The Calm

Four Ways To Love Yourself

Free People writes:

The art of self-care is supported by our connection with the natural world and the vibration of love within us. Through our relationship with the elements, through the plants, through touch, through prayer, we are able to penetrate deep into the core of our being and remember our true nature: I Am Love.

My personal practice of self-care deepened when I truly understood how caring for myself directly influenced the well-being of Mother Earth. I love these words by Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh, which reflect our oneness: “Dear Mother, you are present in every cell of my body. My physical body is your physical body, and just as the Sun and Stars are present in you, they are also present in me. I promise to keep the awareness alive that you are always in me, and I am always in you.”

Here are four rituals we practiced during our FP Escapes retreat to Spain. During the Self-Care Ritual Workshop at the local Hammam, the group sought — and found — harmony within body/soul and Mother Earth.

anonymous asked:

Why is it all of a sudden 5hg to load a game? It was fine when it was free. Some people don't have all that much cash to throw around. Why is the company just suddenly hogging money?

Relax. Stop acting like this is such a big deal when it isn’t. Did you read what I just posted earlier in the day about how the change won’t effect you at all if you are playing the correct way??? You don’t have to load a save every time you open the game. Doing so is unnecessary. Seriously. Next time you open the game, just press original story. The game should load correctly. It has done so every single time I have played the game and i have been doing so since the game was released in July.

It was always supposed to cost 5HG to load a save, the game was just so unstable when it first came out that we basically HAD to use the save load function if we wanted to play it. The game has been mostly stable for a while now, it’s actually surprising that they continued to keep it on for so long.

They aren’t hogging anything, the game is still free-to-play. You don’t have to give them any money if you want to play totally free, you are just going to have to work for it.

FYI, 5HG comes out to be $0.165

Yuuri touched Viktor’s hair.

I mean, of course, to most it’s a small gesture but I think it means much more than it actually looks. This whole episode Yuuri was trying to gain more confidence within himself. He also had trouble establishing relationships due to his somewhat awkward personality. And he’s been pushing Viktor and almost everybody else away; because he’s been putting up this barrier that shuts him out from everyone else. Yuuri even pointed out that he needed to open himself up more. 

Yuuri is usually not one for touch. Or for making relationships. But Viktor has been increasing Yuuri’s openness ever since ep. 1. So I kinda don’t get why people are saying that Viktor is out to use Yuuri, because proof from these episodes are showing that Viktor really has no intention of doing so

But Yuuri looking at Viktor’s hair and getting such an urge to touch his hair and actually DID IT; proves that he actually calmed down enough and allowed Viktor in and put down his own barrier. He opened himself up, he let himself be freed a little more. Yuuri felt alone because he would not allow anyone else to carry the burden. Even though he apologized to Viktor for doing it, it was something small, but so substantial because Yuuri actually did it. 

He even opened himself up to a new composition for the song he decided on. Showing growth. Viktor even said it himself.

Yuuri is improving under Viktor’s care. 

So I think some people in this fandom should stop assuming things we don’t even know yet. We’ve already revealed the reason why Viktor is there. Yet we don’t know too much about his backstory. But let’s just cross that bridge when we get there instead of making Viktor seem like a bad guy.

Just saying.

Hands are really squishy aren’t they?
Like kinda bumpy I suppose, but mostly rather squish!
And I’m a super tactile person so I can imagine just messing about with a tiny friend who trusted me enough, laying my hand on them or gently pressing a finger to them- it’s not enough to even remotely hurt or even discomfort but the pressure is almost all surrounding, like the warmest, tightest hug all over!

I like the idea of squeezing their face lightly between a finger and thumb so their cheeks go a lil squish and their face looks kinda funny- it’d probably make them giggle which would be lovely!
Pinching their tiny hands in my grasp too so we can hold hands, or just….feeling them but not in a nasty or perverse way or anything?
Just understanding them I guess, nothing more to it- no motive or anything just…..holding them and feeling their weight in my hand and how they feel to touch, letting them lie in my hand while I pay attention to every slight movement because I’m just so fascinated by them!!

Also I’ve seen designs for goo or slime tinies before and they’re just twice as good because like, they’re so tactile and lovely to hold- not to mention you can still play about the ways I mentioned before, but there’s absolutely no danger of hurting them even by accident!!
And they must feel so calm and cool to the touch, kinda oozy and nice!

Idk I think with my hands sometimes, it’s hard to put into words properly!
I just like the idea of knowing a tiny comfortably enough for us both to explore and mess about like this, with them climbing about me and being as tactile as they want and me able to hold and handle them without fear!