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Asmodeus is also typically seen as a demon of lust- twisting people's sexual desires against them, and Shedim are sometimes not always seen as malicious. Do what you like with this info.

Yes! I was jumping up and down all summer wondering about how lust could fit into things with Asmodeus (cos it feels inevitable at this point in the Destiel story, now it’s SO fanfic and blatant) and now this…


The Song of Solomon
The lovers part of the Bible. It’s basically Bible porn. It’s all about lovers writing love notes to each other about how much they love and long for each other. I shit you not.

Which of course I am linking to Dean/Cas given that Dean thrust it at Cas’ and Dean’s “child” who is a Cas mirror and it talks about LONGING I mean…. ;)

So yeah, this plus the imagery of Dean behind bars all episode… makes me really hopeful that as once Cas comes back the obstacle to Destiel being canon will now move from internal (them not addressing their own issues like Dean’s self acceptance and Cas’ depression and self worth) but now external, one being ripped away from the other, which in part is what I wanted from 12x23 with Cas’ inevitable death, so we could see Dean’s grief and longing. 

I would love to see some from Cas, for a short time obviously because we can’t have Dean and Sam separated for toooooooo long (but again, end of the codependency means it CAN happen and I’m so here for this), but yeah Dean being banged up somewhere and seeing Cas working with Sam (and maybe Jack but who knows, it could easily be Jack who’s a part of locking him up) and showing us more blatantly HIS side of the love story running around depressionless like “WHERES THE HUNTER?” Aka parallel to purgatory Dean… cos we know Dabb loves a callback ;) With some kind of Asmodeus - induced storyline around lust exposing that they love each other ROMANTICALLY….


I don’t want to be deluded, but I would love this, or a variation of, so much.
Watch Stephen Colbert's 'disturbing' 'Dana Carvey Show' audition tape
Check out this exclusive clip from the Hulu documentary ‘Too Funny to Fail,’ which premieres Saturday, Oct. 21

How did Stephen Colbert manage to get a callback for The Dana Carvey Show? Well, according to Carvey in an exclusive clip from new Hulu documentary Too Funny to Fail, it certainly wasn’t because of the faux-breakdown he had at the end of his audition tape.

Too Funny to Fail chronicles the rise and precipitous fall of Carvey’s promising but short-lived ABC sketch series, which premiered in 1996 and starred the likes of Colbert, Louis C.K., and Stephen Carell — all of whom are interviewed in the documentary. In the above clip, Carvey, Colbert, and executive producer Robert Smigel look back on Colbert’s ridiculous audition tape, which showed the current Late Show host using his then-infant daughter as a prop — “She had such a huge load in her pants,” he explains in the clip — and hilariously crying about how hard it was to support her as an actor.

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With Iokath/Umbarra mumbo jumbo, do you think Lana is in on whatever it is that Theron's doing? Part of me says yes because of rishi but another part of me isn't so sure because of how Lana talked during Iokath and the letter she can send (if your dark side) about her being worried about Theron and his lack of sleep, behaviour and increase of his bad working habits??? Idk

Honestly? Yes, I think Lana’s in on it. And there’s a few reasons for that.

You’ve got the whole callback to Rishi bit, where Theron basically said if she had let him know what she had been planning he would have volunteered. 

(Also, it’s worth nothing that both Theron and Lana are indicated to be drinking nightly post-Iokath. Lana being concerned about his work habits I thought only happen if you choose Empire? I took it to be more related to Theron not properly dealing with Jace’s death more than him stressing about his undercover op.)

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I'm sorry but the bi!colours this season?! Everything in the 3 Sheeps (!!) bar in 13x02 and now in the 13x03 sneak?! It is so in everyone's face, I can't!!

I KNOW. And I hate that I’ve been sitting on this message so long, but I want you to know that I am planning on writing Long Meta on this exact topic… with the 3 Sheeps (and how that imagery has been used in the past, and essentially referring to humanity as livestock…) AND the colors… I don’t know if there was so much bi colors in this episode as just… shockingly bright hues in general… but there were definitely a few things I need to point out. Especially with all the beer signs in that bar…

And HECK the fact the bar was a direct callback to 10.01′s Black Spur and Anne Marie, where Dean went and essentially had one (1) whiskey, sort of like he was having an impromptu lonely wake for Crowley all by himself, with a Kingdom beer sign over his shoulder and the Fast Jack Ale sign disappearing behind a post… Like he was temporarily shutting out his current issues and having a moment of silence for Cas as well… I haven’t had a close look at the rest of the bar (hopefully hotn will get to that scene soon, they’re about half done with the episode already but not QUITE there yet…) I guess I’ll have to save the rest of this meta for tomorrow when I have pictures to reference. :P

There’s one anon I’m also addressing kinda-sorta with this temporary apology post:

bi color at Asmodeus background??? blue on yellow on dean’s background???? what what

I extend a humble apology to you as well. I swear there is real meta coming on this asap!

