Kari Faux Talks Working on Childish Gambino’s ‘Awaken, My Love!’

“We were staying in this house that he made the album in. I wasn’t living in L.A. anymore; I had moved back to Little Rock. Whenever I would come out to L.A., though, I would stay at the house. It was just basically a creative house he called The Factory. They were working on the TV show [Atlanta] and the album there. I was finishing up my album there, and Malik was starting on his album there. He basically was just like, “Oh, come listen to this, listen to that’,’ or I would show him stuff. I remember him saying, "Yeah, I want to use your voice for something.” I was like, “OK, cool.” One day, I went in there with [producer] Ludwig [Göransson] and they were working on “Zombies.” [Gambino] was like, “Hey, I want you to say this,” and I was like, “All right, cool.” He kind of directed me on how to say it: whisper and sound really creepy. So I did it and he was like, “Yep, that’s very dope, I like it.” Then he just kept it.”  - Kari Faux

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OK, but all the unnecessary things (for plot) that were included for...reasons

•the HAIR STROKING in 3×02
•the wrist holding in 3x05
•the bandaging in 3x11
•Clarke falling into Bellamy’s arms in 3x12 also her taking the radio right off his hip?? They could have easily had him hand it to her??
•the neck nuzzling in 3x13
•bellamy staring at Clarke as he passed out in 3×13??? What could this possibly mean?
•"START WITH BELLAMY BLAKE" in 3x15 like they ended up never even using this plan?? Why?? And then the fade to Bellamy in the tunnel??
•Having bellamy and Clarke stand side by side in front of a throne while all the canon romantic couples were together to close off the season…this isn’t even subtle


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At the time when women in China were married, they would have their hair combed in a different way to signal to society and any men interested in courting them that they were not available. While the terms we use now for asexual or aromantic did not exist yet, the Golden Orchid societies had a system set up for women who wanted to avoid both marriage options and any romantic or sexual partnership by introducing “self-combing women.” These women would comb their hair into the style of a woman that was married and often even had a ceremony to celebrate such a decision, similar to a marriage ceremony.
—  Laura Mills (The Golden Orchid)
You are my favourite word in the three languages I speak. When my father asked me why I loved you I mumbled something about your hair and your eyes and he laughed at me like a child but that wasn’t the truth. The truth is that there is something in the way you see me. You understand me. You understand what I want, what I need. I have had people understand me before; they are the ones I fall for. But I have never had someone understand me and then use that knowledge to make me happy. Because that is what you do. You make me so, so happy.
—  you are my favourite word in the three languages i speak

Tanmay Coding Tip #2

13-year-old cognitive coder Tanmay Bakshi is sharing his top tips for aspiring developers with us for Computer Science Education Week. Here’s what he had to say about improving your skills:

“Practice coding in your area of interest. Just like any other sport or subject, coding needs practice; and while there are many different ways you can practice your coding skills, I’d recommend you tie in your areas of interest with your coding skills. By ‘areas’, I mean Math, Science, Gaming, Robotics, and more!”

Practice coding with Tanmay, check out his tutorials →

In english class me and my friends sit right in front of the door and my teacher just came back into the class and my friend (j) said “my mouth tastes like peanut butter, then k said "ya i gave her a cookie.” and then after my teacher stopped kinda wierded out for a second i looked her dead in the eyes and said “i just had a really bad apple.” she looked st the three of us for a second then said “that was the most random fu-… No just random thing i have ever experienced

“Dear Isak, I’m sitting where we first met, thinking of you. It’s 21:21 p.m. and I want to tell you a few things. I’m sorry if I scared you. I’m sorry if I hurt you. I’m sorry if I did not tell you I’m bipolar. I was afraid of losing you. I had forgotten that it is not possible to lose some people, that all humans are alone anyway. In a parallel universe, we are together in infinite time. Remember this. I love you"

I can not describe the feelings they take me now. Thinking about Even’s words made many things clear. Obviously he loves Isak. I believe we can achieve forgiveness in all things around us and I hope that Isak sees the kindness marked in the heart of Even. They love each other. There’s nothing they can do about it. 

