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2000 vs Now: 15 Years of Humans on Space Station

Humans have been living in space aboard the International Space Station 24-7-365 since Nov. 2, 2000. That’s 15 Thanksgivings, New Years, and holiday seasons astronauts have spent away from their families. 15 years of constant support from Mission Control Houston. And 15 years of peaceful international living in space. 

In November 2000, many of us stuck on Earth wished we could join (at least temporarily) the Expedition 1 crew aboard the International Space Station. Floating effortlessly from module to module, looking down on Earth from a breathtaking height of 350 kilometers…. It’s a dream come true for innumerable space lovers.

But be careful what you wish for! Living on the Space Station also means hard work, cramped quarters, and… what’s that smell? Probably more outgassing from a scientific experiment or, worse yet, a crewmate.

To get a feel of how long ago that was, this is what the world looked like then vs. now:

2000: Eminem released The Real Slim Shady

Now: Scott Kelly listens to  Eminem from space as part of his “Songs of a Year In Space” Spotify playlist


2000: Cell phones were entering the mainstream

Now: Astronauts can video chat with their friends and family from space


2000: Tom Hanks was left alone on an island in Cast Away

Now: Matt Damon is stranded on the planet Mars in The Martian


2000: Scott Kelly had just returned from his first spaceflight on Space Shuttle Discovery to service the Hubble Telescope

Now: Scott Kelly is spending a year aboard the International Space Station for the longest mission ever embarked upon by a U.S. astronaut. 


2000: The Playstation 2 was released

Now: A Hololens is planned to be shipped to the space station aboard SpaceX


2000: You were instant messaging your friends from your desktop

Now: Astronauts have access to Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram and Pinterest FROM SPACE


2000: Britney went to Mars in her “Oops!…I Did It Again” music video

Now: One Direction trains for the journey to Mars in their “Drag Me Down” music video



2000: The International Space Station was under construction

Now: It is approximately the size of an American football field and weighs nearly 1 million pounds


2000: Space was on the cover of Time Magazine

Now: Space is on the cover of Time Magazine


2000: Inflatable furniture was a thing

Now: An inflatable space module is a thing

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I saw a post going around saying how everyone needs to not live watch, not tweet the cast/crew, not do anything in support of the show (smh ffs).. so i’m here to say LET’S GO THE OPPOSITE AND SHOW THEM LOVE!!!

1. To quote the post… “Do not watch the show live, do not engage with the cast and crew tweeting, and for the love of god, DO NOT USE THE OFFICIAL SHOW HASHTAG.” okay so what we gonna do is live watch the show, send the cast and crew loving and amazing tweets to show how amazing they are doing, and use the offical #The100 and tag whoever you are talking about!!) 

2. We want the ratings to stay strong because even though this season hasn’t been the best, we are finally starting to see episodes worthy of good ratings!!

3. Let’s get the WE ARE THE 100 trending everywhere and hopefully as long as we can!!!! tweet the shit out of everything, tweet all the love you have. (If anyone knows if we have a scheduled im, message me cause im not sure.) Either ways, just keep tweeting WE ARE THE 100 with reasons why you still love the show. 

4. After the ep (and if it deserves it) VOTE 10 STARS ON IMDB!!! the cast and crew are doing amazing jobs and they deserve the love and the recognition. it sucks that this stupid trend to get the show cancelled and leave hundreds of people unemployed something that is happening and people are proud of it, but we gotta stand up and SHOW THE LOVE!!!!

5. Enjoy the ep!! Make a tea, grab a blanket. Maybe leave a light on because it is looking like a crazy scary episode. DON’T LISTEN TO THE HATERS. YOU DO YOU, BABY CAKES


“I happen to like the •{Strange}• ones…People who look normal and leads normal lives – they’re the ones you have to •{Watch}• out for”…Haruki Murakami

Guess what Lovers!!!! Me and the the •{Tribe}• are hosting a launch party this Friday at Space 2 for the @AFROPUNK and Xuly.Bet collaborative clothing collection!

Afterwards there will be a film viewing featuring Nina Simone, and an afterparty with sounds by my #DJBAE’s @ddecoteau and @mikkoh x @werc_crew

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Bisexual Books looking for more transgender contributers!

We’re looking for more contributers to join us here at Bisexual Books! 

Sadly we can’t pay you.  This is a labor of love.   However, in exchange for your labor you’ll be joining three kick-ass bisexuals who are passionate about the power of stories and information to improve the lives of real people.  We’re creative, open to new ideas, and very flexible when real life takes priority.

Now down to business.   

We feel like we’ve got this cis thing covered, so we’re looking for 1-2 transgender bisexuals to join our motley crew.   We’re using transgender as an umbrella term here so as long as you identify as trans in some way, that is good enough for us.  WE ARE SO NOT ABOUT IDENTITY POLICING. 

