The Black Torch

“In the beginning Marvel created the Bullpen and the Style. And the Bullpen was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the Artists. And the Spirit of Marvel said, Let there be The Fantasic Four. And there was The Fantasic Four. And Marvel saw The Fantasic Four. And it was good.”

-Stan Lee



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ampelmensch  asked:

Because you specifically asked me to send you Black Torch, have a few prompts: "Don't you dare", "It's funny how we always end up like this", "You almost tricked me into thinking you care", The first time she saw him like this he had tried to kill her, "She will always come first", "No one will know", "Get the fuck out", "You're nothing like him", He searched her out, "Stay alive", "You lied to us all this time", "We're in the middle of a battle here, do you mind?" feel free to mix and match

“Don’t you dare.”

He kissed the skin right above her waistband and the sound she made was something between a purr and a growl. “Or what, Kitty?”

“Or I will make you scream, don’t you dare, Roman.” 

He chuckled at the pleasingly harsh sound of her spiting out his name and looked her in the eyes, softly ran his teeth over her hipbone before he changed the channel. 

“You will regret that”, she spit before tackling him down to get ahold of the remote. 


“It’s funny how we always end up like this”, he muttered, lazily running his fingers through her hair. 

“This was the-”

He kissed her, too softly not to cross the strict line Blake tried to draw again and again, but fucking him in her own bed had once been a big ‘no way’ as well and here they were. “You say that every time, Kitty, all these false promises start to hurt me.”

She sighed. “There’s no way you’re going to stay over night. You have to leave.”

“Mm-hmm.” He buried his face in the curve of her neck. “Just a minute.” 


"You almost tricked me into thinking you care.” The bitterness in her voice made him flinch. She reached for the banister to pull herself up, but her knees failed her and she sunk down once again. 

“I never lied to you”, he said and stepped closer. 

“You- no, don’t you dare!” She was too weak to keep him from carefully picking her up, in too much pain to notice that he didn’t even seem to care about her blood staining his white coat. 


The first time she saw him like this he had tried to kill her. It was weird to see him being his professional mastermind criminal self, impossible to watch him without that memory popping up in her head once again. 

“So, you say you are going to expell my children? How about you think about that once again, because I’m sure some judge will be interested in the fact that this mess of a school didn’t prevent this from happening. Are you allowed to store chemicals where children can get ahold of them?”

Sometimes Blake wondered what she had done wrong to deserve her children being so much Roman Torchwick’s children as well. 

Fucking Roman Torchwick probably. 


"She will always come first”, Blake said, and her voice left no doubt about how serious she was about that statement. There was no point in arguing about it, that was painfully obvious. “If you can’t live with that, you might as well just leave right now. Make yourself comfortable on second place, but you will never push Yang from being my number one.” 


“No one will know”, he whispered and the hand grabbing his collar finally pulled him closer instead of keeping him at distance. 

“Because I will not let you live to tell the tale.” Warm shivers ran down his spine, just from hearing the fierceness in her voice. 

He didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to, because she had already given in and they both knew that. So he just kissed her. 


“Get the fuck out!”

He rolled his eyes. “I’m naked and tired, are you really going to throw me out because I dared to call you that? As if it was an insult?” 

“Yes, because it is and also a lie. Get the fuck out.” 

He rolled his eyes, trying not to let her see he was actually hurt. She turned her back on him while he got dressed and he thought she might actually say something, stop him, until he closed the appartment door behind him. 

Blake buried her face in the pillow, still catching Roman’s scent. There was no way she was or could ever be his girlfriend


“You’re nothing like him”, she whispered into the darkness somewhen that night. He wasn’t even awake, but somehow she felt like she needed to say it out loud, at least once, even if he didn’t hear it. She ran her fingers through his hair, just to distract herself from the nightmare, and he pulled her closer in his sleep. He was nothing like Adam. 


He searched her out, but he made sure to at least pretend it was a coincidence. Waited in her favourite coffee shop, at her favourite table, and even though she didn’t look at him, he knew she had seen him, because her expression matched the one of the angry woman that lived in the appartment benath him and always complained about the noise when Blake stayed over. Angry woman. 

She sat down next to him, a cup of tea in her hands. “What do you want, Roman?” 

“Coffee maybe?” He pointed at his cup, half empty, coffee alreay cold. “Trying to find out what you like about this place.”

She rolled her eyes. “First you don’t call for weeks, then you just show up here and expect me to talk to you? No, don’t deny it, I know you, Roman. All huffy because I don’t want to be your girlfriend?”

“I was busy. And this wasn’t some kind of formal proposal, I said it more as a joke and you completely overreacted.” He crossed his arms in front of his chest. 

“Maybe I snapped a bit.” She looked away. “But only because you touched a sensible topic. There is no way I am ever going to be your girlfriend, this… thing is strictly casual, strictly non-binding, and you know that this won’t ever change, I would have told you weeks ago if you had replied to any of my calls, but I just don’t think it’s a good idea for us to pretend like this is more than it actually is.” She really must have planned that speech for some time because she spoke way too fast. 

“You’re overanalysing this, Kitty.” 

“I just… want to make this clear.” 

“You made it pretty clear. Can we just go to your place and fuck now?” 

“No.” She got up. “I got a date.” She loved watching him losing his composure for a moment. “With Yang. Call me tonight, maybe I’ll be in the mood.”


"Stay alive”, she said before kissing him softly. 

“That always sounds like a thread.” He put his coat on. 

“Because it is. If you get youself killed on the job I am going to resurrect you just to kill you again. Don’t be home late.”


“You lied to us all this time”, he said. “I mean, you’re a shitty liar, actually I’m impressed I didn’t notice any sooner. Still mad, but impressed.”

“I just didn’t tell you, okay? And actually I’ve just not told you, Yang already knows.”

“What… Blake, what the hell? You told Yang Xiao Long you’re pregnant before you told me?”


“We’re in the middle of a battle here, do you mind?”

“Don’t try to distract from the real issue, what the hell are you doing here, Roman?”

“Oh, just business, what I do every day. Fancy dinner when we’re done here?” 

“Roman, we’re on opposite sides here, we’re literally fighting each other.”

“Well, I guess that means we could just stop here and have dinner right now, don’t we?”  


Dr. Cormier, I’d like you to take over as interim director of the program. Me? The chair is vacant. You understand the human side and the science. You’d be a wonderful ambassador. And you need to sway Sarah. It’s not a bribe. Or a ploy. You’re uniquely qualified. We could take this program in an entirely new direction.   

Here’s my preview for my 30 page comic that I drew for The Black Torch!!

I’m really proud to show this one off, as it was an old school project that I had started in 2007 and I decided to revisit the idea in this comic, because it was neat. And super morbid, hurrah hurrah.

These are sort of um. Post mortem and currently mortem and oh god i’m about to mortem photography.

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