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Request: Could you do 10 and 17 for Joe please? :)x

You were just 7-years-old when you met Joe Sugg for the first time; you had just moved to the small village of Lacock with your mum after her and your dad’s messy divorce. You and Joe immediately became best friends, bonding over your weirdness and love of the outdoors, and you would be each other’s confidants for years to come. Joe was always there when you needed him and in return, you would be there for him. His family became yours and yours’ his and after six years of thinking of the boy as your brother, your feelings began developing and becoming more romantic.

You were 14 when you shared your first kiss with the youngest Sugg in an empty classroom on the last day of Year 9 and you were so embarrassed that you had kissed him that you ran off, avoiding him for all of summer. The Saturday before you went back to school in Year 10, your mum forced you to go over the Sugg’s house for a BBQ. You were greeted at the door by the oldest Sugg sibling, who immediately engulfed you in her embrace.

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You’re Home**



You would think that after 2 years of being with someone, the honeymoon phase of your relationship would be long gone and that you’d actually enjoy the time away from your partner. For you, the time away from Joe was hell and vise versa.

You and Joe never liked being away from one another and you never understood why others did. When ever one of you had somewhere to go that was more than a day, the other would find a way to tag along. 

You did this on multiple occasions; always following Joe to America for a weekend of meetings or brand deals. Typically this meant that you would have to stay in the hotel room or behind the scenes but you didn’t really mind because at night you were able to cuddle up next to your boyfriend.

That was the thing you were missing the most right now as you glanced back up at the clock, seeing only a few minutes have pasted since the last glance. 

For the past week, Joe had been ill and ill Joe means cuddly, needy Joe which was your favorite. The two of you just laid around the flat all week as you took care of your sickly boyfriend who had worked himself up after reaching 1 billion views. He was absolutely gutted that he wasn’t able to play in the Sidemen v YouTuber AllStars football match even though he was feeling slightly better, he knew that he needed to properly rest if he wanted to go to France the following weekend. That, and you wouldn’t let him. If it was up to you, you would’ve made him stay home and not go to France just so you could spend more time with him since this event was something that you weren’t able to tag along to.

You pushed yourself out of the uncomfortable waiting chair in the lobby of the arrival flights as you glanced back up at the clock. 4:25. Joe’s plane landed 15 minutes ago and not a single person had walked down those steps yet. You knew that it wasn’t his fault, it was no ones fault really that Joe wasn’t currently in your arms. Security takes a while to get through and you weren’t exactly aware of where his gate was; might be a long walk. 

You did one last glance up at the clock before you’re eyes fell on a person coming down the stairs, then another, and another, none of which were your boyfriend but you knew he was close. 

You pushed yourself up to the front of the small crowd that had started to form when you saw him. You’re beautifully tanned boyfriend who was looking a lot more healthier than when he left made his way down the stairs and into your arms.

“You’re home!” You said before planting a kiss on his lips. 

“I’m home love!” He said returning the kiss before pulling you into a crushing hug. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too. Now lets go home.” You said tugging him along. 

“Eager aren’t we?” Joe laughed.

“Yes, I haven’t seen all weekend.” You said looking over your shoulder.

You gave Joe little to no time to drop his bags down on the floor before you have reattached yourself to his lips, pushing him against the wall.

“Alright love, can I have some time to relax first?” He said against your lips. 

“No, you relaxed all weekend, on a yacht, without me.” You pouted. 

“I know, I know and I’m sorry love-” You pressed your finger against Joe’s lips, cutting him off.

“Don’t tell me your sorry, show me.” You said with a smirk before tugging him up the stairs to your bedroom. 

Joe laugher a bit, seeing you this eager and excited that he was home just after 3 days away, but he appreciated it; that someone like you cared about him and missed him. Joe picked you up when you reached the top of the stairs and carried you into the bedroom, laying you down on the bed and pressing his lips against your skin. 

Joe’s finger tips made their way underneath the shirt you were wearing, caressing your sides before outlining the shape of your breast. 

“You’re a fucking tease.” Joe said against your neck as he cupped your bare breast in his hand.

“Thought it would help speed up the process, I’m not wearing any pants either.” You said, smirking as he moved to look at you. 

“And that Y/N Y/L/N is why I love you” Joe said before placing a kiss on your lips, pulling away only to pull the shirt over your head. 

Joe made his way down your body, lighting your body on fire from his touch. When he reached the waistband of your trackies, he smirked, recognizing them as his own much like the t-shirt he had just tossed to the floor. 

“Were you wearing my clothes the entire weekend?” He asked, sliding the garment down your legs as you nodded. 

“Like I said, I missed you.” 

“I missed you too love.” Joe said moving down to your heat.

He licked down your folds, causing an airy gasp to escape your lips, before moving to focus on your clit. His fingers ran themselves between your folds before they were pushed into you slowly.

