The Calm

Riding Out The Storm

CW: Depression, self-deprecating thoughts, anxiety

Notes: Written for @abstractedthinking who is having a hard time. Just a short little thing. Sorry if it’s a little rough around the edges, I’ve got a pretty bad headache today D:<  


Patton hadn’t seen Virgil all day. 

That by itself wasn’t terribly alarming, but then there’d been the anxious side’s behavior before he’d disappeared: withdrawn, uncertain around the others, more likely to shy away from physical contact. The clues were subtle, but Patton had learned to spot them long ago. Combined with his all-day disappearing act, there was no doubt in Patton’s mind: Virgil was having an episode. 

He waited until Logan and Roman had retired for the evening before seeking Virgil. It was always better to confront him when there was less likelihood of being interrupted. He knew Virgil wouldn’t be asleep; he rarely slept anyway, and during the episode, there would be…distractions, keeping him awake. 

Patton’s jaw firmed a little as he climbed the stairs. Distractions, indeed. A familiar curl of anger uncoiled in his gut, but he suppressed it. Now was not the time for his own emotional response; now was the time to be there for Virgil. 

He didn’t knock when he reached the anxious side’s door. But he did pull out the key Virgil had given him, all those months ago. He’d pressed it into Patton’s hand, eyes averted, and mumbled, “Just in case.” 

Patton hadn’t asked ‘in case what.’ He’d suspected he’d know, when the time came to use the key. 

He pushed the key into the lock and opened Virgil’s door, slipping inside and closing it behind him. He blinked, willing his eyes to adjust. “Virgil?” 

A soft whimper met his ears, and he squinted, trying to see through the shadows. They eventually resolved themselves just enough to see the vague lumpy shape of Virgil’s bed–and the dark shape of Virgil, curled up in its center. 

Patton reluctantly let go of the doorknob and stepped into the unnatural black. It wasn’t just the absence of light that made Virgil’s room like this sometimes, he knew, but an invasion of shadows: the darker thoughts, doubts, and fears that Virgil worked so hard to keep from Thomas. 

And he did an amazing job, he really did. But sometimes they overcame him all the same, and he’d confided to Patton, not long ago, that they could hound him for days or even weeks at a time, if no one intervened. 

Patton’s heart had broken, thinking of all the times no one had. Of all the times in the past that Virgil had vanished, and the’yd all chalked it up to the anxious side simply being ‘emo,’ or ‘broody.’ Not once had any of them thought to check on him–to find out if he needed help. 

Guilt tried to choke Patton’s throat and pushed, burning, at the back of his eyes. We left him alone for so long, he thought sorrowfully. He suffered so much, and it was our fault. My fault. I could’ve–


Patton’s mouth twisted into a silent snarl, and he forced the thoughts from his mind. The shadows were subtle, but he’d learned to recognize them, when they began to work at him. And he’d learned ways to resist.  

Virgil. Focus on Virgil. Guilt doesn’t matter. Yes, I made mistakes, but they’re in the past. They don’t matter now.

(…you left him to suffer, you ignored him, you hurt him, you…)

–won’t make the same mistake twice.

The voices relented some, sullen, and Patton nodded, satisfied he’d shut them up for the time being. He moved forward, doing his best to ignore the vague, ominous hissing as the shadows slithered past him, trying to coil around his limbs. He clenched his fists and focused his attention on his goal: Virgil. He thought, clear and confident, I am going to get to Virgil. I am going to comfort Virgil. I am going to reach my son. 

The shadows hissed angrily, furious at his steadfast resolve, but it was enough: they retreated a little. Enough for Patton to catch a glimpse of Virgil, sitting wide-eyed and curled in on himself, tears streaking his face and hands clamped to his ears as he tried to drown out the voices. Patton’s heart broke again, and he eased himself onto the mattress in front of the anxious side, reaching out to touch his arm gently. 