Okay, Unit 01 crushing Asuka’s Entry Plug in its mouth is a lot more impactful than it just crushing it in her hand. And I think its stomach is distended here, too, because of all the feasting it did.

Those are two nice changes, I’ll give it that.

…And I suppose now would be a good time to talk about a pretty big addition to this film series: Every time an Angel dies, a rainbow appears, without fail. Surely a callback to God’s promise never to flood the world again, right? Well, that doesn’t make much sense here, because the Angels just keep comin’…


Ben and Leslie + the box
Was the box [Ben] gave Leslie the ring in the same box he used to give her the Knope 2012 pin? Yes. And it was the box in which Leslie gave him the Washington Monument figurine. Additionally, we might see it again – in the series finale. “At the end of the show we’re all going to jump into the box and fly away,” jokes Poehler. [x]

just rick and morty things:

- when the episode bills itself as a self-contained, filler-style episode about atlantis but instead addresses the biggest and most compelling mysteries of the entire series, the citadel and evil morty

- when roiland, harmon and co face nigh insurmountable fan expectations for delivering on the narrative promises and payoffs associated with evil morty but yet pull it off and deliver in the most delicious way while setting up even higher stakes for the ultimate revelations to come

- when the FUCKING CALLBACK SONG COMES ON AND YOUR JAW DROPS AT THE ABSOLUTE MASTERY OF STORYTELLING AT WORK. like holy shit, all the 4? 5? narrative threads of this episode interweaving and aligning on one theme, each simultaneously playing up and subverting their respective narrative tropes in that familiar, delightful way this show does so well? that’s just a mastery of craft you don’t see very often, all building up to a final shot and final reveal that just satisfies. 

- when you know that it’s not “en vogue” to be this fucking enthusiastic about rick and morty anymore because some of the fans suck in a major way, but you don’t care?? because the show is still this goddamn excellent? fight me

season 13 Dean is season 1 Sam

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I wrote after 12x23 aired that it was subverting and reverse-mirroring season 1 in many ways (Mary/John etc) but damnnnn the Sam/Dean reversal has been absolutely thrown in our faces already and I love it.

There are so many recurring instances of Sam having nightmares / not being able to sleep because he’s seeing Jess dying over and over again in season 1.

Now call me crazy but I expect to see the same for Dean in season 13 for Cas and Mary even more after 13x01.

I also hope and expect to see Sam supporting Dean through this just as Dean did for him in season 1, however with the extra added bonus of Sam’s own grief as he cares for Cas and Mary too, but this time showing the difference nature of their grief.

Both Cas and Mary are linked to Jess now after 12x23 and 13x01.

Cas is the lost lover (I don’t make the rules). Dean drops to his knees just as Sam did in front of Jess’ grave. Sam then tells Jess in death, similarly to a prayer, that he wishes he had told her the truth… well we can always hope I guess but even this feels fanfic to another level that perhaps even Dabb won’t go to for Dean :p

Mary is Jess again too after 13x01 purposefully and unnecessarily linked them through Dean’s dream of her burning on the ceiling just like Jess did. Even though that’s not how she was lost to them this time, it feels to me like it’s just here to hammer home this reminder… for reasons.

Plus 1x05: Dean to Sam “This is about Jessica isn’t it. You think she’s your dirty little secret, that you killed her somehow…” *insert Miriam telling Dean he got Cas killed* “…Sam this has gotta stop man, I mean the nightmares and calling her name out in the middle of the night, it’s gonna kill you. Listen to me, it wasn’t your fault, if you want to blame something blame the thing that killed her, hell, if you want to swing at me, I’m the one that dragged you away from her in the first place

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*Tink stares into the camera*

TL;DR it makes zero sense to me if the next few episodes don’t have at least one instance or a reference to Dean having nightmares about Cas and Mary.


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Hey, you’re already the best husband I’ve had.