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Hello! Firstly, this blog is awesome! Secondly, what is your interpretation of Kylo Ren's line "It is you." to Rey during the final battle in The Force Awakens novelization? What do you think it means?

Thank you beautiful anon for the comment and question (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I’ll try my best to answer.

Kylo Ren recognizes Rey by saying “It is you” in page 225 in The Force Awakens novelization when Rey grabs Luke’s lightsaber.

Pablo Hidalgo, Creative Executive at Lucasfilm Story Group, commented on this and had me change my speculation. I sway between Kylo and Rey being  Luke’s Padawans and the one I’m about to explain. 

Pablo is saying that ‘It is you’ is a callback to the ‘awakening line’. 

This scene happens before Rey reaches Maz’s castle and Luke’s lightsaber. In the movie, there is no indication that Rey is force sensitive; however, in the WGA leaked script, during the interrogation scene, Kylo Ren and Rey both recognize an ‘energy’ in each other. Its very important to note that this ‘energy’  stopped them from perceiving the other as adversaries. Showing that the ‘feeling’ was good. For a moment, they sensed the light in one another.

When Rey’s power was fully realized in the snowy forest, Kylo Ren was abe to identify the energy surging from Rey and realized that she the light that has been feeling again (force bond?).

Maybe the answer is a combination of both Reylo being Luke’s padawans and the force bond.

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Still think it's ridiculous you guys OVER ANALYZE the "easter egg" that is the sloppy joe/chicken pot pie. Yes, they used it in BMW and I think it was quite a nice little nod and wink when they used in GMW. But THAT'S IT. It doesn't go beyond that. Here's a quote from the interview you posted: "You cannot, as an audience, compare the pilot, or the first couple of episodes, to an entire television series. It's an unfair comparison that won't benefit anybody."

“They [the BMW easter eggs] are clues to what’s going to happen.” – Michael Jacobs (source: )

Don’t like it? Take it up with the showrunner. If you honestly believe a major BMW callback that got a big spotlight in the PILOT doesn’t matter, then you you simply do not understand this show yet. And at this point you’re just *willfully* ignoring what Jacobs himself has said about the BMW easter eggs.

That bit about comparing a pilot to an entire series was about the depth of the characters and the quality of the work so far. (Context: ) That statement was in no way implying that BMW callbacks are insignificant as anything other than a “nice little nod or wink.”

Either get hip to the show or don’t, but as for me and what I believe about the significance/importance of the BMW callbacks in GMW? I’m gonna take Michael Jacobs’s word over yours.

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Hi Snadger! I'm wondering whether you think Soos' father (and mother??) will be revealed in the finale. It popped into my head and I couldn't imagine they wouldn't address it - not only the main focus of Blendin's game but also the callback in Wpt2 got me feeling they wouldn't leave it out. Also that the postcards seem planned out, and possibly tie in with another character? Blind Ivan? Stan? Ford??? I don't know where this conviction came from but it refuses to leave. Yea? Nay? E/N?

Ah, also: I really enjoy your writing and your blogging (is that how the kids phrase it these days?). It’s my kind of Quality Content and always nice to sit down to for a bit of a read, so I just wanted to say thanks for putting it out there. /post/138775201537/ It’s kind of rare to find meta you grok, so I just wanted to show my appreciation! Hope you’re having a great day! 

Aww, thank you!

As for Soos’ father…hmm, personally I think his father doesn’t really matter. He left him and failed to be a dad to him, and Soos doesn’t really need him. That’s why he didn’t waste his time wish on him, instead using it (partly) to help his real family, i.e., the people who care about him. Besides, Soos has totally adopted Stan as a dad and there’s no going back now XD

It doesn’t mean Soos won’t still have some degree of yearning for his biological father (hence the fantasy dad in Wpt2.) But it does mean he’s realized that he has a complete family without that man who never did anything for him. 

As for his mom, I thought she was canonically dead? I don’t think her identity is a secret or anything, she’s just dead. (Just like Wendy’s mom! Disney just can’t stop killing mothers off!)

