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Ancient sculpture of bell-skirted woman draws interest at Malatya Museum

A sculpture of a woman dating back to 2,000 B.C., discovered in the İmamoğlu mound on an island in the Karakaya Dam Lake in Turkey’s eastern province of Malatya, has been drawing great interest from visitors at the Malatya Museum.

The eight-centimeter tall sculpture of a woman wearing a bell skirt was discovered during excavations by archaeologist Edibe Uzunoğlu at the mound between 1980 and 1987.

Malatya Museum official and art historian Samet Erol said the excavations at the İmamoğlu mound had unearthed artifacts from the early Hellenistic, Roman, Iron, Bronze and Chalcolithic ages.

Erol said war tools and jewelry had been unearthed at the mound, bearing remarkable traces of life up to 4,000 years ago. Read more.

I feel like Jason is the kind of person to use language colorful enough to be a warhol in normal passing conversation, but to use hilarious cuss-replacement words when in high stress situations that usually condone swearing, like

“What the f*** was that restaurant boy, I said give that f***ing chip bag back to me you son of a b****.”

as opposed to

“What the hey diddly heck just happened?! I think the flipping harbor was blown up!” 

Empty Words

Genre: Slight Fluff/Angst

Character: Kai x Reader

Word Count: 3,388

A/N: I wrote this at like 2 a.m. in the morning, but I hope you all enjoy! I meant to only write like 1.5k words but found myself going over, hehehe. It hurt me to write an angsty ending :^( !! BUT~ if you all really enjoy it then, maybe I’ll write a part two for ya’ll? Let me know, you guys decide!

-       Admin Mochi

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“Flight A22 to Seoul, South Korea is now boarding. Would all passengers proceed to gate B26.”

               Y/N cheerfully made her way to terminal B knowing that in about fifteen hours she would be back where it had all started.

               Y/N sat in her seat as everyone else made their way out to the cafeteria, she had always hated crowded places and even so it wasn’t like she had any excuse to be there, not like she had any friends. She unpacked her lunch on her wooden desk, enjoying the silence. Being the new kid was hard, despite her parents having chosen an international school for her most of the students there were Koreans who were sent so they could improve their English. For the most part there was only a small handful of foreign teens like herself. Having enrolled there as a junior she had realized most kids already had their own little cliques, which made it hard for her to try to enter any of them. Besides that, she didn’t even speak Korean very well which made it even more challenging to make any friends.

               “What are you doing here?” Y/N was brought out of her thoughts by her classmate, she looked over to see a tanned male standing by the doorway.

               “Eating.” She replied curtly as she motioned to her food.

               “Classrooms are for learning, cafeterias are for eating in.” he mused getting closer to her. Y/N could feel her face heat up in embarrassment as she looked down at the floor not knowing what to say. “I’m kidding.” He added with a giggle. “But I do wonder, what are you doing eating in here all alone?”

               “Well, isn’t it obvious?” she said before taking a bite of her dumpling “I don’t have any friends.” She replied casually, for a while she waited for his reply but it never came. She could hear rustling besides her as she continued to eat, she didn’t dare look to her right knowing he was still there probably judging her.

               “Now you do!” the brown eyed male replied enthusiastically, Y/N looked over to see he had unpacked his lunch on the desk besides her. He smiled as he looked at her, it had been a while since she had received a genuine smile. “Because I’ll be your friend.”

               “Y/N, wait up!” yelled Jongin as he pushed through the crowd of students to catch up to her.

               “Eh, Jongin?” she asked tilting her head at her panting friend. “Are you okay?” she asked worriedly.

               “Yes, but goddamn for someone so short you sure are fast.” He said running his hand through his messy light brown hair. “I had to jog here just to catch up with you.”

               “Lemme guess, you fell asleep during history again and want to copy my notes?” she asked rolling her eyes as she started to take off her backpack in order to take her notebook out.

               “No!” he yelled defensively. “That was one time, will you let it go? I just wanted to walk home with you.”

               “It was twice.” She corrected putting her backpack back on. “And don’t you live the opposite way?”
               “And? I’ll be walking you home from now on, so get used to it.” He replied with a grin. “I could use the exercise anyway.” Y/N couldn’t help but smile at him, he was too cute.

               “Why do you keep avoiding me? Do you hate me?” she asked frowning as she stood in front of Jongin. After searching for about half of their lunch period she had finally found him sitting crossed legged on the school’s rooftop, refusing to even look at her. “Jongin please, you- you’re my only friend… Please, I don’t know what I did but I’m sorry… So please stop avoiding me, please don’t hate me.” She begged as she buried her face into her palms. He could see little droplets land on the ground in front of him.

               “Ya- Yah! Don’t cry!” he said in a panic. “I don’t hate you… but I do hate feeling like this.” He said gently wiping her tears.

