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2015 NBA Free Agency Preview | Couch Coaches
The end of the NBA season is upon us, which means that the beginning of the NBA free agency period is almost here. Now is the time of year when players decide whether to stick around with a team for a few more seasons, or move on to the next city and franchise. There are some terrific options available for teams in need of some talent, teams with some extra cash, or both (*cough, cough, Knicks*). What will be interesting to follow this summer is teams operating with the knowledge that the summer of 2016 will bring a meteoric rise in the salary cap ceiling, and the NBA’s biggest free agent since 2010 Lebron James in Kevin Durant. The following is a list of some of the best options on the market this summer, and where they might be taking their talents next season.
40z & Waffles 2015 Recap

40z & Waffles 2015 Recap

40z & Waffles Brunch 2015 went down at the 31Ten Lounge, right along the beach in Santa Monica, California. Hosted by LA Clippers forward, GLEN “BIG BABY” DAVIS and Model/Actress JASMIN JAYE.  Approximately 400+ guests packed the exclusive event, including YG, KAI MORAE (Lisa Raye’s daughter), and more! With purple 40z, chicken and waffles, beer pong, hot waitresses, and henna the event was turnt…

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Top #2 Draft Pick Busts in NBA History
With the 2015 NBA Draft right around the corner, team personnel and fans alike may be reminiscing on picks previous. If you’re the Thunder, you are looking back fondly on that string of years where you took Kevin Durant in the first round (2007), Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka in the first round (2008), James Harden in the first round (2009), Eric Bledsoe in the first round (2010), and Reggie Jackson in the first round (2011). However, if you’re the Clippers, you’re trying to erase from your memory pretty much every pick pre-Blake Griffin in 2009. This is the week when teams are formulated to flourish or arranged to anguish. This is when the Draymond Green’s, Marc Gasol’s and Manu Ginobli’s are plucked from the woodwork in the second round.