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It’s so late but here’s the third one for the bishonen challenge!! D: The tsundere horse from RF4, Dylas! To be honest, I really couldn’t decide at first between Leon and Dylas, but when I saw how Dylas can cook I just had to get him XD I like how he prepares the lunch everyday hahaha. Also, I had to redraw him a lot of times just so I could get his face and hair right and it’s still now wavy OTL (what’s with that eyebrows anyway? -_-) Still I like how this one turned out XD I’m deciding on who to draw next on my list!

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I’ve decided to finally include him on this bishonen challenge as number 4th dude. Also, Leon Bastet VIII is actually Leon’s full name based on here! Hahaha. Why must RF4 characters have so much detail in their clothing? Starting with Cliff, then Barrett and Dylas, the details on these guys keep getting more and more detailed D: And my coloring style also keep getting more and more complicated jashfasjlkghaslkfj. Anyway, I’ll try and draw the rest of the list soon!

Bishonen challenge: 1 | 2 | 3 | x

#2 on my list of favorite guys is Barrett from RF2! It’s late but at least I manage to post it for the bishonen challenge. I honestly couldn’t decide whether I draw him as an adult or not D: But I just settled with his RF2 appearance cause why not? I wish there’ll be a remake of RF2 where you can have the option to play as a girl in the first gen.

Bishonen challenge: 1 | x | 3 | 4

Anyway, here’s some bonus sketches again:

I’ve always wondered how Barrett ended up as a teacher. It was a surprise when I saw him inside the school teaching kids yet for some reason it did fit him, like he’s meant to be a sensei? D: Anyway, next on my list is probably gonna be Dylas! :D

Rune Factory Valentine’s Festival 2017!

Hello RF fandom! Remember the previous RF Valentine’s fan events? Heads up, for some nice folks and I decided to host it again this year!

Our Valentine’s Festival will start February 1st and rage until February 14th, with nice double prompts for you to choose from every other day! Why space it out like this? To give you more time to create, specially in case you want to do a lot of these!

You can contribute with fanart, fanfics, shitposts, edits, pretty much anything (as long as it’s RF related.) Be it fluffy or smut, be it one prompt or all of them–you can even combine the same day prompts. Remember to tag your posts as “RFVF2017” and I’ll reblog them all!

If you’re going for nsfw entries, make sure to properly tag it as nsfw–and keep it consensual between adult characters. Also, I won’t be reblogging them directly but I’ll put a link on this masterpost (to keep my blog safe for work but promote your posts at the same time!)

That being said, here are the themes:


Wednesday, February 1st: “First kiss/time” or “Worst date ever”

Friday, February 3rd:  “You did this for me?” or “A misunderstanding” 

Sunday, February 5th: "Playing cupid" or “A secret/obvious crush”

Tuesday, February 7th:  “Wow, you look stunning” or “What on Earth are you wearing?“ 

Thursday, February 9th: "Zero flirting skill” or “Lovers? I’ve got plenty!”

Saturday, February 11th:  “It’s cold, come warm me up” or “Beach day!”

Monday, February 13th: “Past/future events” or “Maybe in an alternate universe…“

Tuesday, February 14th: “Valentine/White’s day!” or “Mushy, terribly written poems” or “Burnt cookies/chocolates”


Again, the tag will be RFVF2017 and it starts on February 1st! Any questions, you can ask me or @sharance-maze!

(Bonus: here’s a RF4 ship generator in case you want inspiration–or an extra challenge!)