The 13th Chair

Welcome to February’s Splits and Open Hips calendar! We had a blast practicing with you this passed month, and are really excited for you to join us for February. You can always hop on in at any time. Feel free to follow along, post pictures, and even provide your own modifications! 

Your lovely hosts freespiritedlotus​, yoga-granola, and I manipura-asana, will be checking out your pictures and rooting you on so don’t be shy.

The poses are as follows:

Week One. Hosted by Monica (yoga-granola)

(day 32) Feb 1st: Goddess Pose

(33) 2nd: Prasarita Lunge

(34) 3rd: Reclining Bound Angle

(35) 4th: Seated Wide Leg Forward Fold

(36) 5th: Wide Leg Head to Knee (and bind) 

(37) 6th: Reclining Hand to Big Toe

(38) 7th: Books (rest) 

Week Two. Hosted by Mandie (freespiritedlotus)

(39) 8th: Warrior Three

(40) 9th: Dancer

(41) 10th: Half Front Split

(42) 11th: Single Leg Forward Bend

(43) 12th: Bird of Paradise

(44) 13th: Half Chair (ankle to knee) 

(45) 14th: Food (rest) We’re half way through the challenge!

Week Three. Hosted by Jillian (manipura-asana)

(46) 15th: Vishnu’s Couch Pose

(47) 16th: Half Frog

(48) 17th: Gate Pose

(49) 18th: Camel

(50) 19th: Marichyasana I

(51) 20th: Heron Pose

(52) 21st: Animal (rest) 

Week Four. We’re getting so close!

(53) 22nd: Samanasana - hosted by Monica

(54) 23rd: Compass Pose - hosted by Mandie

(55) 24th: Downward Dog Lunge - hosted by Jillian

(56) 25th: Front Splits (left)

(57) 26th: Front Splits (right)

(58) 27th: Middle/Straddle Splits

(59) 28th: Hobby (rest) 

And that’s it! Make sure you’re following your hosts and tagging your pictures with #splitsandopenhips. You can tag us too if you’d like. 

Come on and get bendy with us. 


The Night It Rained Chairs
[August 13th, 1994]

One thing you learn when you’re part of the ECW roster: when you ask for a chair, you don’t just get one! In fact, when Terry Funk and Cactus Jack relied on the ECW faithful for assistance, they were given more than they bargained for as the fans of ECW showered the ring with steel chairs! I love how halfway through the video, someone finally says “Do not throw chairs into the ring!” I imagine this is the same guy who says “watch your step” after someone’s tripped.

midgardianavenger  asked:

hey, i saw your post about luna and i hadn`t noticed all the clans flags in the trailer. do you know what they mean or which clan do they belong to? thanks your blog is pretty awesome

First off, thank you for liking my blog! :D Second, I hope you were prepared for some over analyzing…because HERE IT IS!!! lol.:

Now, we don’t know all of the Clan names but we do know the names of 6 of the 12: Trikru, Ice Nation, Boat People (Luna’s Clan), Desert Clan, Mountain Clan (ambassador listed on IMDb), and the Broadleaf Clan (ambassador listed on IMDb). Here is a compiled photo of all 12 Grounder Clan Flags. Photos taken from Aaron Ginsburg’s Tumblr, #8 is from behind Indra in 2x12 when she is talking to Octavia in TonDC, #9,#11#12 are taken from the season 3 trailer when Lexa is fighting Roan, and #10 is from the season 3 trailer when Clarke is face to face with Emerson:  

We know that #7 is Trikru, we know that #6 is Ice Nation, and we can deduce that #12 is Broadleaf because, well, it’s a broadleaf. As for the rest, it is hard to predict not knowing all of the Clan names. If I was to guess I would say that #1 is the Dessert Clan because it looks like a sun to me. However, #5 is a Triskelion solar symbol which symbolizes the Sun. Therefore, that symbol might belong to the Desert Clan.  I would also have #4 as the Mountain Clan because of the triangular shape that might resemble a mountain. However, those are just speculation flag assignments. 

