My Dramatic Flare - Peter Parker - Drabble

Prompt: It’s your 1-year anniversary with Peter (TAS) and he decides to pull out all the stops

I was going to fit this idea with my 13 days of Xmas but I decided to leave that day for Civil War Peter. Ya’know, the cute, innocent one

So without further ado! I hope you like the one-shot!

As I stepped from the warmth of the printing press I was instantly hit face-first with just how cold it had become. I buried my bare hands inside the pockets of my winter jacket, mentally kicking myself for thinking that I wouldn’t need them today.

Knowing that It would be a miracle to hail a taxi at this time of year, I started my march back to the apartment I shared with Peter.

Thoughts of seeing his smiling face as I walked through the door brought a small grin to my chilly lips. It wasn’t that I hated winter, I just didn’t want to be frozen to the bone.

Just as I was about to turn the corner I felt a hand wrap around my waist. My first instinct was to scream, whip around and beat whoever laid their hands on me. However, when my feet lifted off the ground and I started soaring through the bitter air I knew who it was.

“PETER! PUT ME DOWN!” I shrieked, wrapping my arms around my boyfriend as he swung through the city.

He laughed but of course I couldn’t see it. He was wearing that infernal mask that covered his features. If I wasn’t cold before I certainly was now.

“No way! We’re almost there!” Sometimes when you, say, take a bath in freezing water then you can almost get used to it. I think that this might be one of those times.

A few seconds later Peter shot a web up to the top of a building, yanking us both up there with the winds pounding against my skin. As the snow met my face they began to feel like tiny needles jabbing my skin, sending my face buried into Peter’s shoulder.

My numb feet touched the concrete of a building roof, my breath coming off in puffs of air.

“P…Peter!!” I choked out, grabbing the loose fabric at the top of his head and pulled off the red and blue mask to reveal Peter’s cheeky grin.

Before I could get a word in he quickly pressed his lips to mine, warmth filling me from head to toe despite the frigid temperatures.

When he pulled away I couldn’t help but return his childish smile.

“You’re an idiot…”

He smirked, pressing a quick peck on the cheek, “But I’m your idiot”

“Aye. My idiot”

Sorry I couldn’t make this longer! I might release another Peter x Reader tonight though, because I absolutely love Andrew Garfield.

Great Moments in The Amazing Spider-Man That Have Nothing To Do With the Storyline

1) When the thief takes the time to throw the angry teenager his milk because why not man a thief isn’t heartless (except right after that he shoots that same teenager’s uncle whoops)

2) The brief nerd out when Peter finally gets his web shooters to work (I do the hand thing sometimes)

3) Teenager crashes into cafe tables on busy street, walks casually away (does stuff like that actually happen in New York or?)

4) “My weakness, small knives!” (basically that entire scene, really - every time Peter opens his mouth in that scene I laugh)

5) “I’m swingin’ ‘ere, I’m swingin’ ‘ere!”

6) Why does Aunt May always need something from the store???