America Needs Skam

I was as sceptical as everyone else when they announced they were remaking Skam in the US and had a very bad gut reaction to the whole concept. But the more I read about it the more cautiously optimistic I become. Here’s some quotes from this article about how the remake will be produced:

“A lot of people in the TV industry have got their eyes on ‘Skam’ this fall,” said NRK’s head of youth TV Haaokn but no one has got a vision as Simon Fuller. He wants to be true to the original idea and make ”Shame” a series that can change the rules in the American TV market. We´re honored he wants to take “our baby” to the next international level.”

“Fuller hasn’t revealed whether the American version of “Skam” will follow the exact same mobile-first format, but a spokesperson for XIX said Fuller will be working closely with NRK to duplicate the “essence” of the original production.”

So they’ve obviously put a lot of thought into who they sold the rights too and Simon Fuller clearly wasn’t their only option and it seems like NRK will have a reasonable amount of say in the final product. So whilst I have extremely little faith in American TV producers I do have faith in NRK (at least in their ability to make a good quality show) and the Skam Show runners. Would I prefer it if an organisation like Netflix had picked it up? Sure because I know they aren’t afraid to push the boat out. But please stop acting like it’s been handed to MTV on a silver platter (because if they were making it it we might as well hold a funeral now). The company producing it has only been in business since 2010, so hopefully they’ll be less inclined to just stick to the same old watered down Teen drama formula, than a more traditional Network, like MTV, CW, ABC etc.

Small side note: Everyones talking about how Simon Fuller’s going to Americanise it, he’s actually British (like myself) and the tone of our shows are a lot closer to the tone of Skam compared to American TV.

Yes no one asked for an American remake, yes we all wanted official subtitles and now we probably won’t get them. But America needs a show like Skam right now. I’ve seen more than a few people saying a show like Skam can’t exist in a country that just elected Trump. They don’t seem to understand that’s exactly why the U.S needs this show, now more than ever. Trump doesn’t have a monopoly on media (at least for the time being) we need a show like Skam that ins’t afraid to deal with sensitive but equally topical issues, like racism, homophobia, islamaphobia, sexism, misogyny, rape culture and poverty. A show that will actually educate young people so that maybe in 10 or 20 years time Trump 2.0 won’t be elected, because for better or for worse what happens in America has a worldwide impact.

I want a show where the characters sit round having a conversation about rising tuition costs and how they’ll be 35 before they can ever even think about buying a house, how the tampon tax is bullshit and how standardised testing is killing the education system. And if this show does all of the above then it could be incredible. People are complaining that it’ll be shit because America only cares about money. This might be 100% true but from what’s been said Fuller seems to grasp that the way to make this show successful is to go big or go home and seems to understand why people all over the world love Skam in the first place.

I saw someone say (on Twitter or Tumblr I can’t remember) that the point of Skam is that it’s Norwegian and represents Norwegian issues. But listen ‘Shame’ isn’t going to be Skam, nor should it be. It’s just going to be an American interpretation of Skam and instead of dealing with issues specifically faced by Norwegian teens it’ll focus on problems faced by American teenagers, which is obviously going to have some similarities. It’s that simple. If anything we should be happy it’s a remake and not just a straight up American show in the same format, because then it would suck. At least this way we have NRK guiding the producers in the right direction.

Wow that was long, basically stop assuming it’ll be shit just because it’s being aired in America, without actually looking into the cogs of how the show will be made and who by. Yeah maybe it will be shit and if so it’ll get cancelled and we’ll all move on and we’ll still have Skam, which may even get better because, hay NRK just made god knows how much by selling the rights, and it seems implausible Skam wouldn’t benefit from that profit in one way or another.

In Someone Else’s Kitchen

The other night I had the weirdest dream. It was extremely vivid and intricate. I remembered every single detail. It was so horrifying that I actually remember thinking, “I want to wake up now, this is getting scary!” I managed to open my eyes, but I was too frightened to move, so I made up my own ending to the dream that involved sugar.