Virgil started, badly, drawing away and staring at Patton. For a moment there was no recognition in his eyes–just horror, fear, and a kind of desperate despair–but after a few moments, he blinked, and his eyes cleared just a little. 

“P-pat–Dad?” he said, and his voice broke badly on the single syllable word. There was so much hope in that word, but so much fear, too–that Patton might not be real, that he might simply be a figment conjured by the shadows, sent to torment him further. 

“Yeah, kiddo,” Patton murmured, giving Virgil the brightest smile he could in an effort to dispel those doubts. “I’m here.” 

Virgil stared for only a moment longer before flinging himself forward, launching himself into Patton’s arms and whimpering as fresh tears spilled onto his cheeks. 

“Dad,” he sobbed. “I’m…scared. Dad, I’m so scared.” 

“I know, kiddo. I know,” Patton whispered, wrapping Virgil up tight in his arms and cupping the back of his head. He felt his own tears threatening once more, and this time he let them fall. He pressed a kiss to Virgil’s hair, then another, and another. He began to rock him back and forth, soothing him, even as the oppressive weight of the shadows tried to bear down around them. 

“They–th-they say you guys don’t really…c-care about me,” Virgil whimpered into Patton’s neck. “They s-s-say you’re just buh-being nice…th-they…” 

“They’re lying,” Patton said firmly, but gently. It was, after all, no good scolding Virgil for these thoughts and fears: he didn’t ask for them, and he didn’t want to believe them, either. “They’re telling you lies. We love you very much.” 

It took a few more repetitions of those gentle reminders before Virgil finally calmed down, and the shadows retreated a little bit more. Not completely–Patton knew they might not go for hours yet–but they did at least withdraw a little, leaving the pair of them with some breathing room. 

Virgil sighed, ducking his head and hiding it under Patton’s chin. “I’m s-sorry,” he whispered. “I…I know y-you must get…tired of dealing with all of this…”

“Hey. No,” Patton murmured, drawing back far enough to take Virgil’s face between his hands, easing his head up to look at Patton. “Never,” he said firmly, stroking Virgil’s cheeks with his thumbs and brushing away the tears. “I only wish you didn’t have to go through this, Virgil. But I’ll ride it out with you every time. And I’ll never get tired of reminding you just how much you’re loved.” He smiled and tapped Virgil’s nose with his thumb, then bent to press a kiss in the same spot. “Okay, bugaboo?” 

Virgil smiled. It wasn’t a solid smile; it wavered, like a reflection in a pool of water whose surface had been disturbed by drops of rain or a casually tossed stone. But it was there. And it was a start.

“Okay,” Virgil whispered.  

Patton leaned down again and kissed Virgil’s forehead firmly. “I’m proud of you, Virgil. I love you.” 

Virgil drew a shaky breath. “Love you too, Dad,” he whispered, curling in closer and wrapping his arms around Patton’s waist. 

And Patton held him that way until dawn, whispering gentle praises and words of love and support and comfort until the shadows finally began to abate, and Virgil drifted, at last, to sleep in Patton’s arms. 

bts reaction: you're kidnapped by the rival gang (mafia!au)

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He’s stayed calm about everything that happened to him, and he wasn’t planning on breaking the streak now. Still, he couldn’t put into words how he felt just hearing you were taken. “Let’s go,” he finally said, standing up to walk out while checking if his gun was loaded.

“We’re crashing in.”

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No one was able to answer when Yoongi asked where you were. When he suddenly got a text with a picture of you in their building, he was pissed. He threw the phone against the wall, shattering the glass all over the place. He couldn’t believe they would take you just to shake him a little. While he would look calm on the outside, everyone would be able to sense the menacing atmosphere around him, and be too scared to breath it in.

All of you—I don’t give a damn if you lose an eye or break an armbring her back. Or else that’s not gonna be the only thing you’re losing.” Yoongi growled lowly, pulling out his gun with a click sound.