It’s an interesting subject for fanfiction, though. :)

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As much as I would LOVE for the sloppy joe thing to mean something, after watching that seen for the two-millionth time, I honestly just think that it was just a plot device to introduce how much Farkle loves and cares about the two girls. Also, the BMW one was well into the second season, while this was just the pilot where they were just trying to get picked up for a full season. I *really* think the "clue" in the pilot is something to do with the rilaya friendship or finding yourself.

Cory leads a homework rebellion (okay, “strike”) in BMW S2 as well, and that’s absolutely relevant to what’s going on in the pilot. Just because the callback comes from an S2 ep isn’t really a good reason to dismiss it.

Michael Jacobs has point blank said that callbacks to BMW are “clues to what’s going to happen.” The sloppy joe/chicken pot pie bit is a direct callback to Shawn choosing between two girls who were then directly related to a lunchline decision. In light of that, there’s really no “if” anymore about whether the sloppy joe bit is relevant. I mean we can debate about what it ultimately MEANS, sure, but it’s absolutely a major clue. They wouldn’t have spent so much time on it if it wasn’t.

I know it may not seem like a long time, but Farkle spends a good several seconds on the lunchline dilemma bit. That’s a LOT of time to take up in any 22 minute episode of anything, but that’s a lot of time to waste on something we *already know*—ESPECIALLY in a pilot episode—if it’s just for Farkle, who doesn’t actually need to choose between Riley and Maya, as he’s not in a proper love triangle with them and never will be. They already established his love for both girls earlier in class, so there’s no reason to waste valuable time (in a pilot episode with so much riding on it) driving “Farkle loves Riley and Maya” home again all on its own…but then cue Lucas with HIS lunch. It’s not just about Farkle.

Whether it’s the “biggest clue” or not is a toss up, but it’s 100% definitely a major clue, based on the Word of God (aka the show creator’s word).


09x07 “Bad Boys
11x12 “Don’t You Forget about Me”


I think what probably got me most about the Dean and Claire interactions was how it felt like Dean by talking to Claire sort of had a talk to his younger self. How he was acting cocky and like nothing mattered at first when he got to Sonny’s, but then had grown to really love being there, was good in school, etc. Sonny and Jody were major mirrors here both providing something two troubled teens needed the most: understanding, no judgment, just support and some guidelines. And both of them, Dean and Claire, found something they haven’t been looking for but in the end came to appreciate and care for. So when Dean lectured Claire here, I can’t help wonder if he flashed back to this moment when he came to Sonny’s and how despite keeping the hunting background, he was able to enjoy normal life. So much that he had friends, was good in school and made the wrestling team. And don’t think that last bit doesn’t make me emotional given the upcoming wrestling episode and the rest of the season because there is a lot Dean will have to wrestle with not just out there, but maybe mosty within.


11x11 “Into the Mystic”
“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

Oh Dean, Dean, Dean… Sam may let it slide, but you certainly cannot lie to yourself. The banshee came after you, because yes, you are vulnerable. And you have always been vulnerable, because despite that sarcasm and the walls to keep you safe, you carry your heart on your sleeve, always have. Probably always will. Cause your heart is your secret weapon. Still it all seems so familiar. Trying to make others and most of all yourself believe you are okay. The same way you tried after you killed Cain. Similarly to when you, Sam, Charlie and Cas sat at this table after you all thought the “Book of the Damned” burnt to dust. It was always just the moment before things went from bad to worse… ;____;


10x22 “The Prisoner”
10x23 “Brother’s Keeper”
11x01 “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire”
11x03 “The Bad Seed”
11x06 “Our Little World”
11x10 “The Devil in the Details”

Not An Angel Anymore - On Cas and the Dog Metaphors

You know, as tragic as this storyline is for Cas and how heartbreaking. One thing you have to hand to the writers. They set this arc up really carefully and built it up bit by bit. And it all just gets this side of a little more tragic when taking into account how this storyline is mirroring Dean’s. Especially when thinking about where this may lead us. The following will be a sort of companion piece to this meta on Dean and dog metaphors.

