Codsworth tries to paint himself before the party, but can’t reach all of his body. In his attempts, the Atom Cats see him and break character (“just long enough”) to help give the butler a nice buff out and new color. A new man, so to speak, Codsworth tries his best to give an impression of Mr. Gutsy, even politely (but miss saying) military jargon. It makes everyone feel better.

SoSu dresses up like an Atom Cat, to which the AC call them a “jock” since they all decided to dress up like nerds. (Like overly taped glasses, pocket protectors, snotty voices, new paint that look not-cool at all. ((“But that’s okay, they were supposed to be cleaned up anyway,” Zeke assured them all, “it’s not permanently going to be like this.”)) They have to do clean up duties for the armor if they slip out of “character.” None of them will see the light of day after this party.)


“They call them the world’s greatest super heroes, they call them modern day gods, they call them the Justice League.