The Calm


So I went to the Tillys’ Of Mice & Men signing yesterday.

My girlfriend and I got there at 8:30, and froze outside until 10ish when we got our bracelets  After food and meeting up with some friends, we went back to Tilly’s and waited in line for the sighing. We were in line for about 30 minutes, maybe and hour, and this girls mom bought us hot chocolate and it was great and whatever. so when we got let inside, the Tilly’s people gave me a lanyard with a coupon and told me to go into the line at the table. Austin was first at the table, then Aaron, Alan, Phil, and Tino. When I saw them, I started doing this weird crying but not crying thing and freaked out. 

I waited for the guy in front of me to move until i walked in front of Austin. When I got there, he looked up at me and said hi, and i was like, hicanyousignthis? and i gave him my sketchbook. he looked at it and was like, oh my god, did you do this? and i said yeah and he want through my drawings and told me they were great, which was amazing, and Alan asked if i was going to be a tattoo artist and i said maybe and laughed.

So Austin signed the front and then flipped to a blank page and said, IM DRAWING YOU A PICTURE DONT LOOK! so i almost cried it was so cute and he handed me a card to get the rest of the band to sign while he did that. I went down the line and Aaron told me i was a good artist and then I talked to Tino and Phil about their vynil and crowd surfing and stuff. So Austin finished with my sketchbook and passed it down the line, and i told the guys i loved them. 

After I walked away, i went through my sketchbook and found his picture. Best day ever.