 What else are we looking for? You must:

  • Be a reader, i.e. you must read for fun regularly.  You self-define what this means.
  • Have the time to put up one review, essay, ask, or analysis of at least 3 paragraphs once a week.  You can always do more if you’d like.
  • Pass along things of interest so we can fill up the queue
  • Speak and write in fluent English
  • Value self-definition and intersectionality
  • Be over 18 (since we review erotica here)

Some things would be neat but not required:

  • If you regularly read adult fiction (especially science fiction, fantasy, and literary fiction)
  • If you read in another language than English
  • Members of historically disadvantaged communities encouraged!!!

Interested parties should email us at  Tell us a little bit about yourself including your age, location, and pronouns along with a writing sample.   This could be a review of a book, or a few paragraphs of something relating to bisexuality.  We want something that shows us who you are and why you are awesome :)

Deadline is October 30th.   

  • What She Says:I'm fine.
  • What She Means:Ahsoka's entire story in rebels, a grand total of only a few episodes, centered around her dealing with Anakin being Darth Vader. Seriously, that was it, and she was treated like she had literally nothing else to offer the show because she barely interracted with the Ghost Crew or really anyone else for that matter. We all know that she loved Anakin dearly and he was a huge part of her teenage life, but she spent a grand total of two years with him and by rebels about 15 years had passed since their time together. She was there so that they could bring in Darth Vader with added 'drama'.
'The Walking Dead: Michonne' Miniseries Reaches Gripping Conclusion on April 26th

The Walking Dead: Michonne miniseries finale, ‘What We Deserve’, is coming next week! The episode will be out on Tuesday, April 26th for PC/Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and mobile.

In this third and final episode, feeling the weight of choices both recent and long ago, Michonne tries to protect an innocent family… but Norma and the vengeful Monroe crew are closing in. As reality shatters and the ghosts of the daughters she abandoned demand to be heard, your choices will determine who lives, who dies, and what redemption really means in a world gone to hell.

Ahead of the release, feast your eyes on these all-new screenshots for a look at what’s to come in this climactic final episode.

Today we can also share the 'Your Choices’ trailer for Episode 2, recapping some of the tough decisions you made in the previous episode. For those not yet caught up, beware - this video contains MAJOR spoilers for the story so far!

After we put out “The 2 Live Crew Is What We Are,” I got some letters from a PTA group in Birmingham, Alabama, saying that children were getting hold of our songs and that they were inappropriate and what could I do about it? I was totally sympathetic to their concerns. Once we started doing more adult material at the Pac Jam II, I drew a clear line between kids’ shows and adult shows. We’d do an early show, serve nothing but soft drinks, and all the kids could come in and have a good time.

Later we’d clear the club and let all the grown-ups line up for the late show. We IDed everyone to make sure everyone was over eighteen, and then do an explicit show for the adults.

“The day some white teenager got caught with a 2 Live Crew album, that’s what started the whole sh*tstorm”


We’ve heard a lot about Ember Bay already, but only now am I beginning to appreciate how freaking huge it is. In this video alone, we have:

  • A ginormous volcano, complete with an elaborate underground tunnel system. You can climb to the top and glide around in the caldera.
  • An offshore pirate ship, which may or may not be crewed by an army of shiny-obsessed skritt.
  • A few rocky fields filled with lava rivers and thermal geysers. If you have the right Mastery, said thermal geysers will fling you across the island like a giant fiery slingshot. Which is awesome.
  • A section of the shoreline that’s been taken over by karka. That’s right, folks, the karka are back.
  • A really big rideable ley line in the sky near the volcano, plus updrafts to boot. That’s where we can find some juicy Unbound Magic. Seems like gliding will be a big thing here as well.
  • A peninsula (maybe even an island unto itself, can’t be sure with the camera’s angle) where plant life is beginning to take hold. It’s infested with dinos, because of course it is.
  • An old Mursaat fortress, which is gigantic and home to a very angry fire wurm. Also home to that rumored super-difficult jumping puzzle, apparently called “The Chalice of Tears”. Uh-oh.

And that’s only part of it. Here’s what the trailer didn’t show:

  • The Destroyer presence on the island. There should be a lot of them, but apparently not many in the areas mentioned above.
  • The repeatable Heart Quests. We still have no idea how those are going to work.
  • Promised remnants of Zhaitan’s influence, which may or may not take the form of Risen. No Orrian mischief at the moment, I’m afraid.
  • Any footage of Ember Bay’s instanced content.

All of this isn’t even including the stuff they’ll be adding elsewhere in the world, like that new PvP map. This patch is gonna be big, guys. Really big.