               “Like what?” she choked out between sobs. Jongin frowned, he hated seeing her cry, but what he hated the most was that he was the one who made her cry.

               “It- You wouldn’t understand…” he replied letting out a sigh as his shoulders slumped in defeat.

               “No, I wouldn’t because you won’t tell me!” she shrieked in frustration. “I’m your best friend, why can’t you just tell me?” she wasn’t one to pry, but if whatever was bothering him was causing him to distance himself from her then she needed to know.

               “Exactly! Because you my best friend…It’s…- Ugh, it’s nothing. “
               “It’s nothing? Is that what our friendship is to you too?”              

               “Y/N… No, fine I’ll tell you.” He said before taking a deep breathe. “I hate the feeling I get whenever guys try to flirt with you, I hate when I see guys checking you out in public because only I should be allowed to do that, I hate when you smile at any other guy that’s not me because they don’t deserve to see your cute little dimples, but what I hate the most is the thought of you with someone that’s not me!” his laced with anger and sadness.

               “Wh- What are you trying to say?” if she didn’t know any better she would have guessed that was a confession.

               “What I’m trying to say is… I really like you Y/N. Since the moment you transferred here you caught my eye, when I saw you sitting alone that day I took it as an opportunity to finally approach you and get to know you. I know you probably only see me as a best friend and nothing more, I understand… I’m sorry, I’m sorry I can’t control how feel… I just didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.”


               “I thought that maybe my feelings for you would fade away-“

               “-but they only grew stronger the more and more time I spent by your side-“
               “Jongin oppa!” she yelled finally getting his attention.

               “Wh- What?” she had never seen him looking so nervous.

               “I like you too.”

               “What do you want to eat?” Y/N asked already knowing the answer.

               “Chicken!” her boyfriend replied cutely, sometimes she wondered if he loved chicken more than her.

               “I don’t even know why I ask anymore.” She said with a chuckle as she placed the order. Every Friday after school they would go over to one of their houses, order in, watch movies and cuddle until midnight. It was something they both looked forward to, currently he was scrolling through his tablet trying to find a movie they would both enjoy. Less than thirty minutes after the order was placed they could hear the door bell ringing.

               “Jongin oppa, can you get that?” she yelled from upstairs. “Wait, where’d the delivery boy go?” she asked after running back downstairs holding her card. “Yah, did you pay again?” she asked pouting.

               “Of course, I don’t know how many times I have to tell you this, but I’m your boyfriend which means it’s my job to take care of you. Now sit down and enjoy, the movie is starting.” He said smiling sweetly while patting the empty spot next to him.

               “Jongin oppa…” she called out softly as he pushed her on the swing.

               “Yes, Y/N?”

               “I…I love you.” She said loud enough for him to hear, she could feel her swing come to a stop. Jongin wrapped his arms around her waist from behind while she continued to sit.

               “I love you too.” He whispered before kissing the top of her head.

               “Oppa… We need to talk.” Y/N said sitting up from the bench, she had asked to meet him at their favorite park. Jongin was confused by her sudden request but happy because he would get to see her.

               “…Y/N, is there something wrong?” he was scared, because ‘we need to talk’ was usually something you would tell someone before you broke up with them.

               “I don’t know how to say this but-“        

               “Are you breaking up with me?” her heart broke hearing his voice crack, she could see his eyes water then she felt her own water as well.

               “It’s not that I want to but-“

               “But what? Do you not love me anymore? Y/N, please! I- I’m sorry if I did anything to upset or anger you. Just please don’t break up with me, I promise I’ll be a better boyfriend!” his hands held both of hers close, she was going to miss his warm touch.

               “I do love you Jongin! I love you so much oppa…” here came the waterworks, she had never been a crybaby but Jongin sometimes brought out emotions she never knew she had.

               “Then why? WHY?” she could tell he was trying hard not to cry, his eyes were closed tightly trying to prevent his tears from escaping and his jaw was clenched.

               "I’m leaving…”

               “Wh- What?”

               “I’m moving back to the states… I’ll be doing my senior year over there.”

               “But why?”

               “It’s because of my parent’s job, you know how it is…”
               “What about me?”
               “You think I want this? Just when I was getting accustomed to a new country, a new culture, a new life… and just when I finally found someone…” Jongin pulled her in and held her tightly.

              “I’ll wait for you.” He suddenly blurted.

              “I’ll wait for you, after you finish high school over there you can come back for college here, it’ll only be one year apart.” She was baffled, Y/N had thought about that but she didn’t have the guts to bring it up because she was too scared to hear his reply.

              “That’s one year though Jongin-“

              “It’s only one year out of the rest of our lives, Y/N you should already know by now how much I love you. I don’t mind waiting, because I know you’ll come back to me.” Hearing his words made her heart skip a beat, she had always wondered if Jongin thought they had a future together and now she had her answer.

