“Highlight Megan Rapinoe”

I was gonna try to post something else, I have plenty of pieces on the burner that I want to share, but this moment was far too good to not earn my immediate attention.

This card style is brand new for the new season, and they’re called “Highlights” and they do what it says on the box: Celebrate special events or moments in recent matches. With that said, I give you:

Highlight Megan Rapinoe

I literally freaked the fuck out when she scored. My favorite player, back from injury in a massive way while I’m at home injured, myself. It was a dream come true, honestly, and I had to hop into the lab as quickly as I could to commemorate the moment. That description was hard to word cause, “First match back from long-term injury… but also, like, she was in the Olympics and stuff, but that doesn’t really count in context, so for all intents and purposes, I consider this her first match back, don’t question me” wasn’t exactly working at peak conciseness. I fell in love with these cards as soon as they came out, and I think having the right picture come up immediately and having all of the elements and resources work exactly as I wanted them, is nothing short of serendipitous.

There ya have it! Per usual, I hope you like the work. If you care to let me know, I’d love to hear from you. If you have any requests for any team, player or card style, I’d love to hear from you too (The requests I have gotten are almost complete, just require a bit of tweaking after a long absence). As always, thank you for stopping by if you do, and keep doing what you love!


Touch has a powerful romantic value.

Moments of Nami and Sanji touching (Part 3/5)
From TV Special 1-4 and Grand Jipangu Specials, Opening 2

This is a small collection of moments to kinda put some weight behind my post: Hidden SaNami - Manga and filler


And no, this is not proof for SaNami and I know these moments are mostly non-canon material and that not all of them are positive. I am simply trying to show how they have plenty of moments of touching and that this is something that Toei has added between them. It doesn’t apply to them only of course, but this is not a competition, I’m just collecting some moments.

a special exhibition in celebration of shinee’s upcoming fifth concert tour, shinee world v, will be on the sixth floor of the smtown coex atrium from august 21st - september 4th. the exhibition will showcase the costuming prepared for the upcoming tour along with unreleased photos and videos from shinee’s four past tours. the exhibition is a collaboration with three famous artists: bridge ship house, andy rementer and seong lib. all artists have made it their goal to express the distinct personalities of each of the shinee members via their art to be revealed at the exhibition. along with this, key will be participating in a special lecture for the moment (sm’s ongoing lecture series) with bridge ship house on august 26th where they will discuss the art and styling for the upcoming concerts. a short teaser video for the exhibition, which presents the work of artist seong lib, was released earlier today (august 19th) and can be viewed here. (source)

Character Interactions: Red and Yellow in RGB.

This is part of my ongoing series to analyze the interactions and relationship between characters.

This is going to be a long post, so if you don’t want to see more of this or don’t like the content. Please blacklist the tag: ship-moments or character-interactions to prevent this series from showing up in the tags on dashboard in the future.

During their first interactions, Yellow was a little girl who ignored her fellow townsfolk and decided to venture into the Viridian Forest with no protection. She was attacked by a Dratini, Golem, and later a Weezing. Fortunately she was saved by a very brave person.

He even taught her how to battle.

Furthermore, the importance of this first interaction is that Red is that person that opened up opportunities for Yellow. Getting her first Pokemon and understanding at the core what it means to co-exist with Pokemon sure does wonders for a first impression in a city that has lost its gym leader, and the townsfolk are AFRAID of the Pokemon in the forest. It’s no wonder she greatly respects and admires Red, even if he doesn’t remember his time with Yellow.

Despite not realizing who Yellow was and possibly still doesn’t know to this day, her words prompted him to be a gym leader and help Viridian City out, who apparently are at odds with the Pokemon from the Viridian Forest..

So for me personally, I think Red and Yellow’s interactions together are also cute. It’s like showing somebody the first time the wonders of something. 

To Red, he’s just passing around, helping people out whenever he can, and to fulfill his dream.

To Yellow, she just had her eyes opened to her and thanks to Red, the townsfolk in the city are starting to be less afraid of the Pokemon in the forest. 

We’ll see more of Red and Yellow interacting in future arcs, but it isn’t quite the same. Here, these two are relaxed and are comfortable with talking to each other. 

In future arcs however, Yellow is still on talking terms with Red and can work side-by-side with him when saving the world, but there’s a huge disconnect, with Yellow being put at arm’s length, keeping them apart from being closer than they could be. Perhaps that could be remedied at some point in the future because these two have as much potential to be more than just friends, it’s just if Kusaka is willing to do it, or if he plans on going another route (again).

I just don’t understand how emison never talked about their night together because like?? Emily finally got everything she has been wanting since she was 15 and Alison finally got that sense of security and the care and love from someone that she’s been craving for years and it was just such a special moment for both of them and I just don’t get it