The Company of Others

Exo is talented. They come from a big 3 company, but they’ve worked their asses off just like any other group. They deserve those awards just like any other group. So please, ik your fav didn’t win but dont say exo got it handed to them because they didnt. They made their own records and they broke their own records and it didnt happen over night. They’ve been through a lot of shit so there is no reason to antagonize their fans just bc they want to give them the awards they believe they deserve

So I made this post previously as a joke when episode 7 came out. But now I am seriously thinking if I need to go back and review all the ratings I have ever given on MAL so far to properly reflect the level of Yoi’s quality in my list. Because honestly this anime has set the bar for my expectations so high, be it character development or plot or animation or music or anything really. I am done compromising on my standards and I think it would be nice if other companies can take an inspiration from Yoi to treat their viewers right.

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Fuck other locations and employees who break company policy on a regular basis. Fuck the other location's cashiers that let you use a coupon on a sale item even though the coupon excludes sale items with the exclusions clearly printed on said coupon. I'm tired of going "The coupon won't apply because it's on sale already" and pointing to it after being told that "well the other location lets me use this". Not sorry for my "poor customer service" because I want to keep my job ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To all of you people out there that keep telling Naomi fans “oh her time will come” “be patient” “good things come to those who wait” FOH with all that bullshit and take several fucking seats.

We along with Nao have waited 6 almost 7 goddamn years. She has improved leaps and bounds every year that she’s been with the company and continues to get passed over. Other girls have held title while being on the roster and with the company for just a few months. The girls only have 1 title on each show to compete for so don’t give me that bullshit about not everyone gets to be a champion. Naomi is and has been the best in the main roster for a long time now and WWE continues to purposefully ignore her and downplay her abilities on every level.

I know we’re all talking about how the coaching fee will be Yuuri’s hand in marriage. Super cute, right? But imagine this:

It’s the night after they are married. The two of them are snuggling in bed just talking and enjoying each other’s company. Viktor then says he has to get something and gets up for a moment. When he comes back he’s hiding something behind his back. Yuuri gets excited and blushy cause that’s what he does when Viktor surprises him. 

Viktor then pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to Yuuri with that stupidly cute heart shaped smile of his. Yuuri puts his glasses back on (they probably just had sex cause it IS their wedding night after all) and reads the paper.

It’s the bill. All the money Yuuri owes Viktor being his coach.

He is no longer a happy newlywed at that point in time.

Headcannons - Christmas with the gang

• You, Pony, and Soda scream Christmas songs through the house
• Baking cookies with Darry and Johnny and ending up covered in the ingredients
• Having snowball fights
• Trying to teach Dallas and Two-Bit how to wrap presents
• The rest of the boys not wanting you to teach them but they scream for you until you help them
• Matching sweaters with Pony and Johnny
• Soda probably ends up getting a matching sweater with Steve
• Playing games on Christmas Eve
• Pony and Soda fighting over who hands out the presents until Darry breaks it up and hands them out himself
• After opening presents you all go outside and play in the snow - even Dally
• Everyone is really happy and loving each other’s company Gay Berlin: Birthplace of a Modern Identity eBook: Robert Beachy: Kindle Store Gay Berlin: Birthplace of a Modern Identity eBook: Robert Beachy: Kindle Store

An unprecedented examination of the ways in which the uninhibited urban sexuality, sexual experimentation, and medical advances of pre-Weimar Berlin created and molded our modern understanding of sexual orientation and gay identity.

Known already in the 1850s for the friendly company of its “warm brothers” (German slang for men who love other men), Berlin, before the turn of the twentieth century, became a place where scholars, activists, and medical professionals could explore and begin to educate both themselves and Europe about new and emerging sexual identities. From Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, a German activist described by some as the first openly gay man, to the world of Berlin’s vast homosexual subcultures, to a major sex scandal that enraptured the daily newspapers and shook the court of Emperor William II—and on through some of the very first sex reassignment surgeries—Robert Beachy uncovers the long-forgotten events and characters that continue to shape and influence the way we think of sexuality today.

Chapter by chapter Beachy’s scholarship illuminates forgotten firsts, including the life and work of Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, first to claim (in 1896) that same-sex desire is an immutable, biologically determined characteristic, and founder of the Institute for Sexual Science. Though raided and closed down by the Nazis in 1933, the institute served as, among other things, “a veritable incubator for the science of tran-sexuality,” scene of one of the world’s first sex reassignment surgeries. Fascinating, surprising, and informative—Gay Berlin is certain to be counted as a foundational cultural examination of human sexuality.