Dean’s and Castiel’s stories have always looseley mirrored and circled around each other. Thw two of them have a lot in common after all. Trying to be good sons, living for the mission, obediently, loyal, saving people and losing themselves somewhere along the way, loathing themselves, feeling like failures and that vulnerable mindet leading to them being turned into weapons.

What Demon!Dean was for Crowley/the mark/the Darkness, Castiel became for Rowena/Lucifer. And in both cases it was the lack of self confidence, the feeling of not belonging, of not mattering, their depression, that drove Dean to take on the mark and made Castiel say yes to Lucifer. In both cases, they did it as a sort of sentence, but more than that they did it out of love, to spare others. Crowley tried turning Dean into his own personal hellhound, Castiel now became the pet Lucifer once wanted Abel to be for him.

The show has been setting this arc up carefully for Castiel and all of it started with Rowena, the one who it ended it with too. She was the first one to put her finger into the open wound and calling Cas a “dog who thinks he’s people” and with that playing into Cas’ identity crisis in a really painful way, because over the seasons countless angels told Castiel that when they look at him, they don’t see an angel”. And while Cas does as he responds to Rowena’s teasing in 10x22 “The Prisoner” that he “is a lot like people” and continuosuly has been shown to be more human than angel, for Cas this is a cause for insecurity and feeling of having no true place. Heaven hates him and the Winchesters, he thinks, don’t need him. Only one episode later Rowena unleashes the “attack dog spell” onto Cas, that causes him to be a prisoner of his own body, unable to do anything against hurting people. That alone, Cas not being the master in his own house, so to speak and able to control himself was major forshadowing for him to agree to possession. On top of that the visuals indicated for a long time that Cas would end up trapped, caged.

The first shot we get of Castiel in S11 is of him crouching in a shed, that resembles the cage and the moment in 11x10 “The Devil in the Details” before he says yes. But that is not the only cage we found Castiel in before he actually ended up in the cage with Sam and Dean.

In 11x03 “The Bad Seed” the most obvious hints were given when Sam gets Rowena to free Cas from the spell. This entire scene is completely replicated in 11x09 “Oh Brother Where Art Though” and 11x10 “The Devil in the Details”. I always hoped that the camera drive towards Rowena and the framing with the neon sign would be important - given it was majorly important in S9 in relation to Dean, which is the paralle to Cas here after all (see here for that post) - as it says Rowena would be a tool. And she turned out being exactly that when she started working for Lucifer. And in extension she also helped Lucifer turning Castiel into his tool, much like the mark turned Dean into a weapon of mass destruction too, but in the end paid the price for letting Lucifer yank her leash.

That scene also foreshadowed TFW ending up in the cage. with Rowena being the one to lock them in. After that Cas created his own cell by never leaving the bunker. And like a sign, while watching tv along came the “dog who thinks he’s people” again reminding of Castiel’s identity struggle that got even worse after he became the “attack dog”, which made him vulnerable to allow Lucifer to become his “pet” and ride around in his skin.

It hurts like hell, but I think the way the identity arc has been intertwined with the rest - and how it parallels Dean’s - is pretty brilliant. Castiel has lost his identity and therfore was “blank enough” to agree to the unthinkable. And of course there is nother layer to this, because it does show completely in an ironic fashion what Cas deep down identifies with, and it’s not an angel, otherwise possession by an angel may not work…

This whole arc is designed as the ast step in Cas becoming human imo, as well as recognizing his own worth and understanding that he is loved. Cause that’s what he struggles with just as much as Dean does.

And it’s due to all these parallels existing between Dean’s and Castiel’s arc, connected through the dog metaphors, I feel it may be inevitable for Dean and Castiel having to face off against each other. D-dog against attack dog. Whether only one of them will be possessed at the time or whether Dean may agree to reunited with Amara because she promises to be able to save Cas remains to be seen. I personally would love it a whole lot if Dean and Cas both would have to overcome their “possession” at the same time. After all they’ve always been the perfect match. The angel with too much heart and the human, the tin man, who thinks he has no heart at all.