              “Jongin oppa…”

               “Promise you’ll wait for me?” she could feel his arms break away from the embrace causing her to panic.
               “I promise baby, I promise I’ll wait forever if I have to.” He said looking straight into her eyes before offering his pinky to her.
               “Y- Yah! Don’t make promises you can’t keep!”
               “I’m not, I’m serious Y/N.” his voice was stern and his face was solemn. “I promise to wait, but you have to promise you’ll come back to me.”
               “Of course, I promise oppa, I’ll come back to you.” With that she laced her small pinky with his, both intertwined as they smiled at one another.
               “I love you, Y/N.” he said breaking away and cupping her cheeks.
               “I love you too.” Her voice was timid, but full of sincerity. It hurt knowing it would be a while until she stood before him like this again.
               “Shh, don’t cry everything will be okay. If you’re like this now, imagine when I’m not around… You have to be strong for me, for you, for us.” His fingers gently wiped her tears away.

              “I know… but I’m going to miss you so much!” a small sad smile played on his lips before he brought her back into his arms.

              “I’m still right here, you know?” his voice soft, but soothing. “We’re still going to call and text each other and occasionally video chat, so cheer up!“ he could feel her bury her face into his chest as her sobs died down. She broke away and pouted up at him, her eyes were red and a bit puffy from her crying, to him she looked like a cute little fish.

              “But Seoul is fourteen hours ahead of where I’ll be!”

              “So? I don’t care, we’ll make it work.” She could see determination written all over his face, Y/N smiled and nodded, anything was possible.  

              “Are you sure this is what you want?” he whispered against her lips, she could feel him pressed against her and it only excited her more.

              “Yes, I want you Jongin oppa.” She moaned tangling her fingers into his messy brown hair knowing that he too, wanted this just as much as she did.

              “I love you so much, Y/N…” Jongin whispered as he aligned himself against her entrance, words couldn’t describe how happy he was to finally show her how much he loved her. Y/N whined softly, her pretty face was contorted in pain after he fully entered her. He kissed her lovingly trying to ease her pain because that was last thing he wanted her to feel right now.

              “Oppa… Move.” She moaned lewdly as she broke away from the kiss and threw her head back overwhelmed with pleasure.

              “I guess this is goodbye…” she mumbled looking down at her feet.

              “No, this is just I’ll see you later, you dummy.” He said shaking his head as they stood in front of her terminal, her flight was boarding in five minutes.

              “Jongin oppa… Thank you for everything.” He could hear her sniffling, he prayed she wouldn’t cry because he didn’t know how much more he could hold it in. “I- I love you, Kim Jongin…” just like her he couldn’t keep himself from crying.

              “I love you too, baby… Remember our promise.” He said trying to smile, her small hand gently caressed his cheeks.

              “Of course, I’ll see you soon… Try not to miss me too much.” She replied with her own meek smile.            

              “Yah, that’s my line!” he couldn’t help but laugh, she sure was something. Y/N gently pulled on his collar, bringing him down a bit as she got on her tippy toes and pressed her lips against his. He was shocked, despite their salty tears the kiss was sweet.

              Dozens of memories flooded her mind all at once as she sat through the flight. She didn’t know if it was because she was nervous or excited but she wasn’t able to sleep. She worked so hard to get here, being able to set foot back on Korean soil was well worth the hard work. For the past twelve months Y/N had worked her ass off like never before. She spent a majority of her time studying for her SAT, volunteering, and studying for school in order to build her credentials to apply for Seoul National University. Being ranked number one in the country, four in Asia, and fifty worldwide, it was a hard school to get into but that was where her and Jongin had agreed to attend. The last couple of months of school were the hardest because she and Jongin seemed to always be studying for some sort of exam. Because of that they talked less and less, the different time zones didn’t help either. As much as it hurt to barely hear from Jongin, she understood because she was on the same boat.

              The moment she saw her acceptance letter from SNU she cried tears of joy, she had sacrificed her last twelve months for that piece of paper that would one day reunite her and Jongin once more. Initially, she wanted to call and tell him the moment she got it, but then it occurred to her, what better way to tell him than in person. After a week of packing and a tearful goodbye to her parents she was back on the other side of the world. She arrived about one month before classes were scheduled to start, that means she had a whole month to catch up with him.

              Y/N smiled as she made her way out of her hotel room, she would have to bare living there for two weeks. Her hard work had gotten her farther than she expected, she would be attending SNU on a full scholarship which included on campus living. She didn’t have to worry about living expenses or anything for that matter.

