Two Of Us (Alternate take)

This is truly a beautiful take. The harmony at “you and I have memories” is stunning and heartbreaking. 

Also, listen carefully to the banter on the fadeout. 
John: Where is home, Paul? That’s what I wanna know….
Paul: Wherever you find it*, John.

*Note: Paul’s response is pretty unclear. (He might even be saying we’ll find it, John. It’s very muffled)


George being super cute, and also being ignored by Dusty Springfield, on Ready, Steady, Go! on October 4, 1963. This was the Beatles debut appearance on RSG. 

“A friend was designing sets for Ready, Steady, Go!, and he invited me to their first live TV performance. They were wearing the famous grey, buttoned-up suits, which really stood out at the time. I was the only one at the rehearsal when they played this song. To me it sounded like very good rock ‘n’ roll. But it wasn’t just the music, it was their personalities, the way they looked, the whole thing.”
[Peter Blake (the artist who later did Sgt Pepper’s), via The Beatles Bible]