Head:  Catwa Lona
Skin:  Atelier Pepe - Powder Pack - Ashley  (Powder Pack, July 2017)
Hair:  TRUTH / Tori  (Group Gift, July 2017)
Headband:  #25 - Addams - Helene Tiara  (@ The Epiphany, gacha)
Collar:  [Atomic] Dysfunctional Collar
Necklace1:  14 - Asteroid Box. Chain Loop Necklace // White  (gacha)
Necklace2:  *AvaWay* PURSUIT of TIME_Necklace #3   (gacha)
Bralet/Stockings:  :Moon Amore: Constellation Lingerie / RARE   (@ The Epiphany, gacha)
Jacket:  [[ Masoom ]] Lolita Jacket Black   (@ The Epiphany, gacha)
Skirt:  Caboodle - Cassie Skirt  (gift)
Wings:  + Lovely Heroine Wings WHite + {aii}
Background:  ERSCH - Gatsby Gacha 13 Blackdrop Red   (@ The Epiphany, gacha)

Eyes:  [Buzz] Moonstone Eyes - Sapphire  (@ The Epiphany, gacha)

anonymous asked:

I just got sent a few trailer to "Atomic Blonde" by a friend. Seemed interesting enough, and I it seems to be strongly hinted at that she might be bi. I'm taking bets on how many people will call her a "lesbian who's compulsory straight." or a "confused straight chick". Not sure how the movie'll be, I guess I'll give it a shot, not because she's bi, but because I really like the slightly sarcastic feel to her, and she punches stuff... I like it when stuff gets punched. Yay for fictional violence

I’d call that a NSFW trailer.

And she definitely looks bisexual to me. And badass. I had no idea this was coming out, but I want to see it too, because it looks like a lot of fun!