Recommended reading, friends.

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How do I grow enough confidence so that I stop isolating myself and learn to approach other people? It's a lifelong habit that was a defensive tactic that I don't need anymore and simply existing in my own bubble is tiring.

When you value what God says about you more than what other people says, you’ll gain confidence. Lack of confidence comes from determining your life from other people’s perspective. It’s like letting people be your god and control what you think about yourself and who you are. 

I don’t know if i can give you advice by stopping isolation because i haven’t done it myself. I’m an introvert who loves my own company. Hahahaha!

In approaching other people i think your focus shouldn’t be on “what they can do for me or how will they make me happy” but rather being selfless that you first focus on what you can give rather than what you can take.

God bless you! ❤

I would like one friend in LA that I could sit and have dinner with in silence.

Not an awkward silence. But a silence that symbolizes comfort and familiarity. A silence that shows that we appreciate we each other’s company.

Weird request, I know.

About Andy’s solo career: I think he was trying to do what his good friend William Control did. William Control /Wil Francis was the singer for Aiden, then they broke up and he went solo as William Control. None of Wil’s solo albums have sold well but he has dedicated fans who love him. He makes a living doing other things. He produces. Has an amazing Merch company. Writes books. Poetry. He is a man of many talents who can get by. Andy is a good talker so maybe his talk show will be a success. He needs to get himself straighten out. If he continues to allow Juliet to run his life he will be miserable. She doesn’t need to work too hard. She comes from money and Scientology. I really feel sorry for him. He is screwed up on many levels by getting involved with a woman like that. I hope one day as he’s walking around LA he comes across Katie Holmes or Leah Rimini. Not everyone who leaves Scientology are able to leave alive but these two ladies did and the stories they could share about their experiences!

Splitting Hairs

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: Swearing 

A/N: So, I guess this is a part two to my first fic. I just really enjoyed it and you guys did too so YAY! I might do a part 3 I dunno and I only say this is a part two because I imagine this being the same reader as before. You guys even get a gif this time cause I was bored

Part One: Questionable Intentions 

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You had been visiting more and more since Thor had first introduced you to the other Avengers. You enjoyed all of their company, but you really enjoyed the time you spent, alone, with Loki. You had grown fond of the god and would even dare to say that he felt the same about you. One day while you were “escaping” the company of Earth’s mightiest heroes, you wandered down a hall and stumbled into Loki’s room. Inviting yourself in, you soon realized Loki wasn’t there. Even though you knew you shouldn’t you could never pass up a chance to explore an empty room. Making quick use of your time alone, you inspected every inch of his room without going through anything. Just as you were about to start moving everything to the right about 2 inches the trickster found you.

“What are you doing?” he eyed you suspiciously

“Nothing,” you said feigning innocence

Loki grinned “you don’t look like you’re doing nothing,” he said, “but since I really don’t care I’m not going to pry.” He made his way to his bed and sat down. You continued to look around his room, asking him random questions like you always had, focusing more on his bookshelves and the small decorations and books that filled them.

“Can I mess with your hair?” you asked making your way to Loki’s bed to sit next to him.

“I’d prefer you didn’t” he replies his nose in a book like always

“Come on, please,” you said putting on your best begging puppy face

“You know that isn’t going to work on me” he replied not even needing to look at you to know that your eyes resembled a doe’s.

“Please,” you whined. Loki sighed in response and you took it as a yes, moving to sit behind him. You ran your fingers through his hair combing it out a bit before beginning to separate it into sections and starting to braid it. Your tongue poked out of your mouth. Your idea wasn’t working so you plopped down onto the bed next to Loki opening up Pinterest on your phone and flicking through images.

“Loki” you whined

“Yes,” he said slightly irritated by your antics.

“I need help” you continued to whine

“With what?” Loki questioned, glancing at you  

“Your hair,” you said still flipping through pictures, eliminating the ones you didn’t like

“I don’t even want you to do my hair, Y/n, why would I help you pick something out” Loki pointed out

“Cause you love me” you joked

“Do I? I wasn’t aware” Loki said hiding his slight surprise at your words.

“Just a little” you replied “Not like love, love like friend, love. You get me?”

“Whatever you say”

You went back to your pictures and when you had narrowed it down to a few options you shoved your phone in his face.

“This one?” you said as an image of a girl with three messy buns on the back of her head appeared on your phone screen. 

“No. If you even attempt to do that I will cut your hands off.” his eyes darkened and it was the first time you had actually been scared of the trickster in a long time.

