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Tbh like I understand why some people think that Jason hates Bellamy but … at the same time … I really don’t agree? Like, at all?

And this is me talking as a writer, but you just don’t give the kinds of storylines Jason has given Bellamy to characters you don’t like or care about. You just don’t. You don’t waste your time developing them or putting them through redemption arcs and giving them a large amount of screen time if you don’t like them.

If he really hated Bellamy, he would have cut his screen time, changed Bob’s contract, and not given him the kinds of complex and dynamic character arcs/storylines that he has. But he obviously hasn’t done that. Instead, he’s done the opposite. Bellamy’s role has only grown bigger over the seasons, and he’s one of the only three characters with an every episode contract on the show. If that doesn’t tell you something idk what will.

And, again, this is me speaking as a writer, but generally you just don’t write characters that you dislike at all. Even antagonists. A character doesn’t need to be nice for a writer to like them, so long as they’re interesting. Remember that Jason isn’t a fan - he doesn’t view the show in that way. His response to characters is different then ours.

As a writer, I can say that I like all of my characters. If I didn’t, they wouldn’t exist. If they weren’t interesting, if they didn’t serve a purpose, they wouldn’t exist. But they do. And TV works the same way.

And, I think it should be made clear that Bellamy isn’t an antagonist - he’s a protagonist. And writers definitely don’t write protagonists that they dislike or don’t care about, okay? How a writer views their characters and how they want an audience to view their characters are completely different.

It’s kind of the job as a writer to make all their characters interesting (the important ones, not random extras/minor role characters) and dynamic and complicated. And if they can succeed in that, believe me, they damn well cherish that character. Even if it’s an antagonist.

I’m pretty sure Jason likes and is proud of almost all his characters: Clarke, Raven, L.exa, Octavia, Abby, Kane, freaking Jaha, Dante, Murphy, even Cage, and yeah - definitely Bellamy Blake.

So, actually, maybe I don’t get it. I just don’t understand why anyone honestly thinks that Jason genuinely hates Bellamy. It doesn’t make any sense. If he did, the Bellamy Blake as we know him wouldn’t even exist.


losing lexa the first time was hard enough

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in this house on the corner

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For some reason she hadn’t actually considered the fact that moving in meant seeing Bellamy every day . Early in the morning over coffee before he went into work, on lazy weekends when they both slept until 11:30 before stumbling into the kitchen to find something to quiet growling stomachs, when he would stumble back home from late shifts or nights out at the bar with Miller.

Every day.

With bags under his eyes and freshly showered and messy hair. Stretched out on the couch or reading a book at the kitchen table.

There was a slight possibility she hadn’t thought it all the way through.

Just moving in with an old friend, she’d told herself, over and over and over again. It made sense. He didn’t want to sell the house and she needed a place to live. And she didn’t want him to sell the house either.

But her stomach felt like lead and she knew, no matter how much she could never admit it, no matter how much she tried to ignore it and deny it and pretend the worry was all for nothing, she knew it was probably a bad idea. It wasn’t just moving in with an old friend. They were never friends. That’s not ever what they were and they certainly weren’t anything close to friends anymore.

She wondered exactly what she’d gotten the two of them into now.

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So I was thinking about Season 1 Bellamy and how he had the, uh, habit of sleeping around camp. And I couldn’t help but think that it didn’t just start on the ground. This obviously wasn’t new to him so, naturally, I started thinking about Bellamy’s life on the Ark and created a headcanon. It’s as follows.

I think that, because of Octavia and his need for secrecy, Bellamy was fully aware for a long time that he would never be able to get close to anyone. That meant no close friends, no prospect of pursuing a romantic relationship, no falling in love… But Bellamy is clearly a very emotional person that has the need to connect with others - that connection is something he was never really able to have due to Octavia.

He craved emotional intimacy, but couldn’t afford to have it in the way that any other person could. So I think that, instead of committing to a long-term relationship, he resorted to having flings. No strings attached. No promises. No commitment. He would never have to even talk to the person again afterwards. In a way, it was perfect. But I think Bellamy realized on the ground that it wasn’t enough either.

And then he fell in love with Clarke, and everything changed.


“You know there’s a big… bellarke world out there, to put it out there, that um… doesn’t want us to be together. So I don’t know. I’d love to, um, just because I feel like… ‘cause they, you know. They share this huge secret that no one knows about, if you think about it. And Raven has only brought it up once while she was mentally possessed. So, it’s kinda like, I think it’d be really interesting for them to actually be open and vulnerable with each other, to what happened and where they were and who they are. Because they are very similar and they do respect each other on such a level that– It’s a certain dynamic she doesn’t share with anyone else and I don’t know if he shares the same– You know, he sees Clarke differently than he sees Raven. So yeah, I think it’d be interesting. I’d love more scenes!”
- [Lindsey @ SDCC16]

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Title: Together
TV Show: The 100
Ship: Kabby
Note: One gives up while the other continues to fight.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the 100 or the characters. Don’t hurt me! :)

When she heard the news, that they only had a mere six months left to live, it had felt as if all the air had been sucked from her lungs. Her first instinct is to appear calm, collected, strong. But on the inside, it’s the complete opposite and she can feel herself slowly start to come apart. Every other word that was coming from her daughter’s mouth had gone lost on her, through one ear and out the other.

‘This can’t be real. There’s got to be more time. This can’t be happening. This is not happening.’

She can’t stay in the council room any longer, unwilling to accept the fact that she may die in six months. And not just herself… her daughter… Marcus.


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