So whether only Dean is fully himself (and agreeing to let Lucifer possess him and then jump with him and the Darkness into the cage) or if neither of them is (and they overpower them at jump into the cae together locking themsleves with Luci and Amara up), I could imagine we are heading towards a second 5x22 “Swan Song” and if the narrative continues like this then we will also get a “third times the charm”:

In 5x22 “Swan Song” it was brotherly love that saved Dean from being beaten to death by Lucifer.

In 10x23 “Brother’s Keeper” it was (the memory) of motherly love (and that threas is still going strong) that made Dean turn around and kill Death instead of Sam.

Maybe this season it will not end with brother against brother, but Dean against Cas. And quite possibly this time it will once more be love that may in the end save the day. Not love, but love - if you know what I mean…


05x15 “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”
05x22 “Swan Song”
08x01 “We Need to Talk about Kevin”
11x12 “Don’t You Forget about Me”

It’s All A Little Bit of History Repeating

In a season where the tag line is called “You can’t outrun your past” this week’s episode title achieved that perfectly as it was titled no other than “Don’t You Forget about Me”. And forgotten about their past none of these characters have. And how could they? Your past isn’t something you can leave behind like an old sweater. No, even if the wounds are no longer bleeding, it’s the scars reminding them that the past is real as they are a product, silent reminders of those experiences haunting them to this day. And not only were Claire, Alex and Jody confronted with their past, so were the Winchesters. And not only because they all have their parts the other ones’ stories, but Alex’ and Claire’s arcs as well as Jody’s this episode paralleled events of Sam’s and Dean’s past too.

Claire’s difficulties of adjusting to normal life after everything she’s been through and that was explored last season was re-addressed and in a way she is a special case here as she never even tried to outrun her past, but found solace in hunting, made her feel like having a purpose. Throughout the entire episode her story is intertwined and paralleled with Dean’s. From the moment Claire first appears in the episode she is framed like the MotW ina very similar fashion as Dean was when he returned from purgatory. And it’s that parallel that ties into how the story has come full circle for Dean and how he is now freed from the mark, but the furthest from free. Back then he’d escaped purgatory, but he suffered from PTSD and survivor’s guilt as he thought he’d let Cas slip away, who back then, just like now felt like he didn’t belong, unloved and should pay for his mistakes.

But that’s not the only thing. Claire’s entire struggle to fit into normal life is a massive mirror to the struggle Dean has faced more than once in his life. From  not talking, to being a loner and despising school - the parallels between Teen!Dean and Claire could not possibly stronger. And then there’s the fact about them both being orphans, having lost their loved ones to the supernatural.

But Claire and Dean weren’t the only mirror characters in this episode. Just as strong was the alignment of Sam and Alex. Of course on the surface it seemed this episode was focused on Alex’ “past catching up with her”, it truly was much more layered. Sam and Alex have been framed to have a lot in common too - right down to the wish of running away. Much like Sam really wanted to fit in and lead a normal life, so tried Alex. And tragically enough both of them even have the moment of clarity in common. Whereas for Alex the love of the popular kid wasn’t real, Lucifer had set up a whole set of people to push Sam into the right direction - meaning into his arms (and his line about Dean and his father being “foster care at best”, is just horribly relevant to the family Jody Mills and the two girls have formed). And that callback and parallel is especially important given what happened just a few episodes prior. And just like the vampire, who killed his entire family told Alex “he wanted her to have something precious, so he could take it from her”, that was Lucifer’s approach too. And even the wording when Lucifer reveals to Sam he’s been played all his life saying “this is your life. Sam Winchester” is called back by the vampire from her past telling he “your whole life”, when Alex asks “What is this?”

And of course last but not least there’s Jody Mills. Jody Mills, who lost her son and husband the horrible and tragic way (and who serves as a parental figure as a Dean parallel too) and this episode is made to be reminded of just that when Alex and Claire - her new family - are in danger. She’s made to relive the horror, remember the pain.