“Oh Joe.” You said moving your hands to his hair, pushing him further between your legs slightly. 

Joe continued to work at your core, picking up the pace slightly as you struggled to keep a steady breath. You clenched yourself around Joe’s fingers as he sucked at your clit until you were pushed over the edge. 

“Shit Joe.” You said catching your breath as you bent your knees together watching you boyfriend undress himself.

“We’re not done yet, I still need to say thank you for nursing me back to health last week.” Joe said parting your legs as he climbed over you and kissed your lips. 

“I mean its only fair.” You smiled as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

Joe let out a soft chuckle as he positioned himself at your core and pushing into you. He let out a low moan as he felt you clench around him. He began thrusting his hips into you, earning a few moans from you.

“Fuck…Y/N,” Joe stammered as he brought his lips back to yours.

“Joe..” You breathed out as you clenched tighter around him trying your best to hold back your second release. 

The two of you release minutes later, filling the room with moans and swears. Joe pushed himself off of you and pulled you close to his body. 

“Maybe I should go away for the weekend more often if this is what I get to come home to.” Joe laughed. 

“Don’t you dare think about it Sugg. You may have had fun on a yacht but it was pretty boring here.” 

“I’m sorry love. One day I’ll take you to France and we can through our own party of a yacht. Maybe we could even own one in the future.” Joe smiled.

“We don’t need a yacht Joe but you can take me to France whenever you’d like.” You said leaning up to kiss him. 

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Request: Do you think you could do a joe imagine where he’s been planning a really special date night at home but you get stuck at work/busy studying for exams and end up coming home too late and find joe snug as a bug on the couch sleeping and you wake him up with a sweet kiss and cuddles to apologize for being late?

Smut: No

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He had been cooking all night. It felt like years until he would finally be face to face with her again. Her career was incredibly important to her and he respected that but he didn’t ignore the fact that it sometimes kept them apart. His life was different than hers; he made his own hours, he worked from home, he could literally do anything at any point in time. On the contrary, she worked 12hrs every day (sometimes even more, depending on the situation), she barely saw the inside of her apartment unless she was sleeping and she rarely had time to go out to even shop for food, let alone have a relationship. But somehow, they made it work.

Pasta Primavera. Her favourite dish. It was a casual Saturday night and all he wanted to do was spend it with her, over a candle-lit dinner and later on, in a nice warm bath but she was late. As she always was. He accepted it though. He knew it was a busy time at the office so it was out of her hands. He didn’t blame her. He wasn’t angry. He just wished there were more hours in a day.

“She’d probably spend more time at work if that was the case.” He thought to himself as he placed the plates down on the table.

Everyone around them seemed to be confused as to how their relationship was surviving. They all knew about her busy schedule and her dedication to her career but they also knew he was someone who liked spontaneity, adventures and fun. How could someone like him be with someone like her? His sister was the most concerned. She wanted nothing but the best for him and she was questioning whether or not this relationship was really worth all the hassle. But he knew it was. She was special. Something he couldn’t find anywhere else. He knew he had to do whatever it took to keep her around…even when she couldn’t be.

1 hour. He sat at the table, waiting for her arrival. 2 hours. He had moved from the table to the couch and barely paid attention to the highlights of the games from that afternoon. 3 hours. He could feel his eyes drifting but he was determined. He wasn’t giving up. 4 hours. He was now lying down, wrapped in a blanket, trying his hardest to stay awake.

5 hours and he was being woken up by the sound of her voice. The pasta had gone cold, the TV was now playing infomercials and he was confused as to what time it really was.

“I’m so sorry, I really tried to get out early but Jace had me running around for hours.” She explained.

He could see in her eyes that she was apologetic. She knew how much he had been looking forward to seeing her and she felt the same. He looked up at her as he rubbed his face, trying to cause himself to be more awake. He smiled as he opened his arms and pulled her down on top of him.

“I really am sorry.” She mumbled against his chest as she wrapped her arms around him.

“Hey,” He said, lifting himself up so he was sitting up right and she was now sitting in between his legs. “You know I support you, right? I love how dedicated you are to your work and that you’re trying to make a life for yourself.”

“I know and I love you for that, I just think…sometimes it takes over my life, you know? I wanted to be here more than anything in the world.”

“And that’s all that matters.” He said, pressing a soft, gentle kiss upon her lips.

Teacher: So tell me again why this paper isn’t finished

Me: Okay so Resident Evil 7 just came out and I’m trying to watch everyone’s videos to be fair of course-

Teacher:… of course

Me:- and the videos are all like an hour long, so I end up marathoning them, not to mention the *other* youtube channels I’m trying to stay up to date on, right?


Me: So really I guess my point is this was a really bad month for you to assign that paper, and that a student should not be held accountable for poor organization on the teacher’s part

Can we just talk about Jack’s smile please?

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