Number 6 IS the Ice Nation flag. It is a right-handed hand print with the swirl in the palm. I’m still perplexed about the meaning behind it. It might symbolize strength or protection, however, this symbol has a wide range of meaning in different cultures from healing to protection to justice, etc. Number 2 to me looks like it might be a flower and that might we grass on the bottom. So maybe there is a Plains Clan? Number 11 to me looks like a scope that you would find on a telescope (like the hand held ‘pirate type’), so that might belong to The Boat People or some sort of Sea Clan. Number 5 to me looks like some sort of antler spiral, then mixed with the fur top that might belong to a colder climate Clan. Number 8 is hard to make out but it looks like 3 intersecting curved lines and in between the ‘curves’ there are 3 black dots. I honestly have NO CLUE what this could represent. Number 9 to me looks like some sort of ladder or rope ladder. Number 10 I have no idea and it just looks like a weird Poké Ball to me. lol. 

I believe that the Trikru flag is derived from the ‘biohazard sign.’ This sign is most likely sprinkled around Trikru lands. We actually saw a Biohazard sign in 2x05 that Kane past when he was taking that Grounder back to his people to try to broker peace. Additionally, there are red dots added to the symbol. Things in ‘Threes’ have a lot of symbolism behind them and quite a few of them are spiritual or talk about ‘completeness’. This might be part of the symbolism of the flag talking about the united Trikru. Furthermore, Lexa does wear red/orange on her person. There is a red ‘gem’ on the glove of her little finger and she wears the orange/read sash, so she might where this a part of her representation of being the Clan leader of Trikru:

There is one throne on the podium during Lexa’s fight that has a flag above it that doesn’t have a person seated below it. This is most likely the 13th chair created for the Skaikru to join the Coalition. Additionally, this is most likely the reason why Lexa is fighting Roan. Maybe the Ice Nation is against the Skaikru joining the Coalition and challenges Lexa for both her seat as Commander of the Coalition and going against the Skaikru addition. You can see the similar ‘trinity knot’ displayed in the Arker symbol as well as the symbol on the Clan Flag:    

Now, what is the Arker symbol? This symbol was made after the 12 separate space stations that came together to form The Ark. This day is celebrated yearly by the Arkers, it is called Unity Day. Moving onto the symbol and things on it…First, there are 12 stars to symbolize the 12 stations that came together to form The Ark. The middle symbol, the one you see on the flag, is called a “Trinity Knot” or Celtic Triangle – it has three interlocking loops that there is no beginning or end to. When a circle is drawn around it it further symbolizes unity and protection of things within that circle. Therefore, the 12 stars with the ‘trinity knot’ surrounded in the circle symbolizes the unity of the 12 stations to form The Ark to create peace. What happened before this peace though? What spurred the union of the 12 stations? Well, there was 13 stations until there wasn’t…

Jaha: My friends, this is a historic Unity Day. Every year, we mark the moment our ancestors of the twelve stations joined to form the Ark, but this is the last time we do so while aboard her. Next year, on the ground.
Finn: Unity Day is a lie. The Ark only came together after the thirteenth station was blown out of the sky. Just not the version of history we like to tell each other at parties. 
Clarke: The Unity Day story gives people hope, though, and peace came out of that violence.

Do you see the potential season 3 parallels with the transcript above? The Skaikru is the 13 Clan on the ground. Is this ‘clan’ going to be destroyed or is it going to be able to unify with the existing 12 Clans? The number 12 has a lot of symbolism behind it as well. Twelve in many cultures and religions symbolize completeness of a whole. The number 13 often symbolizes a bad omen and the 13th Tarot card is the Death Card. However, as Clarke said, peace came out of the violence. So maybe during season 3 we will have the Skaikru fighting against the Coalition and then peace will come out of the violence. Or the Skaikru could be destroyed just like the 13th Clan…or maybe one of the 12 Clans gets destroyed.