Just the way it is (Part 4)

“Alright you sure about this?” Joe says before you start filming for the umpteenth time.
“Yes Joe. They’re not going to know about us dating. We’re just filming a video” You nod, kissing his cheek.
“Okay.” He smiles and begins his intro, explaining that you would be doing a video with you today. The challenge was like eat it or wear it. You would each ask each other questions and if they got it right, they could choose whether to eat or wear the object. if they got it wrong the other person could choose. It would basically result in the two of you getting very very messy.
“You ready?” He looks at you.
“Umm sure” You laugh, looking at the array of products in front of you.
“Alright my question first for the uncooked spaghetti hoops” Joe lifts the can up, “What star sign am I?”
“You’re a Virgo” You grin, knowing you were right.
“Crap” He grumbles.
You decide to eat a spoonful of them and shudder at how slimy they were.
~~~Time Skip~~~
“Do you wanna get in the shower first?” Joe asks you, wiping some more whipped cream from his eyes.
“No its okay there’s one down the corridor and one en-suite so we can both go” You smile and he kisses your cheek.
Both of you part to go into separate showers to change and get ready to actually look presentable once again.
After a refreshing wash, you wrap a towel around you and use another to loosely dry your hair. It is then that you hear a knock at the door and sigh, going to open it.
“Oh hey guys” You grin, seeing your brothers on the other side of the door.
“Why are you having a shower at this time?” Conor frowns questioningly.
“Because Joe and me just fi-” You begin but are cut off.
“Oh my fucking god are you serious (y/n)?” Jack barges in, “You barely even know what you’re doing”
“What are you talking about?” You question.
“Right get changed and then we need a little talk” Conor sits down with his brother on the couch, “Now (y/n)” He finishes when you try to debate with him.
Rolling your eyes, you walk into your bedroom and pull on a baggy jumper with some sleeping shorts.
“Alright what reason do you have to moan at me now because recently you seem to find any reason to do so” You sigh, sitting down on the chair near to the couch where they were.
“(Y/n) because you’re now living in London and mum and dad aren’t here, it is our responsibility to give you the talk” Jack begins professionally.
“The talk?” You raise your brows.
“You know, the birds and the bees. You’re growing up now and obviously starting relationships so it’s now time” Conor helps out his brother.
“Are you joking?” You half laugh, “I did sex ed at school you know”
“Come on this is serious. There are certain things they don’t teach you and you need to be aware of that” Conor pulls out his serious face.
“Guys I’m not stupid” You point out, “I know what I need to know”
“you might think that but-” Jack starts but a loud knock on the door stops him from.
You quickly dart up and open the door to Josh on the other side.
“Oh thank god” You grin.
“Everything okay?” He smiles, stepping inside.
“Yeah um not too bad" You say and he looks to your brothers.
“Oh well I knew you’d be here! I told you to not keep checking up on her!” Josh raises his brows at his friends.
“Josh this isn’t any of your business” Conor snaps.
“And you know what isn’t your business? Who your sister decides to be in a relationship with. If she likes Joe then she likes him. You need to accept that” He states, “And I’ve never seen him happier”
Both of your elder brothers look down, knowing he was right.
“That should be enough for you” The south African finishes, “And if not, I think you really need to re-think this whole big brother attitude”
“You’re right” Jack mumbles, “I’m sorry sis”
“Yeah me too” Conor stands up with Jack.
“Come here you idiots” You chuckle, giving them both a big hug.
“Is it safe to come in now?” Joe sticks his head out.


There’s a new game out”

Made with Vine

Y/N stalked into the house, leaving the front door open behind her for Joe to close once he’d entered.

She made her way into the living, an icy silence following behind her.

“Love, can we please talk about this?” Joe called as he walked into the house, closing the door gently behind him. She simply ignored him and started removing her jacket placing it over the arm of the couch.

He walked in as she leant against the couch to remove her shoes, her  eyes focused on the task at hand.

“Y/N.” Joe started but closed his mouth quickly at the glare she sent his way.

“No, Joe. We cannot talk about it.” She practically spat at him, standing up straight. “Because what is there to talk about? It’s already done and decided, isn’t it!”

She pushed past him and headed for the bedroom, Joe sighed as she went by, running a tired hand through his hair.

“I said I was sorry!” He called out, turning to follow her.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it this time, Joseph.”

His blue eyes followed her movements around the room, and it took a minute before he realized she was packing a bag.

“What are you doing?” He asked, fear running through him.



“Because I’m tired, Joe!” She threw some shirts onto the bed and spun around to face him. “I’m tired of never seeing you, of finding out from your bloody manager that you’ll be disappearing for a month or two, of being ignored for the sake of a video, of not being important to you!” Her voice rose with every statement as tears began to fill her eyes.

While it broke Joe’s heart to see her hurt, a burst of anger spread throughout his chest.

“Don’t try and place all the blame on me!” He replied. “You knew I would be busy with YouTube when you agreed to go out with me! I told you that my career was picking up and that I’d be busier. You said you would support me!” Joe’s own voice began to grow in volume. “I try and make time to see you, but you seem to always be busy with work or your friends as well!”

Y/N looked at the man in front of her, and wondered how long he had felt like this, how long she had felt like this. They didn’t fight, they just didn’t. They got along so well, and were supposed to love each other, tell each other stuff. But tonight, when Dom asked Y/N if she was going to miss Joe while he was off in Australia and New Zealand, something inside of her broke.

“I…” She took a shaky breath, closing her eyes for a moment to hold back the tears, then opened them again to meet his stormy blue ones. “I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

The tears broke past then, and she collapsed onto the bed. The words physically hurt to say. But she was so tired of never seeing him.“

"No…” Joe’s voice was weak sounding, and he moved to sit beside her on the bed. “Please, don’t say that.” His hand took hers, and he gave it a small squeeze.

Y/N looked at their intertwined fingers, remembering the first time they had held hands, she was so scared he would notice how sweaty hers were.

“I don’t want to give up, honestly. But I’m just so tired.” She lifted her head to meet his eyes, and saw how tired he was too.

“I should have told you about the tour, I’m sorry.” Joe said, lifting his free hand to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear. “And I shouldn’t put my videos before you either. I’d rather give up YouTube then lose you.”

Y/N quickly shook her head, “No, I wouldn’t let you give up YouTube. You love it too much, and I love watching you work, the way you get so excited and passionate.” She offered him a small smile, a piece of hope.

“I’ll stop letting editing get in the way, I promise. And I’ll fly you out for a bit of the tour, my subscribers would love that! They go crazy whenever you’re in my videos.” Joe smiled too, determined to make things right.

“I have always wanted to go to Australia…” She trailed off before nodding. “I like that plan then. And I’m sorry for getting angry at you, it was just a bit of a surprise hearing it from Dom and not you.”

“I know, love. I should have told you sooner.” Joe leaned his forehead against hers, still smiling.

“Are you going to keep packing? Or come cuddle with me and watch a movie?”

“Or..” She started, standing up while still holding his one hand. “We could go have a nice long soak in the bath. Together.” Y/N smirked as she watched his eyes change, and Joe practically jumped off the bed and started for the bathroom, tugging her along.

“I like your idea way better!”

Her laughter echoed off the walls as they headed for the bath, all the tension disappearing from the house.