Everything we learned about 'The 100' season 4 at SDCC 2016
  1. Roan is now a series regular! The news dropped during the main panel, with Zach McGowan later tweeting out a confirmation as well.
  2. Indra is also back, and Jason Rothenberg says that “one of the first thing we see” in season 4 is Octavia going to find her.
  3. Luna’s return has also been confirmed. This one is shrouded in secrecy, because it would be a spoiler to reveal how or why.
  4. There is neither a Commander or a Chancellor at the start of season 4, but we’ll quickly find out what happens with the two groups.
  5. The Grounders have scouts out searching for Nightbloods, and we’ll meet at least one at the top of the season. Although Lexa won’t return in season 4, the Flame is still around, presumably ready to enter a new Nightblood.
  6. There won’t be a time-jump at the start of season 4.
  7. Rothenberg says the opening sequence is “insane,” and will introduce one of the new characters. He adds that fans can expect “another very different story” this year.
  8. The characters are splitting up in new and interesting ways. Jason Rothenberg confirms that, “there will be a fracturing, but we’re gonna pay a lot of attention to who’s on what mission.
  9. ”Octavia is taking a “really dark turn” after killing Pike — “yes, it’s possible to go darker,” Marie Avgeropoulos jokes. “She’s going to go ahead and do what she does best, which is killing people.” She goes even further, and reveals that Octavia will “become an assassin with a group you’re very familiar with.
  10. ”Clarke, although she “will be with somebody [else] eventually,” won’t be moving on from Lexa any time soon. “She’s still nursing a broken heart, and lost her soulmate in Lexa,” Rothenberg says, adding, “so she’s not really ready to jump into another relationship.”
  11. Eliza Taylor says that Clarke will struggle with the decision of whether to tell everyone about the radiation apocalypse. But it looks like Raven will be one of the first she tells, which leads to conflict; Lindsey Morgan says, “Raven wants everyone to know because she believes in sort of crowdsourcing the answer.”
  12. Chris Larkin is excited to explore the Monty/Harper relationship, and confirms that “the romance is a bit part of” his season 4 arc. “I don’t think he’s a one-night-stand kinda guy,” he tells Hypable. “I think he’s gonna wanna develop that relationship as much as possible.”
  13. After her mind-meld with ALIE, Raven has “upgraded,” according to Lindsey Morgan. But although she’ll be “a little busy” trying to save the world in season 4, Morgan also says that Raven will begin to wonder how she should spend her last 6 months on Earth — implying that Raven might get a new love interest in season 4. Jason Rothenberg adds that after everything she’s been through, “[Raven] does deserve some fun.
  14. ”The ‘big bad’ is the Earth itself, with Rothenberg saying that “the Earth strikes back,” in season 4, and calling the radiation “an unbeatable foe.” That means the season, “becomes not trying to stop it, because it’s not stoppable, it becomes how do we survive? There are not enough life boats. The Earth is the ark.”
  15. Water will reportedly become a problem for the characters, presumably as the radiation spreads.
  16. Murphy and Emori’s relationship seems to be continuing in season 4; Richard Harmon says that for the first time, he can see a happy ending for Murphy. But don’t expect him to be too friendly with the delinquents just yet.
  17. Jasper was supposed to kill himself in the season 3 finale, but that was “too dark,” even for Rothenberg.
  18. Kane was originally meant to be Octavia’s father, but they scrapped that storyline. Henry Ian Cusick wanted Kane to be Bellamy’s dad, and he and Bob Morley even call each other “son” and “dad” on set.
  19. Henry Ian Cusick might direct an episode in season 4 — at least, his request during the panel was met with interest from Rothenberg.
  20. Since there isn’t really a fix to the apocalypse, a big theme of the season will be the characters having to evaluate whether they feel they deserve to survive.

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