You took fragments of me and laid them on an old wooden paint palette. Then you turned me into the greatest masterpiece I thought I could never be.
—  Lukas W. // The artist
My sister lived within the moment. She said she would love the summer only when it came and warmed her. But I lived and still live within the future. Where it’s warm when it’s cold. Where dreams are not yet reality. Where the sad people are happy. The only problem with living in the future is that everyone has died, including yourself. So your plans are fiction. Your predictions are fantasy. Living in the future is pure fantasy. I think that’s why I love it so dearly.
—  F.K. Preston, The Artist, The Audience and a Man Called Nothing 

Fandom can be stressful, for so many reasons. Ship fighting, anti’s and general asshats can wear you down.
We are blessed because we have some amazing gif makers. @dixonscarol @wicked-chocolatine @na-burma-leve among others.
We are also blessed with artists that make us smile, tug at our heart strings, and fill us full of joy. @passportcolor @lavicero @wolffuchs @mignonripleycat @madwomanlexie @madcorvus and many many more.
Let’s not forget the ff writers that take the time to make beautiful ff. @halohunter89 @thejadehermit @haitus80 @spanishrose2002 @thereadersmuse @emeraldkitten @whoswhatsitwhich @alannastara (need I go on? I could but I’m on my cell and it would be a huge list. Basically just go to @ninelives2 OR

The reason I bring this up(other than to give a shout out to some of my favorites) is because we also have a problem in the fandom.

Each of these artist spend their time crafting fantastic works of art for us, for no pay. They do it because they love our ship, our characters and our show.
When I see someone has stolen their work and post it without credit, it angers me.

For those of us that reblog works, this is not about you, we all get giddy when we see something beautiful and are quick to hit that reblog button.
I would ask that if you see a post from an artist about stolen works that you please check to make sure you haven’t reblogged it. If you have, it’s easy to delete the reblog.

Respect the artist.
Oh and take a minute to thank them for the gifts they give us.

“[…] In France, the real boss is the director. I make almost all the decisions on set and have to deal with all the financial aspects. I do my own coverage and storyboards, and I can change and rewrite, and I don’t have to deal with anyone. And at the end of editing, I have the final cut. So this is the way I work. I think for Hollywood, that makes me maybe not likely to get many propositions.”

Michel Hazanavicius (pictured during the making of The Artist)


“How’s Maul?” Asked Sabine. “He took the episode rather hard.” Admitted Ezra. “He’s spent the last…” He glanced at his phone calendar before continuing. “…72 hours screaming into his pillow and crying himself to sleep. And when he’s not doing that, he’s guzzling Toblerones.” “Poor thing.” Murmured Sabine.

At that moment, the door of Maul’s room opened and he emerged. The poor fellow looked exhausted. He wiped a few tears from his eyes and turned to Ezra. “Apprentice,” He said with determination. “I promise you: I will survive.” Ezra hugged him. “You finally got out of bed, huh?” “Yes, I did.”

“Y’know, Ezra, it’s very strange,” Murmured Maul, as the trio strolled around the base. “In the end, I just had to think of people less fortunate than me. That somehow made it all feel better. Wait a minute…” Suddenly, a thought struck him. “Uh oh,” thought Ezra. When a thought struck Maul, it was a recipe for disaster.

Maul approached Kanan Jarrus, who was conversing with Hera. “Hello.” he said. They both jumped at the sight of him, as he still looked a little messed up from his depressive episode. “I just want to apologise for a few things.” said Maul. “First, for blinding Caleb,” “Thanks.” Grumbled Kanan. 

“And also for reading your mind, Hera.” said Maul. “You should be,” said Hera sternly. “I just wanna, y’know, break the ice a bit,” said Maul amiably. “If you could let the matter pass and not sue me for insurance or anything, that’d be wizard! Oh and by the way, it’s totally no big deal, but Hera?” 

“What?” “I beat your Candy Crush high score.” With that, Maul left. Kanan’s jaw dropped. “Um…WHAT!?” He asked. “He’s probably just a little confused, Kanan,” Hera replied. “Confused? I’m the one who’s confused! What is he even talking about!?”

“How did the apologies go?” Asked Sabine as Maul joined her and Ezra. “Nailed it!” Grinned the Zabrak, doing a little fistpump. “Your space parents took it remarkably well. Hashtag success.” “Yeah,” said Ezra. “You gotta apologise to Chopper and Zeb next.” Maul gulped. This would be easier said than done.