halfgalrankeith  asked:

give me a rundown of bitty's top 5 underrated looks

*praise hands emoji* (okay so like the prompt said these are my fave underrated looks, so ones that i haven’t seen really talked about before)

5. honestly, i would wear this

4. stresst but blesst (with great legs)

3. small frat bro

2. I’m Not Dating Jack Why Would You Think Such A Thing

1. he has literally never looked better (lmao this is literally my fave bitty look…why? idk it’s my opinion)

also two bonuses cause ?????? bitty?????? always looks so good????


and wow…………

July 27, 2016
  1. Taurus

  2. Virgo
     Light blue

  3. Capricorn
     Event information magazine

  4. Cancer
     Hair-styling product

  5. Pisces
     Frozen food

  6. Scorpio

  7. Aries
     Mint gum

  8. Leo

  9. Sagittarius
     Zaru soba

  10. Libra
     Foreign literature

  11. Aquarius

  12. Gemini
     Mystery novel

I read through the entire Journal and oh my god.
I’m not going to post any spoilers for a few days, and I’ll tag them all “journal 3”
If you like this show, get this book.
It’s funny. It finishes so many plot lines you didn’t know needed finishing. It makes nudges at the fans. It is full of heart. The ending will make you cry (it definitely made me cry).
Tomorrow I’m going to go through decoding, but my final review? This book is amazing. I love these characters more than I did before, and that’s saying something. Please, read it.


There is too much tragedy, in the world and personally. My grandmothers Alzheimer’s is advancing rapidly and my heart broke when she said to me,“who are you again?” And seeing my mother suffer as well.

I was invited to be apart of an art show and I’m working out ideas about pain that is inherited from grandmother to mother to daughter, generational pain and also explore the concept of “hijas de casa”