The Blob


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Channeling my inner Melanie today 

anonymous asked:

you got any new england/massachusetts cryptids?

Boy oh boy! MA is my favorite topic! 

Massachusetts has the Mann Hill Globster, the Sea Serpent of Nantucket, Gloucester Sea Serpent, Nantucket Blob, Boston Sea Serpent, Castle Island Sea Serpent, Dover Demon, Webster Mountain Lion (recent), Welfleet Hyena, Boston Lemur, the Beast of Turo, and the Pukwudgie.

And if I missed any, you can browse my Massachusetts represent tag which has all sorts of random MA stuff.

No ‘50s horror movie was more scarily, weirdly real.

6 Movies You Won’t Believe Are Based on Insane True Stories

#4. The Blob – Based on an Actual Police Report

Believe it or not, The Blob is based on an incident in the 1950s when Philadelphia policemen stumbled upon a quivering purple lump that had crash landed in a nearby field… According to the responding officers, the mass was like a giant glowing jelly ball, and it left a sticky residue when touched, because of course the first thing you would do when encountering a mysterious Plutonian blob is shove your hands into it.

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