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Hoseok’s blood was boiling when he heard you were kidnapped. Though he turned to Namjoon and sighed. “Get Yoongi and Jungkook and tell them to head to their base to get Y/N. I don’t care what they do, just bring her back.”

He paused for a moment before grabbing his red jacket off the chair and whirling it around him.

“And I’m going too.”

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While Namjoon wanted to express his anger in some way, he knew it wouldn’t help the situation and quickly started coming up with a plan. The emotion that nearly overpowered him was worry and anxiety but he managed to calm himself. It was nothing new to feel that way, so he came up with a way to help himself. He looked at Jimin and took out his gun.

“Make sure everyone’s guns are locked and loaded; we’re leaving tonight.”

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The cute, happy Jimin those close to him knew was gone and was quickly replaced with one that’s ready to kill at any time. “They took her?” Jimin shouted, standing up sharply and banging his hands on the table in front. Everyone flinched at the sudden noise and Jimin shot glares at everyone. “I can’t believe this happened.

Slowly sitting down, Jimin looked at everyone slowly and demanded, “Bring her back. Now.”

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“Who was supposed to be watching her while I was gone?” Taehyung asked lowly. If looks could kill, everyone in that room would have been dead already. No one dared to step up and admit it because they knew what was going to happen to them, but Taehyung already knew as he stared directly into the guy’s soul.

You. Come with me after this. The rest of you, head to their base and bring her back unharmed.”

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Jungkook bit his lip and breathed in to exhale loudly. “They took her?” He repeated, as he looked up at the ceiling, trying to keep his composure.

No one responded and Jungkook looked at all of them. “What should we do?” Taehyung soon forced out, clearly terrified just being in Jungkook’s presence. Jungkook smirked, turned to Taehyung and rested his head on his hand.

“It’s what you shouldn’t do, Taehyung. Go wild, and bring. Her. Back.” He hissed slowly, emphasizing each and every word.

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Request/Summary: puedes hacer latinxpeterparker? :) gracias! -your fellow hispanic nerd [@worldsroses] | Peter gets some very much needed ayuda en español.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Latinx!Reader

Word Count: 1433

A/N: I loved writing this because it’s silly and cute, and I hope you all enjoy this! Note: there are no translations included for the Spanish in the fic, sorry :/ Hopefully I’ll start writing more fics in Spanish for all my lovely latinx gente out there :) | masterlist

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suffer with me. imagine richie writing songs for eddie and singing to him? i'll go home.

skjngkdjg I CAN SO SEE THIS 

And at first Eddie always acts like he’s unimpressed and tells Richie that it’s “so cheesy” while in reality he secretly loves it. He’s filled with warmth every time he hears Richie’s singing voice and it’s surprisingly calming to him.

 He gets away with concealing just how much he actually adores it until one night when he’s half asleep over at Richie’s place. They’re both lying in bed and Eddie’s mind is floating in that state between sleep and wakefulness when he realizes that the only thing missing to make this moment perfect is Richie singing him a song. He’s so sleep-drunk that he doesn’t even really think twice about it before burying his face into Richie’s shoulder and mumbling “sing to me.”

When Richie hears him say that part of him wants to freak out in excitement because he’d been sure that Eddie didn’t like his voice at all and so to hear this sends his heart flying. But he doesn’t freak out, he keeps his cool and grabs his guitar from the floor by the side of his bed and sings Eddie a soft slow song in the smoothest tune he can achieve. 

By the end of it Eddie’s asleep with the most relaxed of smiles still visible on his face and Richie’s grinning from ear to ear, filled to the brim with joy and contentedness over this newest discovery :’))

being best friends with yoongi pt.3

part 1     part 2

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another month has passed that yoongi hasnt woken up. the doctors have told his parents that if he doesnt wake up in the next week, that they are pulling the plug. his conditions havent gotten worse, but they havent gotten better. 

two months ago he was hit by a car

two months ago you started hating yourself.

two months ago you lost your best friend. 

