Cheer Up Post #4799

For the anon who would like a post featuring The Carol Burnett Show and The Beatles, here you go!

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George Harrison photographed by Henry Grossman, Bahamas, February 1965. Photos © Henry Grossman, screen captures from CBS This Morning via YouTube.

“We were having breakfast in Nassau. George came in; he was still in his pajamas, had just awakened. I wasn’t taking pictures at breakfast, or not intending to, and he looked so totally undefended, and different from any time I’d seen him that I said, ‘George, I gotta take a picture.’” - Henry Grossman, CBS This Morning, 23 March 2013

February Mixtape: So-Called President's Day

The Beatles - Revolution 1
Rocky Mountain Mike - Mr. Tangerine Man
Pink - Dear Mr. President
OK Go - Interesting Drug (Morrissey)
Natalie Merchant - This House Is On Fire
Simon & Garfunkel - America