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Watch Vacation Full Movie Streaming Online (2015) 1080p HD M.e.g.a.s.h.a.r.e

Boruto Berendemm, hahahh LoL

Release Date : 2015-07-29
Casts : Skyler Gisondo, Steele Stebbins, Brandon Michael Hale, Chris Hemsworth, Miles Doleac, Colin Hanks, Elizabeth Gillies, Charlie Day, Chevy Chase, Nick Kroll, Tim Heidecker, Leslie Mann, Michael Peña, Ron Livingston, Christina Applegate, Ed Helms, Keegan-Michael Key, Beverly D'Angelo, Catherine Missal, Norman Reedus, Kaitlin Olson, Regina Hall, Nadine Avola
Duration : 99 minutes runtime
Rating : 6.8



➼ Amy Movie Storyline
A documentary on the late singer/songwriter, who died of alcohol poisoning in 2011.


➵ Amy Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-07-10
Casts : Yasiin Bey, Tony Bennett, Amy Winehouse, Salaam Remi, Juliette Ashby, Pete Doherty, Blake Fielder, Mark Ronson
Duration : 128 minutes runtime
Rating : 6.2


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catman933 asked:

Yo trying to fiddle around with TVpaint, how do you get ur sick brushes?


1. Draw the shape of your brush

2. Select it

3. On the left side there should be selection options. Click Copy/Cut to Brush

4. This menu should pop up

5. Play around with the settings.

6. Go crazy til you get what you want!

7. If you want to save your new brush, go on your brush menu, and right click, Grab Current Tool/with colors!

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i haven’t been able to stop thinking about this, so i’m gonna share it with all of you: you know that one au that’s like “your soulmate’s last words are tattooed on your body”?

so my brain took that and said, “okay, but what about that with immortal fake ah crew?”

because, god, i’m just imagining the sheer number of words? ray’s got them sprawling down his sides in neat columns in fine print. geoff has them circling his arms, from his shoulders down to his wrists like tat sleeves. gavin’s got them scattered all over, collarbones and hips and fingers and behind his ears.

some of the words are ridiculous. laughable. “you know what, i think i did forget to pack parachutes.” “fifty bucks says i can make that jump.” michael’s got “oh, fuck me” on his lower back like a tramp stamp and displays it proudly.

others hurt. “go! go, get out, i’ll hold them off.” “fuck, i’m sorry, i’m so sorry.” ryan finds “oh, god, don’t let him see my body like this” and something in his chest aches finely.

jack’s the one who finally makes them all chronicle them, dozens of pictures in a book they all pour over, grimacing and laughing in equal measures. 

(“you know, i think most of these are gavin’s.”


“yeah, you could say fucking any of these in a british accent and i’d believe it. fucker dies like three times a day.”


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