Name: Sweet Dreams

Cutie Mark: a two tier cake, representing her talent for cooking extravagant desserts.

Sweet Dreams works at a small cafe as a dessert chef. She likes cooking in the traditional way, without help from other ponies, machines, and certainly not with any magical assistance. (Her rival chefs are unicorns, who can easily cook with magic). While her lack of magic makes her slower than the unicorns, she does all she can to prepare each dessert with love and creativity.

Another sweets pony, yay!

Her name is pretty simple, although not what I’d assume to be a chef pony. Something more or less along the lines of a pony that helps with sleep, although that’s more literal. But since she specializes in extravagant desserts, I interpret it as something like she makes special moments even better, like a “dream” wedding or birthday party! But yes, I think her name and cutie mark are very relevant to her talent.

Usually manes with white in them bother me, but sometimes they work better than others, and I think this case is one of those! I’m not sure why, but I feel like it’s because of the cake cutie mark and little frills on her shirt that really help pull that white in and make it look nice rather than an easy way out to make her have three colors in her mane and tail. The styles are a little bit bland, and seeing as she makes extravagant desserts, I would either expect her to have a very extravagant mane and tail or a very simple one. This wavy style sort of falls in the middle of those too for me, so I think working on the style more would really benefit her design.

Her coat color is a bit bright, with the stroke color being very saturated and very dark in comparison to the fill, so you should make the stroke color a bit lighter so that it’s closer to her fills natural color, but make the overall color of her coat darker so that it isn’t so bright. The creamy yellow is a nice choice, it’s just getting the right shade to work which is causing the problem.

Purple for her eyes is a great idea, although I feel like it just doesn’t work well in this situation. Maybe if her cutie mark had purple in it it would help tie it in better, but as it stands it’s just a bit too different from her existing colors and not really fitting in with the others that it just doesn’t work. Maybe a light blue, or even a magenta of some sort, but the purple just doesn’t seem to really work well here.

Overall I think it’s just her general color palette that causes some issues. Her name and cutie mark are adorable, and the shirt is very fitting for her character, but her mane and tail style could be worked out better, her coat color should be tweaked a bit, and her eyes could be a better color, but her overall theme and design is great and I like how you went around with the shirt and the extravagant cutie mark. ^▽^

tag, you’re it.

     First came a cursory glance. The tapping of paint-stained fingers against the fake petals of his lapel flower. It was colored a noisy shade of yellow, a good bout of knock-out gas contained within. A new prank? Yes. Effective? Oh yes. He’d tested it out before, seen it work first-hand. Couldn’t afford having any.. unexpected blips in this new task. Well, not in any, really – but this would be a special moment for the both of them.

     Satisfied with the object, he pinned the lapel flower back onto his jacket, tongue running over his lips as he coldly eyed the door.

     The Avenger would surely be surprised to see him. But that didn’t make him a fool, no. In any case, it wasn’t as though the Joker intended to give him enough time to do anything about the situation. Not enough to prevent what he had in mind. Pleased with his.. introductory work, he stepped right up to the door – before ringing the doorbell, loud and clear. 

     Then a second time.

     Really – Clint should feel honored, being visited again by him.. and so soon!


Girl Meets World Q&A and my predictions to what it means

I used this post rather go through the writers twitter

  • Riley will be hurt emotionally - Girl meets Rileytown, deals with someone making fun of Riley and Maya hurting Riley’s feelings
  • Riley’s middle name is unconfirmed - God, I hope her middle name is unconfirmed and that Cory/Topanga forget to fill in the birth certificate. 
  • you will cry in girl meets forgiveness because of how maya feels towards her father -  My guess is that Maya’s father will meet up with her and end up rejecting her again. But because of Life lesson she will forgive him.
  • maya will get in trouble: Girl meets Commonism- Maya cheats on a test,. Riley defends her while Lucas and Cory are opposed to it.
  • farkle’s love life will take an interesting turn- bet you he dates Smackle for while
  • shawn is in girl meets forgiveness- well duh
  • shawn and mr turner WILL reunite, and it will be a very special moment- calling it right now- ending scene of girl meets forgiveness 
  • future lucaya quote: “what did you do that for?”- after Maya/Lucas kisses the other. maybe.
  • lucas will have his moment- also confirmed kiss for Rucas. Bet it all happens in Texas
  • someone (not female) will put riley and maya’s friendship to the test- Lucas? Lucas? Is it Lucas? *rolls eyes*
  • josh might find his “topanga”- which i think unless disney want to have to deal with how illegal maya and josh could be, probably won’t be maya
  • belgium 1831 is very important- either a metaphor for breaking away from family with help of friends or breaking away from relationship with help of friends
  • there is not a limit yet on how many season of girl meets world there will be- it’s Disney, there will be four.
  • they will deal with mental health in girl meets i am farkle- it’s Farkle. Guess: his parents get called in to help? Or they are the cause of his depression?

Time for a change...again

Since last September, when I first started to shoot film, mostly 95% of what I’ve posted to this blog has been what I’ve shot, processed, and scanned myself. And I absolutely LOVE film, but it’s tons and tons of work… So I’m thinking maybe it’s time to go back to digital for a bit, I kind of miss the instant gratification and the cost efficiency of my Nikon D610. Maybe save film for that special moment and time. Thoughts? 

To every man there comes in his lifetime that special moment when he is figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to him and fitted to his talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds him unprepared or unqualified for the work which could be his finest hour.



Sometimes I like to take really special moments and record them at a higher framerate so I can  s l o w   t  h  e  m    d   o   w   n    more than usual

People have always taken photographs to document, share, and remember life’s events. Lens-enabled smartphones introduced a new fluidity and personalization. You no longer had to flag down passersby to help you capture special moments—and you can choose to share with a few, several, or the whole world. And like any visual image, selfies can deliver more ‘information’ than text, because they include physical cues and context to the main message. In the raggedness of a selfie, you actually feel more of what’s going on.
—  Pam Rutledge, The Psychology of the Selfie
a glimpse of what could always be

a tentative peeling
of shrink wrap
from tautly-encased emotions;

lidded expectancy,
shunted disbelief
in and around the occasion

pulsing before
blinking, apostatic eyes.

you see, feel,
taste the umami
of salty-sweet sultry seconds.

you and the moment marry
in a fleet ceremony
of fresh air
& poetic pulse

mason-jar encapsulated
ambered priors.

angelic harmony lilts,
devil’s envy stokes

but cannot dissuade
a soul seated
in ecstasy

of a moment