“Okay… What about this one?” this time the picture was a simple ponytail with a section braided

“If you’re going to do my hair you’re going to do something more extravagant than that” Loki said a smirk playing on his lips

“That leave us with this” you flipped to a picture of a braided bun. You weren’t even sure if Loki had enough hair for this to work you just thought the style looked cool.

“That’ll do” Loki turned his attention away from your phone and focused on the mirror across the room and watched you as you began to work. He smiled as your face contorted into a mask of confusion for a few moments before you started working, following the pictures. After a few minutes, you huffed in frustration.

“It can’t be that hard,” Loki said his smile still present

“Shut up I’m working” you replied as your brows furrowed. You were determined to get this look right, knowing Loki picked it because he thought you couldn’t do it. Loki made a move to push your hands away from hair and tried to do the style himself. He didn’t get very far before you slapped his hands out of the way and continued working.

“This is my job not yours, it’s no fun if you do it for me,” you said your voice stern but the god wasn’t giving up. Finally after a lot of hand smacking and almost 2 hours of work you got his hair done. It wasn’t like the picture at all, in fact, you gave up a few minutes ago and settled for a simple man bun. You had to admit it didn’t look half bad.

“That doesn’t look like the picture at all,” Loki said

“Oh shut it. I know you picked that style ‘cause it was the hardest out of the three,” you grumbled, pouting.

“Now, now why would I do that,” he said a smirk on his face

“‘Cause you hate me” you continued to pout.

“I do not” he replied appalled by your accusation

“Then you should let me cut your hair if you don’t mind,” You said knowing you were pushing your limits.

“Would you mind if I cut yours?” Loki said his voice rising slightly as you found a pair of scissors

“I’d probably kill you if you did that.” you took a section of Loki’s hair between your fingers mimicking what you’d seen your hairdressers do without cutting his hair. He quickly moved his head so his hair was out of reach just as you closed the scissors making a harsh snipping noise.

“Oh fuck,” you said your face turning pale

“What,” Loki said “WHAT DID YOU DO”

“I didn’t do anything,” you said hurriedly “you’re the one that moved. If you wouldn’t have moved you wouldn’t be missing about 2 inches of hair in one spot”  

“WHAT” Loki roared quickly becoming panicked as you sat behind him and laughed, “YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?”

“I find it hilarious,” You said a huge smile plastered on your face

“Y/n, darling, nitwit,” he said

“Loki, sweetheart, asshole,” you said back “Your hair is fine, I swear, it was a joke ”Oh, I knew that…I was just playing along” Loki replied his face turning back to its normal color as he quickly tried to play off his panic.

“Sure you did,” you said “totally didn’t get tricked by a simple mortal girl like me”

“Definitely not” Loki confirmed. You couldn’t wait to tell Thor and the others about this.


A/N: Thank you all so much for reading if you have any ideas or requests I’ll take them. Leaning towards a part three but who knows if I’ll ever get around to posting it.

Thanks again to @21waywardheathens and @firewolfkelly also tagging @casameanlock (She’s awesome check out her stuff) and @dedicatedbff (Who is also awesome)

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I've seen posts suggesting people don't buy bad dragon toys. There are claims BD steal designs and are over priced and the quality of their toys ain't as good as other companies. I've seen really cool toys that are way more affordable than BD stuff

Yeah I’ve had a few people tell me similar things !! So I’m looking at some different shops! Thanks for the warning !


Today I summoned up the courage to ask my teacher for a Letter of Recommendation for an internship I’m applying to ;w;
Was super nervous because, as expected, he asked the name of the studio I was thinking of applying to ;w;

Ahaha I have built up a bit of a thicker skin after a few years of being in animation school but I was still super worried he would be think I wasn’t ready or something
But he encouraged me to go for it? ;w;
I had like an hour of high just from that encouragement ;w;

Still gotta finish compiling my demo reel and wait for him to finish the letter but ;w;
I hope I get in ;w;
Even though it’s such a well-known company, it’s like in my top 2 ;w; ((to be fair the other one is basically the same company but not))


Just because you’re an intern doesn’t mean you can’t make bank. According to a recent poll, Facebook pays interns up to $8,000 a month, while Snapchat has offered interns as much as $9,000 a month. Read about the other big companies taking care of their interns in the link in bio and on #CNBCMakeIt.

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im tearing up over here thinking about how pb and marcy used to drift away from each other and now they’re together again and you can see how much they enjoy each other’s company and theyre so supportive to each others…… its so good u guys…. they love each other so much and its so heartwarming 👍👍👍