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How would you feel about someone getting a bright sessions tattoo?? Like the logo or the phrase "I need you to keep me green" or anything from the show really ???? Would you be comfortable with that???

Oh boy, what a question! I am very much of the mind that people’s bodies are their own and no one has any business telling them what to do with it. So if you’re a sober adult, you tattoo whatever you want on your body. If you’re comfortable, I’m comfortable. 

On a broader, philosophical level, the thought of someone getting words that I wrote permanently put on their body is incredibly weird and surreal and also super flattering? If anyone does get a TBS tattoo, pls send pics because I literally cannot even conceptualize how I would react to that. Like: really? A thing from my brain???? On your body???? Forever???? Wild. 

So regarding Markiplier’s most recent video, I’m actually not gonna rag on him about what’s bumming him out. We’ve all got things that bother us, and while it may seem very first-world-problem-y, I won’t hold it against him to feel bad about his own problems.

But there are still issues, which are twofold:

1. He did not and still hasn’t spoken up to protect others when talking about *other peoples’* issues in videos. When the PDP thing happened, he simply asked everyone to calm down, and didn’t add on that certain types of speech are straight-up inappropriate. He could have used his platform as a voice of reason against hate speech, but instead treated the majority of speech as hate.

2. This recent video comes at a time where those previously hurt individuals are now even more silent without Markiplier’s voice actively supporting them. That he talks of his own problems so deeply and heartfully, while not doing fully for others in their time of need. That he looks for guidance and approval from his audience, while not giving the same attention to some of the disenfranchised within his audience.

I just want him to understand that the disconnected feeling is more than a scale or fame thing. He may have forgotten in the scope of the internet that his audience is full spectrum: girls and boys, women and men, gay, straight, religious or atheist, and everything in between. It’s easy to default all comments behind one voice and many avatars.

So when he does what he needs to, and feels more reconnected with his audience, I hope he remembers that again. And more importantly, that he then stands up for his followers first, and protects them against hate speech as his followers do for him.

TL;DR: I have no sympathy or ill will in regards to the video. I just really hope he learns and understands why some of his audience feels the way they do in the wake of this.

im listening to taz nights and losing my goddamn MIND clint just cast a fourth level spell its episode TWO, he is Not level 7 by now he should know that spell level refers to spell slots not player level aND ALSO

turns out he cheated with the first time he cast zone of truth because thats a second level spell and he cast it in episode 5

Clint McElroy Yuo Are A Liar And

8 months and 12 days later and I’m still not over the fact that the specialist weapon in Gorod Krovi is a real fucking dragon and everyone of the crew just talks to them like they’re their own kids


@ the ppl in the Ninjago fandom that wants to ignore the canon and accept a completely different thing canon

[points to this tag] This, this right here is what you ppl should do, don’t twist the show, it’s perfect the way it is… but hey you do you, just don’t ruin anyone’s enjoyment of the show man, just enjoy it and stop complaining, if you don’t like the show because it keeps disappointing you and if you prefer something else over the actual show, then what’s the point in watching it then? it’s ninjago what do you expect? Ninjago will always be not perfect

I read tags btw lol


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your psds are always so nice! would you consider in making some? it's okay if you don't! i also wanted to say that i love your blog! ❤️

perhaps! normally i don’t use the same psd, i just mess around with a new coloring everyday. i’ll see if i can throw a few together though, it might be hard since one coloring doesn’t look good on every video

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i’ve been in a bit of a music slump recently. so i’ve decided to do mini blog rates because i could use music recs (and new blogs to follow would be great too). so for a mini blog rate:

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