you sat in the hospital waiting room that youve come too familiar with. jimin and hoseok sat on either sides of you, while jungkook sat across from you. jimin lazily rubbed his hand on your back trying to sooth you. he had noticed how different you were- mentally and phsically. dark purple and brown circles were around your eyes from not sleeping. you’ve lost quite a lot of weight from not eating. you were a lot quieter than you were when yoongi was awake. you couldnt help but be quiet, your best friend had a week to breathe and it was all your fault.

from the right side of you hoseok started crying- hard. he had been crying a lot these days. you hated seeing the practical sunshine turn into something similar to rain. jimin sighed from the other side of you, gave you a small, sad, smile and got up to sit on the other side of hobi, starting to reassure him. 

you loved how jimin was always the one who comforted people, putting other peoples feelings in front of his. you wondered how he was truely feeling though. you’ve seen him cry once or twice, but besides that he’s always making sure everyone else is eating and sleeping well, telling them that yoongi will wake up,”its min yoongi that we’re talking about, hes strong. he will wake up.” 

you had hope in jimins words for the first few weeks of the accident. but now, you had none. 

suddenly, jungkook stood abruptly, causing the three of you to look up at him, confused by his actions. 

“i’ve had enough of this. no ones sleeping or eating. all they ever do is cry. and its all your fault.” jungkook practically growled at you, pointing his finger at you as he did so. the three of you stared at him with wide eyes, not believing that he would say something like that. 

“jungkook, you know its not her fault. how could she control where yoongi walked or how fast a car was going?” jimin said softly, trying to calm down his younger member. 

“if she wasn’t so clingy with him, then he would still be with us. on stage. have you forgotten that we were suppose to be in japan today? doing a concert?” jungkooks words were filled with poison. each and everyone of them landing on your heart and breaking it a little more. 

“jungkook. stop saying that. when he wakes up he wi-” jimin started, standing up and walking closer to jungkook before he was cut off.

“hyung, he isnt going to wake up! hes not even alive right now! he’s breathing from machines. hes not living his life anymore, and he wont have a chnace to because of her.” you could see jungkook glare at you from over jimins shoulder,  his eyes pierced into yours. “do you know what? im leaving, i cant be here.” with that, jungkook grabbed his jacket and stormed out of the waiting room, despite hoseok and jimin calling to him to stop. 

when it settled down, and the nurses stopped looking at your little group, jimin and hoseok started telling you to ignore jungkook, that it wasn’t your fault. 

“jungkookie is just bad at showing his emotions.” hoseok said, his tear stained face looking at you. 

“i- i think i should go.” you said softly, not making eye contact with the two boys. “i’ll be back tomorrow or something.” you stood up and left in the same direction jungkook did a few moments before. 

as soon as  you were out of the hospital, you took a deep breath, finally escaping the horrid place that felt like death. from beside you, you heard a noise, like someone was crying. you turned your head and your breath was caught in your throat. there- was jungkook, his back hunched over a little as he was leaning against the brick wall. his hands were on his face, trying to muffle his sounds, but it wasn’t working.

“uh, jungkook?” you asked, his shaking immediately stopping and looking over his shoulder at you.

“i’m sorry y/n. i didn’t mean what i said back there. i know its not your fault. i- i’m just worried and scared about yoongi hyung. i dont want him to die.” he spoke softly, his voice cracking mid through. your heart broke at the sight, you were the reason why he, and everyone around yoongi was like this. instantly, you pulled jungkook into you, pulling him into a tight hold. 

“it’s okay jungkook. i forgive you.” you whispered into his ear, his crying starting up again. you couldn’t help but start crying yourself. “i’m scared too- all of us are.” suddenly your phone started ringing in your back pocket. you pulled away from eachother and took your phone out.

“hello?” you asked into the phone.

“y/n? where are you? you need to come back to the waiting room- its yoongi.” jimin said worriedly and rapidly.

your stomach was in your throat, and your hands started to shake while holding the phone. 

you could either get your best friend back or lose him- forever