” He said with a grin.

He sat beside of you and let you curl up under his arm. It was moments like this that made you feel so content and at ease, even though wars and rumors of wars were constantly being talked about. Peace talks and the sharpening of weapons didn’t matter. You had your One. He was right here with you.

He pulled you in closer and said the very thing that made you melt all the more. He loved saying the word, just to see you smile.

  “Snuggle with me, amralime.” He said with a quiet tone and poked the tip of your nose.

You moved in and laid your head on his chest. “Mmm I love you Kee. You mean the world to me.”

He replied smoothly, “Well that’s a good thing because you mean the universe to me.” He chuckled.

The next few hours were spent snuggling in front of the fire listening to the rain pelt on the window nearby.

After he put more wood on the fire, he joined you once again on the couch.

You looked up into his eyes as you lay on his lap. “Kee?”

  “Hmm?” He lifted a brow and looked down at you with a kind smile. “What is it love?”

  “Promise me something.”

He stroked the side of your face tenderly, replying only with, “Anything my precious.”

  “Promise me you’ll never let me go, no matter what happens.” You said with a crack in your voice.

  “I promise with all my heart amralime. I promise.”

Kili kissed your knuckles and spent the rest of the night with you. As for you, you received the only thing that meant anything to you that night; the promise of a dwarf.


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50 daisuga for the prompt thingy? I adore your works

Ahh thank you that’s so sweet!! I’m so glad you like my fics!

50: “We’d make such a cute couple.” (4/5)

It’s a usual Friday night: Suga at Daichi’s house, the two of them sprawled on Daichi’s bed while Daichi plays a video game and Suga studying. Daichi should be studying too, but he hardly ever studies. And infuriatingly enough, he never needs to. He always does just as good as Suga, if not even better, on all their tests despite Suga getting in usually three times as much study time as Daichi. But Suga doesn’t mind that much. It means nights like this are common, the two of them keeping each other in silent but comfortable company.

Suga’s legs are draped across Daichi’s thighs, Daichi’s arms resting on Suga’s shins as he leans towards the television screen. Suga looks up from his textbook, not for the first time in the last hour. Daichi frowns at the television, and Suga watches as he tilts his head, as if the change of angle will help in the game.

A thought pops into Suga’s head, a very familiar thought, and usually it’s fleeting, never voiced. But this time, Suga decides not to keep it silent. He lets the thought find his tongue, disrupting the silence between them.

“We’d make a really cute couple,” Suga says. He flexes his toes as he says it, nudging Daichi’s arm to get his attention.

“Hm,” Daichi hums distractedly, tilting his controller as he presses the buttons harder and faster than normal.

Suga just smirks, turning back to his textbook. It’s okay that Daichi didn’t acknowledge the statement. He probably didn’t even hear it. And that’s okay. Perhaps Suga can pretend-

“Wait… what?” Daichi suddenly questions. The television goes silent as the pause menu is displayed.

Suga looks back up from his homework. “Nothing, I just said we’d make a cute couple.”

Daichi stares at him with wide eyes, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows. Suga doesn’t miss his left hand coming off his controller to wipe a sweaty palm on his pants.

“You look like a fish out of water, Dai,” Suga teases, finally drawing the captain out of his stunned floundering.

“Do you…. Is that what you want?” Daichi asks. Suga finds it endearing how he stumbles over his words.

“Oh come on, Dai. Have you seriously not noticed how huge of a crush I’ve had on you?” Suga laughs. “You’d honestly be the only one if you haven’t. I mean, the first years call us ‘mom and dad’ for fucks sake.”

“I, uh… just thought it was because… you know, captain and vice-captian….”

Suga rolls his eyes and sits up, pulling his legs from Daichi’s thighs to fold them underneath himself. He tilts his head as he leans closer to Daichi. “So? What do you think?”

“U-Uh I- yes,” Daichi blurts, one word tripping over the other in a rush to leave his lips.

“Good,” Suga giggles. “Now, where are you taking me for dinner tomorrow night?”

Suga doesn’t think it’s possible, but Daichi looks even more flustered than he did a minute earlier.

Send me a pairing and a number for a short drabble!! [No More]

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If you could assign RWBY to any other company/brand besides RoosterTeeth, who would it be and why? (no rwdeness at RT just curious is all)

Hmm, I don’t really know a lot about other companies/brands and their reputations enough to really have a good answer for this.

I would probably just say any company that can give RWBY what is needs and deserves to succeed, most notably longer episodes. I mean at this point RWBY is one of Roosterteeth’s biggest most successful shows, but I feel like it’s also always being pushed to the back burner in favor of their other projects as a company. I’d just be happy to see RWBY get longer run times no matter the company. XD


I love Diego. Diego is very funny. He’s a very cool guy, quite a smartass, and I really appreciate smartasses. He used to make fun of me for the stupid backpack I wore. There were a few situations where I couldn’t [wear the stilts]. [When] I was on a cliffside or running in water and stuff like that, I had to wear this backpack with a telescoping head that came off the top, and it was really stupid looking. And the first time I wore it, it was like the first day we shot in Jordan. And he said [Puts on Diego Luna accent.], “Something terrible has happened. Ever since you put on that backpack, you have depressed the entire crew. It’s very sad.” He just went on about, “Please, for God’s sake, please take it off. For the love of God.” Anytime I put it on, “Everyone respected you just one moment ago. But now, it is evaporated.”

Has anyone ever noticed that in episode 4 Lance and Keith were chilling by themselves during the speech????

AND THEN Hunk joins them

and no Arusian’s turn to them to continue a conversation afterwards so 0u0 they were just talking and chilling during the party and that makes me v happy