              On her first official day back in Seoul she happily strolled through the park, the same park that held memories of her and Jongin. They would often meet there and he would push her on the swing or buy her ice cream while they watched the dogs play. She still remembers the day Jongin had asked her what kind of dog they should get together, maybe now they could turn that fantasy into a reality.

              Her ears perked hearing a familiar voice, her eyes filled with panic knowing it belonged to none other than him. She quickly pulled her gray hoodie over herself and hid behind a nearby tree. Y/N peeked to take a better look, she was right it was him. His previously light brown hair was now platinum blonde, his tan skin was slightly paler probably from all the time he spent indoors studying, and he had a more muscular build. Her heart fluttered at the sight of him, she wanted nothing more than to run up to him and kiss him until her lips were sore and swollen, but there was something stopping her and that was another woman. She felt as if someone had their hand wrapped around her throat, she found it difficult to breathe as she watched her whole world crumble before her eyes.

              He was accompanied by a tall pretty girl, with long black her, and porcelain skin. She laughed and chatted comfortably with him as they walked through the park together, the same park he used to bring her to. Did he replace me already?

              “Oppa!” she whined tugging at his sleeve. “Buy me some ice cream!” the girl said pointing over at the small shop located across the park. Jongin rolled his eyes, but nonetheless smiled.


              “Yay! I love you oppa!” she squealed happily as she wrapped her arm around his.

              “Yeah, yeah, you only love me because I’m buying you ice cream.” He replied with a chuckled.

              “No, I say it cause I mean it~” she argued back pouting her cherry red lips.

              “I love you too.” He said placing his arm around her shoulders as they made their way to the crosswalk.

              Y/N felt betrayed. He had promised that he would wait, forever if he had to but maybe even forever had an end. Then it hit her, those past twelve months, fifty-two weeks, three hundred and sixty-five days had all gone to waste. So, he never really loved me? It was all a lie, this whole time while I was busy working my ass off he was with another girl… Y/N bit her lip as she walked closer to the two, her identity safely protected by the hoodie but despite that she still kept a distance. By the time she had made it to the crosswalk the light had turned red again, the two had safely made it to the other side while she watched from the opposite end. She could still see him as he open the door for her, she could see the way they interacted and it was sickening. She took one last glance before she walked away, there was no point in getting any closer to them because she would only be torturing herself.

              That night she had spent with him had probably meant nothing to him, all those memories they had created together were probably nonexistent to him, and everything he had told her was probably a lie, just like his promises which were nothing more than empty words at this point. Her tears blurred her vision as she dragged herself back to the hotel, despite that she was able to make it back safely. Y/N threw herself on the bed and cried, this was only the beginning because her next four years here would be nothing more than a living hell. Part of his last words were ‘I’ll see you later’ but his actions today screamed ‘goodbye’.

I promise baby, I promise I’ll wait forever if I have to.’

               How long had been forever to him, one week? One month? She often heard nothing was forever and she hated to admit that whoever first said that was right.

my impression is that a lot of detransitioned ppl who are now terf women are super traumatized and just want a way to understand their own experiences with cultish trans communities and abuse and doctors and like….honestly ? That’s Relatable . I hate most trans men’s spaces and i hate doctors and I hate men as an institution

its just they run into this wall of Raymond and get bogged down into this morass of hatred bc there aren’t other discourses readily available to engage in

we need to figure out how to accept that some people who id as trans men are going to detransition or change their relation to womanhood again(which is itself so hard legally and medically and puts ppl in another vulnerable place re:doctors ) and we need to have a way for trans communities to continue to engage and love and accept people who detransition or think they might b trans but then don’t transition or who go back to identifying as women and we need to make sure that our rhetoric of transsexuality and whatever doesn’t make it a choice between , identifying as a trans man Or Leaving My Trans Friends And Hating Trans Women to Try To Love My Own Womanhood

With cis terfs who never did the trans thing I think we just need to like get em to read stuff by trans women that’s not memoirs about gender , like fiction, poetry, etc, and also read Joanne meyerowitz , and like sit em down n just have a convo about what they think womanhood means and who falls outside of that–because a trans exclusionary feminism will also always be a feminism that excludes Multiple kinda women— and why that’s an issue

i think cults and violent threats and hatred cannot get people where we need them to be to join ppl together to live and nurture one another etc

but also like….many many trans ppl r also rlly bad at talking abt gender like it’s a real problem so idk if we r gonna get there

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I can't smoke for the next couple days so I guess I will have to resort to watching ur gifs to curve my cravings lol. at least my tolerance will b low as fuck when I get back :)

Tolerance breaks are awesome!! Get really high for me when you finally can :)

been applying for lots of data/digital media work jobs lately and hopefully ill be hearing back from some of them soon B)

lots of them im super qualified for and people really like seeing that ive been working with data for about 5 years in total now so heres hopin that suit dad shall ride again very soon