The B is Back

people are seriously COMPLANING that bellamy got upset when clarke refused to go back to arkadia with him???????
b i t c h
bellamy’s sister is leaving the skaikru, he plays along saying that he’s happy as long as she is too. then echo comes, messes with his head saying that clarke’s in danger (knowing that she’s his weak spot) and betrays him. he doesn’t show any feelings.
then his girlfriend fucking dies. nice!
then clarke aka one of his best friends - if not THE best friend - refuses to go home with him, when he MOST needs her; this means he’s alone. he is losing everyone he loves. knowing that, he just gives her a hurt and disappointed look and walks away.
bellamy blake has been through so much shit this episode and if you hate him because he fucked the 13th clan cerimony (more like your clexa scene because that’s all you care about tho) or if you think that he’s being “unfair” on clarke because “she never asked him to rescue her”, then you should probably wear his shoes - what if someone you trust told you that someone you loved and cared about is about to die?? wouldn’t you do something about it? wouldn’t clarke do the same for him?
bellamy rarely exposes his emotions on this show, and when he puts a FACIAL EXPRESSION on, he’s considered a selfish fucker. bitch, whatever. just think about it.

what i should be doing: drafts.
what i should not be doing: this.


Two more pictures form yesterday! I loved my outfit ahahaha. <3

And I was really excited to meet Alice and the Mad Hatter! I just saw them wandering around, and I asked for a picture and then they gave me like… the deluxe treatment. They both kept complimenting my clothes (tights especially! =P), and the Mad Hatter was like “LET’S TAKE THE SCENIC ROUTE!” and both of them led me… somewhere for a picture. And they were both just super sweet and kept making cute jokes and such. ;u;


Simplydgee asked me how I organise my custom content, so I put together this super sexy post (with bonus peen) :)

Extra information:

  • A - I put new CC in this temporary folder so I can easily copy individual items into my Mods folder, for testing purposes. I test every single piece of CC in-game before adding it permanently, all (buy/build) objects get added to a special save (which wouldn’t be necessary if EA could just give us back collections!). Each lot is a separate category, like ‘kids decor’, ‘surfaces’, ‘garden furniture and deco’ etc.
  • B - I have to say I’m not super organised with my ‘buy mode’ items. Stuff doesn’t go into separate ‘chairs’, ‘beds’ or room-themed folders, I just put all items in a subfolder, and create a new one once it reaches 400 items (so ‘Buy 1′, ‘Buy 2′ etc.). I’m quite meticulous with CAS content though (most because it’s less easy to track down in-game due to the lack of description).
  • C - Script mods and ‘unzip mods’ also go in Mods of course.
Surprise, bitch! I bet you thought you'd seen the last of B.

Beyoncé is back, and as she did with her latest album, she came by surprise. This time we were a little bit more ready, as rumors have been floating around about the Queen B recording a new video. And she did.

Embracing the black culture at its finest, empowering black womans and not giving two f*cks about what people is going to say about the song, she gave us a taste of probably what her next album is going to be. A more uninhibited Bey, doing what she wants, singing what she wants and giving her own message.

Formation” is not a song about her outstanding vocals or touching lyrics, it’s about embracing who she is, and probably always wanted to be, as an artist. You can like or dislike the lyrics, but we can’t deny that this video is another piece of art that already have a place to remember on her repertoire. The hair, the locations, the costumes, her little girl, the message. During Black History Month this is what we want to see.

Bey, again, is doing it better.

Trouble, oh we got trouble,
Right here in River City!
With a capital “T”
That rhymes with “B”
And that stands for the boys are back in town

don’t be a dick to fast food workers because it’s the Super Bowl

i realize that tumblr really doesn’t give a shit about football, but i know some of you have families or friends that are gonna be watching it and having parties and ordering food for said parties. pizza & wing places like Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut are gonna be extraordinarily busy because that’s typically the Super Bowl party food of choice. please do not be rude to the employees because it’s game time. we get it, you have better things to do than wait around for your food. we’re going to be working hard to get your food to you as quickly as we can to avoid keeping you waiting. but while you’re waiting for your pizza, please remember that

a) you are not the only person in town to order food that day

b) because of that, we’re going to be backed up with orders. we only have so many employees to make the food and give it to you in store/drive it to your house

c) food takes time to cook, and the more you order, the longer it’s going to take to complete your order

d) we’re human. we make mistakes. we forget to add or take off toppings, we drop food sometimes, we put things in the wrong box, or we forget sauces. it’s not the end of the world because we forgot to put a cup of ranch in with your wings.

e) acting like an asshole isn’t going to make your food come out of the oven any faster, nor is it going to make the employees who give you your food any happier to serve you

we don’t want to keep you waiting any more than you want to wait. we aren’t trying to waste your time. we’re just trying to do our jobs.

bap: we are b.a.p yes sir!

daehyun: welcome back to v app . what are we doing today?

Bittersweet (Daisuga & BokuAka A/B/O)

im back, with Angst. my friend @flowerchildhinata and i wrote this fic that goes hand in hand with the first one. this one deals with a lot, ah, sadder topics, so yeah. we hope you enjoy!

——- Ah yes, I’ve read this one too. They’re written so nicely, and I feel so bad for the characters in the Fic. I would totally recommend it!