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Report: Donald Trump Plans to Eliminate National Endowment for the Arts, Privatize Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Donald Trump's transition team is eyeing staggering cuts to the federal agencies that support the arts, humanities, and public broadcasting, the Hill reports. Under the team's plan, the non-profit Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports public television, public radio, and PBS, would be privatized. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), which offer grants for artistic and educational productions, exhibitions, research, and more, would be eliminated entirely. As The Hill points out, the proposed plan hews closely to a blueprint prepared by conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation, which has had an outsize influence on the staffing and direction of the new administration. Two transition team members reportedly discussing the cuts to arts funding, Russ Vought and John Gray, previously worked for the Heritage Foundation, and for vice president-elect Mike Pence. The U.S. has always trailed countries like Canada and

Everyone, everyone on this page should be blowing up phones and trying to shut this shit down. Not cutting military spending, no bail outs for corporations and major tax cuts. We’re saving money by shutting down the arts. And privatizing PBS.

This is absolute bullshit.

Go into the arts. I’m not kidding. The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possibly can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something.
—  Kurt Vonnegut

Ascension by Jacob Sutton

Dancers: Hannah O'Neill and Germain Louvet

In Jacob Sutton’s film “Ascension”, two young dancers soar up from the darkness beneath the stage at Bastille to the sumptuous Grand Foyer and eventually to the rooftop of the Palais Garnier, where they experience moments of heavenly, dreamlike luminosity.


People ask me how to get into animation, and I tell them (for starters) to put something on the internet. If you show that you can attract an audience without the support of massive advertising money, companies will want to hire you. The internet is a great way for new talent to make itself known.

If net neutrality goes away, though, we’ll have to return to a system where it’s all about “who you know”. Where your ideas are bought (and generally discarded) before you even have them. In short: Finish up those internet films, comics, and cartoons before you’re directly competing with the Big Six. They’ve already got Batman and Star Wars and they don’t want you.

Celestina Warbeck is pleased to announce the release of her new album, Siren’s Teeth. The album features the single “Scrying Out for You,” which critics say is a shoo-in this year’s Phonograph Awards. Warbeck has one multiple Phonie Awards in the past, including Best Album for Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love and Most Disturbing Yet Catchy Love Song for “Unicorn Blood.”

The LP of Siren’s Teeth (album art above) can be purchased at any music store, including Dominic Maestro’s in Hogsmeade and Skeleton Dance at Serebre Ally.

(photo by Spirited Pursuit)

I have no idea how late this is because Tumblr doesnt really date posts but …
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @captainjellyroll!!!! I saw everyone making you gifts so I whipped up my own for you :D !

You’re a HUGE inspiration to me who got me back into the Hetalia fandom and I can’t thank you enough!! You also got me into USUSK :^)….I thought it was a really weird ship before I found you and your art but then I slowly started to get it and now it’s one of my OTPS

So have the boys wishing you a happy birthday!
Hope you like it :>

Just remembered the time one of our crew members didn’t get off stage before the lights went up and the curtains opened so he just kind of decided to hide behind a prop that was on stage…that needed to be moved multiple times during the scene. He moved with it overtime, I don’t even think our SM noticed (god knows how)

Maybe she’s born with it,
Maybe it’s gender stereotypes.
Unwritten rules she has been taught to follow since she learned the word no.
Hold your tongue
Keep your back arched
Don’t open your legs to wide
Don’t keep them to tight
Don’t show too much cleavage
Don’t wear collars that are up to your neck
But I don’t need to wear something that will choke my neck when this patriarchal society already has one hand gripping onto my vocal chords,
Begging me do not speak because someone might finally reveal the truth.
99 percent of women in western societies have experienced sexual harassment by just walking down the street;
Hey baby you’re looking fine today-
Don’t touch me
But you’re beautiful-
I said don’t touch me
I know you want it-
I said-
Take a compliment!
My sociology teacher told us to read an article about sluts
It was a man who wrote it
It was a man who talked about how young girls are wearing things they should not wear
How about men are writing about things they should not be writing about.
Boys are out here stealing girls first kisses;
Her name was Virginia
But it sounded like virginity so he thought he could just take that too.
Rapists rape people not clothing.
Unwritten rules she has been taught to follow since she learned the word no.
Put your head down
Keep your head up
Play hard to get boys like a challenge
But don’t play too hard cause sports aren’t for girls
Boys seem to think that just because they use the pro noun he means that they are more important than she is.
I’m getting pretty sick of boys demanding I open my mouth for them before I can open my mouth for me just to speak.
And just remember, sexism doesn’t exist because a few decades ago women were granted the ability to put a check mark in a box beside the name of the next man who would get to order them around.
Unwritten rules she has been taught to follow since she learned the word no.
Learn how to put on makeup
But don’t wear to much
10 ways how to please your man
But if you do you’re a slut
Ladies don’t swear
Well listen here asshole
My gender does not limit my vocabulary.
And you do not control what comes out of my mouth.
And you do not control how I live my life.
They thought they got rid of dictatorship,
Well wouldn’t you know men didn’t get the memo.
Just like they never learned the word no.

Maybe She’s Born With It

aka A Slam Poem for All Girls Because Since 76% Of Main Characters in Movies/TV Are Men, You Finally Get Something That Is Just For You.

And watch the performance here:

So tired of defending degrees in the humanities, like English, Philosophy, and Gender Studies, from family and Facebook bigots who have no idea what those fields are like or the value they have to society. They like to use them as the butt of a joke (especially gender studies) while being completely ignorant about what you learn in these courses and how these ideas impact the world we all live in.