Had some fun with Excel and Marvel franchises. All box office data (except the budget of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, for some reason) is from Box Office Mojo.


  • Making a Spider-Man movie is basically printing money. Relevancy: Explains why Marvel Studios overhauled most of its Phase Three schedule after reaching an agreement with Sony.
  • The Avengers is by far the most successful Marvel movie. (In fact, it’s #3 on the all-time box office list. Iron Man 3 is #6.) Relevancy: Explains why Avengers: Infinity War will be a two-part movie.
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past made a ridiculous amount of money in comparison to previous X-Men movies. Relevancy: Don’t expect to see mutants in the MCU anytime soon.
  • The Incredible Hulk was the least profitable MCU movie by a wide margin. Relevancy: Explains why Marvel has shied away from more Hulk movies.
  • Iron Man puts more butts in seats than any other MCU character. Relevancy: Explains why Tony Stark’s going to be in Captain America: Civil War. Gotta put him in as many movies as possible before RDJ calls it quits!

Upcoming Superhero Movies

The Avengers:Age of Ultorn (May 1 2015)
Ant-Man (July 17 2015)
Fantastic 4 (August 7 2015)
Deadpool (February 12 2016)
Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (March 25 2016)
Captain America: Civil War (May 6 2016)
X-Men: Apocalypse (May 27 2016)
Suicide Squad (August 5 2016)
Gambit (October 7 2016)
Doctor Strange (November 4 2016)