A friend challenged" me to write the dream as a short piece. Flash fiction, if you will. That’s between 500-1000 words. I didn’t want to use the plain narrative style because that flattens the effect of the dream, and the way it flowed in my head. So I wrote them as a series of haikus, connected with short paragraphs of prose. 

To give you some context, the dream essentially involved me, my friends, and my parents fighting off a monster. There are portals, magic stew, bleeding kitchen cabinets, and an African American Resistance Hero named Terrence.

The dream, furthermore, is absolutely 100% set in America, because of the landscape and the easy availability of guns. This is weird because I HAVEN’T EVER BEEN TO AMERICA, but whatever. Another really confusing aspect of the dream, that I HAVE to specify, is that while I was in the dream, I was also its narrator, and it wasn’t ME. It was like I was substituting for someone, and this was THEIR life, and THEIR friends, and THEIR parents. I didn’t know ANY of these people.

There’s a lot more to it, but hopefully this should be enough to make sense of what I just wrote.

“Some types of people
don’t deserve our forgiveness.”
Boiling water. Who?

// This is a dream, this is a dream. Grey wisps snake out from plastic pages. An orange children’s picture book, propped against a stool leg. The woman who does not forgive disappears. The kitchen isn’t mine. Nothing here is me.

This is a narration.
A dramatisation.
This is not a dream. //

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'It has to change,' says a concerned Amnesty International about Corrections torture reports

Corrections is torturing prisoners. Amnesty International and the Greens agree with us: the current system facilitates these human rights violations, and it needs to change immediately.

“Greens Corrections spokesman David Clendon said the findings were "nothing new, sadly”, but the corrections system had to change.

He said the reports shed light on the penal system’s faults.

“I think it reveals that the dysfunction in our corrections system is pervasive…There are serious human rights shortcomings, and it shows our system is not working.”

i cant believe my school let us know one week in advance that we’d be doing senior quotes this year bc now it’s the deadline and i still can’t think of one. i should have had 4 whole years to think of this. i’ve been cheated

Jared snippet :)

Keep randomly finding these on my laptop xD 

“…don’t you think? Jare?…Jared?” Keira looked up from her IPad and turned to her boyfriend, who had his head dropping between his fourth finger and thumb while his elbow leaned on the armrest, his eyes closed shut. 

Keira wasn’t going to wake him. Jared had been touring with the band for weeks on end, performing every night. She knew he loved every minute, but she guessed the stress never really hit him until after it was all over. He looked adorable anyway, wrapped in his dark hoodie, breathing deeply, mouth slightly ajar. 

She felt like slapping Shannon when his hand appeared over Jared’s seat. That said hand reached down and slapped Jared square on the forehead, causing him to jump awake. “Dude! Stop ignoring your girlfriend. Mom didn’t raise us that way." 

Jared blinked hard a few times and groaned as he straightened himself. He rubbed his bagged eyes then spoke in a husky voice: "Go fuck your self, Shannon.” The older Leto merely chuckled. The younger one strained his red eyes on Keira. “Sorry, baby." 

"It’s fine.” She said, shaking her head. “I can’t blame you for being tired. I probably helped you fall off anyway, what with me babbling on and on." 

"Not possible.” He smiled lazily. “I love hearing your voice, especially when I haven’t heard it in person for ages." 

Keira blushed then looked back down at her IPad. Jared leaned in closer and pecked her heated cheek. "Don’t worry though.” He whispered. “As soon as we land, sleep won’t even cross my mind. I’ll give you all the attention you deserve." 

"Oh really?" 

"Hmhm.” He breathed against her nape. “As much as I missed your voice, I missed your moans too. Your screams.” He smirked against her skin, hearing her heavy sigh. 

“I’ll fuck you like the devil.” He sang huskily in her ear, then licking the lobe. Keira gasped and pulled away, scanning the space wide eyes in case anyone was looking. 

She caught eyes with Jared, a smirking, cheeky Jared. “Well then… you better get some rest, haven’t you?”


I’m sorry I didn’t love you enough.


Moonrise Kingdom Colour Posters Series

… I love you too.